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A wandering universe explorer recently came upon a small planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. On it he discovered a race of beautiful physical beings living in an environment of great beauty with lush lands and great bodies of water. Large concentrations of population were surrounded by areas of green vegetation. Great holes had been dug in the surface of the planet, strange contraptions sucked fluid and gasses from beneath the surface, and many ribbons of hard surfaces were used for transportation. He noted how the environment was being polluted by the activities of the physical beings.


On closer examination, he observed that the physical beings appeared to be confined to their dwellings and covered their nostrils and mouths when venturing outside. This was far removed from the way he had seen the planet not that long ago. From information he had previously received, he knew that a dark energy had invaded this planet millions of years previously. He saw that the physical beings were now even more imprisoned in an existence imposed on them by the influence of this dark energy. It appeared to him that the darkness had invaded the psyches of most physical beings causing them to construct organizations and institutions based on fear, separation and judgment. Monetary systems, controlled by beings under the influence of dark energies, influenced much in their lives.


Because of his higher frequency, he was able to move freely among the physical beings. In telepathic conversations with these beings he was amazed to find that they considered their existence to be entirely normal. He explained that almost all of the rest of the universe functioned quite differently. He told the physical beings that they did not need to be subjugated to darkness. He learned that they called their planet “Earth.”


Slowly he uncovered a few of them who believed in the larger universe picture with which he was familiar. With them, he explored the current turmoil within the political system, the worldwide pandemic, the control of monetary systems by a few, and the broadcast media as a tool for the powerful.


He decided to remain on the planet to assist the people to raise their consciousness, removing themselves from the influence of the darkness. After many conversations with the wiser physical beings, they decided on the following as a program of assistance for all on Earth. They told as many as would listen, the following:


  1. There is much more going on than an election or a pandemic. These are merely symptomatic of larger issues which are the imprisonment of humanity through the subtle intrusion of dark energy into every aspect of your lives and working to see that everyone is raised to higher consciousness.


  1. Remember who you are: You are a great being of light with a physical body. As such, you are very powerful. Your soul has had many lifetimes, has accumulated great wisdom. Your current existence at lower levels of consciousness is an exception to the ways of the larger universe.


  1. Know that there are dark energies and beings with little of the Light of Source. They are committed to the control of Earth and humanity. They have instilled a belief in most people that their current lives are normal. Their fear, separation and judgment has been infused into all organizations and structures of Earth. How you choose to live your life either supports or rebuffs dark energies.


  1. You have an affect on others and on all of humanity. How you live your life affects others with whom you come in contact. How you express yourself in words and actions impacts others, both consciously and unconsciously. You have the ability to impact all of humanity positively if you choose to do so.


  1. Meditation: Know yourself intimately
  2. Meditation: See you power and focus your energies
  3. Interact with others directly – simply being in their presence
  4. Interact with others via the Internet and phone
  5. Consciously determine to support positive uplifting activities  g. Groups focused on higher dimension activities
  6. Consciously determine to avoid dark activities. E.g. Dark movies and broadcast media. Corporations supplying instruments of dark energy.
  7. Consciously focus your Great Light on specific activities currently being undertaken, but know they are but a small sample of what is really happening. E.g. A positive resolution of the current election and pandemic to expose the influences of dark beings and bring relief from your enslavement. Changes in the monetary system to benefit all. Focus on uplifting all to higher states of consciousness.


The death toll from Covid-19 has been used to justify a worldwide lockdown, social distancing, and face masks. Consider this:  in 2016, about 56,900,000 people died worldwide. The major cause of death was heart disease at 9 million. As of June 15th, this year, there were 440,000 deaths worldwide associated with Covid-19. None of the other causes of death attracted such attention as did the coronavirus.

The truth is that face masks lower one’s immune system, making a person more susceptible to diseases. Separation caused by the lockdown and misinformation from the media and government agencies have stopped us hugging one another. It is finally coming to light how dark events are being sensationalized by the media to cover-up the fact that now is the turning point in the ascension of Earth and humanity.

We are at the turning point when humanity can leap forward to higher consciousness. The energies of star seeds, lightworkers, and Great Beings of Light will ultimately overcome the dark energies, dark energy beings, and their servants in the cabal/illuminati. But this will happen only after we grasp the initiative and commit to unconditional Love and perfect Unity.


