UPDATED: July 14, 2016


I will be speaking at the 2016 Transformational Shift Conference, October 21-23 in Tucson, AZ.  See “Conferences” at this web page.


I have, today, posted new communications at “Perspectives”



Earth and her human population are undergoing a wondrous transformation to a planet of light, love, and unity. Light: the planet and her humans will, once again, be in a semi-physical state of higher energy. Love: all humans of Earth will love each other and themselves, and they will no longer function from a basis of fear, anger, war, violence, or lies. Unity: all humans will experience a perfect oneness with each other and with all in their environment, and they will no longer function from separation, judgment, domination, or duality.

This transformation of Earth is happening. It is not a matter of “if” it will be completed; it is a matter of “when.” That when depends on you, me, and all the humans of this planet, for it is up to us to restore Earth and ourselves to that place of higher energy. We cannot rely on external assistance from either physical or nonphysical beings. Each of came here to undertake this transformation. We each agreed, prior to entering this body, that we would assist this grand undertaking.

The physical universe was created by nonphysical beings who compacted light energy, slowing it to create particles with which they created solid matter. All of the universe we see through our telescopes was created in this fashion, to provide a stage upon which experiences of great souls can be carried out.

At one time, long ago, Earth existed as a glorious sphere of light, love, and unity. Then there was the fall of consciousness, when Earth was no longer able to maintain her high level of energy, and she almost self-destructed. The planet and her humans were eventually stabilized in the 3rd Dimension, a physical form of rigidness, separation, and polarity. Our distant ancestors, the first 3rd Dimension humans, were created about a million years ago by the nonphysical controllers of the physical universe. The concept at that early moment was to put humans on a path to restore the planet to her former glory. We are on that path today. For more details about this grand plan of transformation, read my latest book, Chrysalis.

I am most grateful for the assistance I have received from my star brothers and sisters. They were there, as I wrote my first book, “Trillion.” Later, they convinced me to post communications at this web site. These may be read at “Mark’s Corner” and at “Athabantian” in the column to the left. Most recently, I have had the privilege of receiving communications from and undergoing experiences with Archangels and Ascended Masters. Their messages, along my own observations, are posted at “Perspectives.”


This Network is a collective of individuals around the globe who are committed to an uplifting transformation of planet Earth. We acknowledge that our home planet is undergoing a dramatic change and are here to assist.

The facets of the Network are:

  1. We accept that a period of change is upon us. We will support each other during this metamorphosis to emerge in unity as beings of light, love, and unity.
  2. We will use the Network to exchange information and provide a source of truth to each other and the larger population.
  3. We will express our commitment to creating a positive transformation by holding the highest good for all in our thoughts and intentions, and by affirming an enlightened planet.
  4. We recognize that we are engaged in an historic transformation that will affect all in the universe. We embrace our roles in this and welcome the challenge.

The premises upon which we operate are:

  1. Acknowledge that we incarnated at this time and place to assist the transformation of all Earth humans and this planet.
  2. Acknowledge the presence and workings of non-human conscious life forms – from physical to spiritual – in the cosmos and on our planet.
  3. Accept that there are beings with wisdom greater than humans, not better than, just wiser because they know who they really are. We acknowledge that they have been and continue to be involved in our lives.
  4. Recognize that we are here by our own choice. We are totally responsible for who and what we are.
  5. Admit to the xenophobia, desire for comfort and security, and victim mentality that controls the mass consciousness of the 3rd We see our current situation for what it is, and step away from the dominant paradigm.
  6. Renounce domination and violence – physical and psychological – as a means of solving anything. We treat each other as sisters and brothers, and look for unity with all.
  7. Project that we wish to live in peace. Carry that message to the universe by becoming emissaries to the cosmos.

If you have a serious interest in assisting the transformation of this planet, then we invite you to join the Cosmic Paradigm Network. To express your interest, send an email to Mark Kimmel at cp@zqyx.org