The Environment

Many message from extraplanetary visitors speak of our environmental degradation. One message has been most consistent, we are closer to self-destruction than we imagine.

  • Polar ice caps are melting at a rate ten times normal
  • Over 9,500 square miles of rain forest was destroyed in 2003
  • We are depleting our natural resources at an increasing rate
  • 17% of the world’s population does not have potable water

The recent tsunamis may have been triggered by the melting of polar ice caps. This unusual phenomenon may be the harbinger of more severe environmental disasters.

Caring for the Earth’s environment is a task that has been given to mankind as this sphere’s dominant tenants. If the environment is not adequately cared for, everyone and everything on this planet will suffer the consequences. Other tenants of the galaxy are closely observing our actions, and have been doing so for a long time.

The ecology of the planet has been unfavorably impacted more in the last two hundred years than at any other time in history. Mankind now has the power to conquer nature at almost every turn; both individuals and corporations have done just that. Ill-considered use of power is not without its consequences.

What are the long term impacts posed by the melting of the polar ice caps, by the loss of species, both animal and plant, by the impact of global warming, or by the decreasing harvest of fish? Other web sites, for example, and many publications detail the struggle between development and preservation.

The environmental equation is very complex. Concerns for the environment must be balanced against the needs of humans. The needs of animal and plant systems must be more carefully studied than has been the case thus far. The larger picture, must include the plight of people in the developing countries. The existing infrastructure must be modified.

Those who observe our planet from space and see its on-going destruction must wonder at our motivation. They must ask themselves, “Why would mankind destroy its home for the sake of short-term economic benefits? Why do the wealthy countries live so well while their brothers and sisters starve?”

As a species we have yet to evolve beyond survival mode, few of our decisions are truly long term. A large percent of the world’s population goes hungry. We in the developed countries take scant notice of this, rather we utilize products manufactured in the less developed countries to buoy our own consumption while at the same time erecting barriers to farm products from LDC’s.

The time is now to prevent further damage to our eco-systems and to rectify the damage that has already been done. This past year was the warmest in the past 2,00 years. All over the planet, glaciers are melting at rates not seen for thousands of years. While this, and other ecological disasters go on, those in power continue their commitment to the status quo.

Until we learn to care for both the planet, we will not be deemed worthy of a place among the enlightened planets of the cosmos. The real question is when the will of those who see the larger truth will triumph over the will of those who seek personal gain. The true citizens of the cosmos await our answer.