Part 1: Credentials: The following illustrates what I learned during my time in 3rd and lower 4th Dimensions and my more recent years in higher 4th and 5th Dimensions. I can relate to those of you struggling to find your path. I have been there!

I functioned in 3rd and 4th Dimensions from the time I was eleven years old – after my soul walked-in to this body, having migrated from the Andromeda Galaxy. A fact that I learned only recently. During my time in these lower dimensions, I operated from fear, separation and a service-to-self orientation. I was unaware of any alternative. “Be successful and make lots of money,” was the way my parents had raised me. This period included my years in Catholic schools, three college degrees, years with major corporations, and a career as a venture capitalist. During that time, I was very self- centered and followed the conventional paradigm, the herd mentality.

I successfully functioned in these lower dimensions until 1996 when I turned my back on the venture capital business and went to school for a Masters in Psychology. My first book, Trillion, spilled from my computer in 1997, as I was typing an academic paper. Since that time, I have dedicated myself, full-time, to discovering and embracing the path to higher consciousness, helping others to see it, and finding ways to assist the resurrection of Earth and humanity.

I now see myself clearly beyond the darkness of the 3rd Dimension. I am most grateful for the training and energies I have received from Archangels and Ascended Masters over these years by way of two outstanding organizations: Mastering Alchemy and Seating of the Divine Image. I now function from a service-to-others orientation and am happier than I have ever been. I now believe my inner truth, not the truth outside me.

The following Parts of this message are what I have learned about who we are, about the path to the New Earth and a higher consciousness humanity, and about those who oppose this path as they seek to continue our enslavement. The most important point I have come to know is that the energies of humans, individually and collectively, are the key to the resurrection of Earth, restoring it to the 12th Dimension.

There are 4 more Parts to this message. Much of it is new information. I encourage you to pay attention to all of it. If you have questions, contact me at


Part 2:  Our enslavement: Archangels and Ascended Masters have told me that it is important to know what we are dealing with when it comes to assisting the ascension of humanity. While we can brush aside details we would not care to know about, we will be much more effective at assisting our mission to restore Earth and humanity to high consciousness if we know who or what opposes our efforts.

99% of the universe functions according to the Schematic of Source, which is based in unconditional Love and perfect Unity with all. Several billion years ago, Creator Gods on another planet in this sector of the Milky Way galaxy began experiments outside this Schematic. They sought to combine high energy consciousness with dense physicality. It was an exciting possibility that had never been done before. A few of the experiments resulted in physical beings dominated by dark energy. These operated from fear and a service-to-self orientation, with only enough of the light of source to keep them alive. Others became dark energy non-physical entities known as archons.

Dark energies were brought to Earth at the time of Atlantis by archons. Their experiments, outside the plan of Source, became so powerful they affected the entire planet. Earth almost destructed, as it fell from its 12th Dimension status as the shining beacon of the Galaxy.

A few billion years ago, after a long period of dormancy, Earth was restarted as a 3rd Dimension planet with the goal of returning it to its former glory. Humans were introduced 500,000 years ago. In some respects, Earth’s current situation resembles Atlantis with dark energy archons exerting their influence over so much of humanity and our institutions.

Complete control of Earth is the goal of the dark energy archons that stand against humanity. Their desired control of Earth includes all land, oceans, atmosphere, plants, birds, animals, and insects. Their goal goes well beyond control of humanity. We are all that stands in their way.

The dark energy archons who seek to dominate Earth are holdovers from the days of Atlantis when their efforts almost destroyed Earth. When Earth was restarted as a 3rd Dimension planet, their energies remained despite the long intervening period of isolation and dormancy. These energies had much to do with increasing fear in our distant ancestors. In posting, beginning in 2011 at, I disclose information about the dark energies of the Illuminati, the cabal, and the secret state as provided by my extraterrestrial friends.

Many of the institutions of Earth are under the control of humans allied with dark energies and/or archons. Physical beings from dark planets had been involved, but most are no longer present on Earth. It has been that way for many thousands of years. These service-to-self based institutions include governments, monetary systems, legal systems, corporations, religions, military, medical, politics, science, technologies, education, and fossil fuel and chemical companies.

The monetary system is one vehicle that the dark energy archons use to exert power over humanity. The Illuminati controls most of it. Economists like Thomas Piketty do a great job pointing out the extreme inequities in the financial system. Unfortunately, they do not acknowledge the role of the dark energy.

