Extraplanetary beings such as depicted above are credited with abductions. Have there been abductions by ETs? Is this the whole story?

How much does the mental state, the psychological outlook, of a contactee determine the outcome of an extraterrestrial contact experience, on the way in which the experience is viewed by the contactee?

What effects do secrets about UFOs and extraterrestrial contact have on the mental health of those who harbor those secrets?

What is the mass psychological impact of thousands of years of lies about the reality of extraterrestrials?

What is the psychological impact of believing, but not knowing for sure, that we are not alone in the universe?

What impact does an abduction, by aliens or staged by humans posing as aliens, have on the mental health of an abductee?

Many people have been contacted by off-planet beings. (ETs tell us it is as much as 20% of the population.) In fact, if we take celestials,  intra-terrestrials, and Archangels and Ascended Masters into account, contact takes place much more often than even the most experienced acknowledge. Most of this contact is not conscious, taking place in a semi-conscious state. Most of those who are conscious of contact experiences ultimately — after the shock wears off — interpret it as benign and/or loving. The Cosmic Paradigm Network provides a support group for people like the latter.

At the same time there are those who report repulsive “abduction” experiences. These can not be discounted. There are enough of them to constitute a valid phenomenon. The well-being of these people is the subject of the practice of several highly qualified mental health practioners. Many of their stories have been made public.

For the last fifty years, if not longer, military and intelligence personnel, and in some cases high government officials, have know about extraterrestrial contact. Yet they have chosen not to speak openly about it. Most have not even shared it with their close friends or family. What has been the impact on their mental health from keeping such a paradigm-shattering secret?

What is the psychological impact on an individual who knows that he or she has experienced extraterrestrial contact, but keeps it secret for fear of ridicule? What about the psychological impact on people who have been used as experimental subjects, or as unwitting intelligence operatives?

One of the most damaging factors to a healthy relationship is family secrets. These may be about extramarital affairs, misdeeds of family members, drug abuse, or any number of common things that people withhold from family members. How does withholding knowledge of extraterrestrials affect a family?

What is the mass psychological impact of the continued denial of something so radical as extraterrestrial presence? A majority of the American public, if not the whole world, recognizes the cover-up of extraterrestrials. What has this done to their trust in the government, in the media?

We live in a society where NOT telling the truth is flaunted as the norm. How often do you have questions about a contract, about a sales pitch, about an advertisement, about the other persons in a conversation? How much complete integrity do we live with?

The cover-up of extraterrestrial contact, and its systematic ridicule, constitutes a great betrayal of trust. It compounds the low opinion with which most people hold their government and the media. (See “Articles of Note” for the results of a recent survey.) Much of the current state of American morality can be traced to the effects of massive concealment and the lesson that is taught to so many: “It’s OK to conceal the truth.” What is the psychological impact of knowing that you aren’t being told the whole truth?