Quantum Cosmic Perspective

The word QUANTUM is commonly used today when speaking about things such as quantum financial systems or quantum computers. The word itself, “quantum,” originates from Latin meaning quantity. In physics, a quantum is a discrete natural unit of energy, charge, angular momentum, or other physical property. I believe the following perspective gives a different meaning to quantum and how it applies to each of us in our daily lives.

Planck units are the smallest things in the universe. Many trillions of planck units cluster together to create sub-atomic particles like photons. A photon is a quantum of light of a specific frequency. Photons, and the atoms into which they are clustered, are the basic building blocks of all that is physical. This gives new meaning and power to the word, LIGHT.

Something glues planck units into sub-atomic particles and glues these into atoms. This same “glue” is used to create physical structures such as rocks, plants, oceans, humans, planets and galaxies.

We have all heard the phrase, “Love is the most powerful force in the universe.” I have been told by Great Non-physical Beings of Light that the energy of love is necessary for creating everything. I conclude from this that LOVE is the glue that binds the planck units together to create sub-atomic particles and atoms, and goes on to help create everything else in the universe. These give incredible new meaning to the power of LOVE, and vast new dimensions to the word, LIGHT. Together these two powerful forces create you, me, and everything else.

Powerful non-physical beings used atoms from around the universe and the glue of LOVE to create Earth with its rocks, plants, and animals. Physical beings, at a high consciousness of 12th dimension, were initiated in this original Earth. This resulted in a beautiful planet that was the model for others in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.

Quantum entanglement” describes what happens when one quantum particle interacts with another quantum particle. They are instantaneously interdependent. It is as if they become a single object, a single entity. What happens to one of them happens to the other. Entanglement is permanent from the moment of their creation.

Whether entangled particles are separated by micro-inches or light years, making a change in one makes a change in the other. There is no movement through space to accomplish this, it is instantaneous.

From this I conclude that nothing in the universe is independent from anything else. Everything is connected through entanglement. Anything I do influences something else in the universe – every action produces a reaction.

The universe is entangled via trillions, trillions, and trillions of planck units and the glue that holds them together. This true at the quantum level. I believe it is also true at atomic and planetary levels.

Through entanglement, Earth and her humans are connected in many, many, many ways to many, many, many other beings and things throughout the universe.

Based on this, I now have a whole new way of seeing others. This “quantum cosmic perspective” has completely changed my understanding of my connection to other people and other things. This, in turn, has completely changed my view of UNITY and ONENESS.

I now see myself much differently. I understand that I instantly and unconsciously impact others, impact humanity, and impact others in the universe in multiple ways. At the same time and in the same way, they also impact me.

There is no separation. The boundaries between myself and other people are no more. The edges between me and others whom I see at a different consciousness have faded, as have the edges between me and those who are functioning from fear, judgment and/or separation. This also holds true for those from other planets, other galaxies.

This perspective may seem strange to you compared to what you see and feel in and around your body. However, recall that you have been told repeatedly that your body is made of atoms, and that atoms are mostly space.

Add to this the knowing that your physical body is a vehicle for a great soul, that you are quantum entangled with trillions of other physical vehicles, and that the universe is much grander than imagined. This gives me a wonderous new vision of who I am and my place in the universe. Internalizing this perspective results in acceptance and forgiveness becoming much easier.


Mark Kimmel

May 9, 2023



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