Humanity is faced with wise-spread use of chemicals that are harmful to our bodies in the food we eat and in the environment in which we live. We are assaulted by electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, WIFI, electrical wiring, and smart meters. These depress our immune systems. The air we breathe is polluted by many factors including aluminum and barium found in chemtrails. The water we drink is polluted by chemicals from farming and industry, and by human waste. A percentage of the population is adversely affected by drugs, legal and illegal. Each of these has an impact on the human body, causing disease.

In Summary: It is now fairly clear that the Covid-19 virus was manmade, likely originating at Fort Detrick as a biological weapon. Due to U.S. government restrictions, it was moved to Wuhan, China for further development.

It is not clear whether the release into the population of that city was intentional or a mistake. However, the very dirty air of Wuhan had depressed the immune systems of the population resulting in a perfect situation for infecting a large percentage of people as well as providing a way for the virus to spread around the globe via air particles. Coincident with the dirty air of Wuhan was the initiation of high power and high frequency electromagnetic radiation from 5G experiments.

Based on information compiled from a number of sources, it appears that Covid-19 has not accomplished what those that wished for a pandemic had hoped for. The numbers of people who have died from it is small compared to other deadly diseases — even when the numbers for Covid-19 are inflated by higher monetary reimbursements or a rush to judgment by health care providers.

I see the hand of the dark energy archons as they attempt to create a pandemic and then use it as an excuse for mass inoculations with unproven vaccines and micro-chips in a population whose immune system has been compromised by the worldwide lockdown and mandatory use of face masks. This is the latest attempt by the archons to tighten control over humanity.


Part 3: Recognize who we really are and realize that we have the power to achieve the restoration of Earth and humanity to 12th Dimension.

  1. It is most important to recognize that all of us are physical vehicles for our souls. Our souls are Great Beings of Light that were created billions of years ago. They have had many other incarnations, both on Earth and on other planets of the universe. From these incarnations our souls have accumulated vast experiences. Our souls will go on to have many more incarnations. We are a brief sojourn on our soul’s extensive journey of incarnations. This is who we really are.

Each soul came here to experience life on this unique 3rd Dimension planet, to gather the unique experience of Earth during this moment of its ascension. In addition, our souls incarnated on Earth with a contract to support the return of Earth and humanity to 12th Dimension. Each soul volunteered to be here at this time and place. Regardless of our personal circumstances we should each feel grateful for our experience in this physical vehicle.

Keeping in mind that we are all Great Souls of Light in physical vehicles, we need to see each other that way. Regardless of who they are, others are no better than us. We are not less than them. We need to see the dark energy archons as creations of Source just as our souls are creations of Source – with the very big exception that our souls function in perfect alignment with Source while theirs do not. When we come to that realization, we can forgive them for their actions, even if they are against us. Forgiving them is an import step toward higher consciousness.

  1. We are assaulted by bad news – TV, Internet, social media, and conversations. See these for what they are: misinformation and media sensationalized events. Some, who are in lower consciousness, may intentionally be spreading fears. Some of it is sponsored by the dark energy archons working with humans in media, governments, or other institutions. See these things as wake-up calls, pushing us to recognize who we really are.

Do not focus on what is not working, rather find what is working for the uplifting of all. Contrast the messages from non-physical beings to what the dark archons would have us believe. See the larger perspective. Know who you are. Express your different views of reality to others. You of the Light are here to set an example for others; let your Light shine.

Recognize that you may be supporting the agenda of the dark beings by your consumption of products and services. Your choice of a cell phone supports the institutions that are installing 5G systems. Your purchases of food tainted with glyphosate (Roundup) supports the manufacturing of such cancer-causing chemicals.

Make healthy choices. Choose family interactions versus time with computers or phones. Look at the choices you make. Take responsibility for your every thought, emotion, and action.

Become aware of negative thoughts that float through you. “What are these doing to me? Do I feel good when I focus on dark images?” Ask yourself, if the video you are watching or the book you are reading supports your highest good. If not do not continue watching or reading. If random thoughts do not support your growth to higher consciousness, banish them from your mind.

  1. Are you addicted to busyness? Do you need to be doing something all the time? Do you take time each day for quiet time, to just sit still? Do you meditate?

Are you aware of who you really are at all times? Or do you focus on it only briefly, perhaps at church on Sunday, and then go about your daily routine? Unless higher consciousness is with you constantly, you are fooling yourself about being of the Light.

