Growing Evidence 9/11 Was an Interdimensional ET-Related False Flag Operation

If so, this would explain why the controllers have gone to such lengths to have evidence concerning 9/11 and the bank-based international corporate crime syndicate — otherwise known as the New World Order — suppressed: its existence intersects with several above top-secret issues — the ancient extraterrestrial presence on earth, time travel and Tesla-based free zero-point energy.

It is also significant in my view that Andrew Bassiago, who — along with President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s great-grandaughter and her friend/witness — is a NASA/US military time-travel technology/secret bases on Moon/Mars whistleblower interviewed by Project Camelot — was one of only two US lawyers who expressed interest in working with me on Campbell vs. the United States, one of the very few active federal court cases that lays bare the political and economic structures underlying the New World Order and its multifaceted operations. We agreed that he should not do so, as he, like myself, and many other altruistically-oriented activists, was living too near the edge, and so immediately needed to find remunerative cases to represent — REC