Old UFO Mystery Closer to Being Solved – Kinross Case

Underwater salvage and exploration company, the Great Lakes Dive company, thinks they have found an old F-89 Scorpion fighter jet that was lost over Lake Superior in the 50s. This is a famous case in UFOlogy, called the Kinross case from the Air Force base where the plane flew from, as the fighter apparently hit another object that was being tracked on radar, then disappeared. The mystery object has never been identified, and both Canadian and US authorities say they have no other missing aircraft. They found what looks like the remnants of the plane, still fairly intact, in deep water using side scan sonar. They have also found a nearby “mystery object” which is not identified yet, and they are holding out on more details there as they work out recovery details with the government. They can’t say if it is the original object the plane hit or not, but it seems probable given the other details they have released.

…”The history and mythology of the Kinross Case began on November 23, 1953. A US Air Force F-89 jet fighter was scrambled from the Kinross AFB in Michigan. The plane known as the Scorpion was sent on an “active air defense mission” to intercept an “unknown object.” Speculation as to the identity of the object has been the subject of debate for over 50 years.”

See http://www.greatlakesdive.com/