You are in charge of your body. No one else has the right to tell you how to live your life. For the common good, you may yield to an outside authority (E.g. Stop lights). But recognize what you are doing. Stand up to authority that you perceive as wrong. You are the vehicle of a Great Being of Light. Make a declaration of sovereignty to indicate that you are in control of your body.

  1. Recognize that humanity has been enslaved for thousands of years. Fear has kept us enslaved. Fear has caused us to see others as separate from ourselves. Fear hijacks people who settle for comfort rather than doing what is right.

Our current civilization has many problems: A deteriorating environment that threatens all life. Disease caused by environmental factors such as dirty air, polluted water, chemicals, and electromagnetic radiation. Monetary systems that are extremely skewed in favor of the rich and powerful. Governments that exist for those in power rather than serving those governed.

It is not enough to think of politics solving our enslavement or revisions to the current monetary system creating equality for all.  Think in terms of collectives and cooperatives in place of pyramidal structures. Think in terms of everyone functioning from higher consciousness.

It is up to you to assert who you are. There is no power on Earth that has a right to force you to do anything contrary to your best interests. It is low self-worth that automatically defers to an outside authority. It is time for us to assume control over our physical vehicles, to assert who we are, and choose how we will live our lives.

We each need to be responsible for our words and actions. What foods are we choosing to consume? What words and pictures, from TV, Internet, and social media are our minds consuming? We make choices every day on what we support, and who and what we interact with.

  1. E. The following are the elements of a civilization functioning at high consciousness: No fear. No influence from dark energy. A clear and clean environment. Everyone functioning in cooperation. An equitable monetary system. Equal justice for all. Cooperative organizations. No better-than or less-than. No duality or separation. Seeing everyone as vehicles for Great Souls of Light. No disease. No pollution. No unhealthy chemicals. No unhealthy electromagnetic radiation. No cabal or secret government. Everyone in unconditional Love. Everyone in perfect Unity with all. Everyone at 5th Dimension


Part 4: Yeshua

I recently transcribed the following communication from Yeshua.

Greeting, it is I Yeshua. I come to you today to add insights from the non-physical realm to the information you are conveying in this document.

Humanity is at a turning point in its 500,000-year journey on Earth. There have been great strides made since the first humans came to earth. The physical body is much improved as is the brain. More importantly is the ability of humans to communicate with those of us in the non-physical to gain insights.

Archons who would control this planet and all on it, are raging at this moment. They see that their carefully laid plans connected to the virus and the lockdown of humanity are not progressing as they wished. They see that many humans are no longer believing that the virus will affect them, so they are once again joining with family and friends to enjoy their company.

More importantly, the actions of some 3rd Dimension individuals associated with the government and other organization are being divulged for all to see. Their nefarious actions on behalf of the archons has become apparent. They are being seen as functioning from a self-centered agenda to increase the control of the dark energy over humanity.

In contrast to this are the star seeds and lightworkers who are functioning at a higher level of consciousness. Their influence is being recognized, their energies are influencing many who come into contact with them. They now number in the thousands in all areas of the world. Their beliefs and understandings are in harmony despite different cultures and languages. It is most gratifying from my point-of-view, as this is what I had hoped for as a result of my incarnation.

Since the time I walked Earth, there have been many changes. New institutions have sprung up and new initiatives have taken root. Many of these flourished for a time uplifting those associated with them. Unfortunately, the dark energies infiltrated these worthy efforts twisting them into self-centered organizations. Thus, today there are many organizations of long standing that do not operate in the best interests of humanity.

Turning now to the uplifting efforts of the many star seeds and lightworkers. Many of these have infiltrated the organization that do not operate in the best interests of humanity such as banks and governing bodies. Within these organization those of higher consciousness go about their efforts to keep the thrust of these misguided institutions so that they are unable to completely overwhelm humanity. These I call white knights. Their efforts, although unrecognized, are very important. They have kept the world’s governments from nuclear war. They have kept the monetary system functioning so that a portion of it serves the needs of the many rather than choking off all in favor of the powerful. They have kept the medical establishment from total subservience to the pharmaceutical companies by derailing certain drugs and chemicals.

I leave you now with this thought. Learn who you are. Know that you are a vehicle of a Great Being of Light. Know that you are powerful and others have no right to tell you to do anything that is not in your best interests. It is time to awaken and stand up for who you are. Let you light shine so that all of humanity will rise to a higher state of consciousness.

My blessings to all.


Part 5: The following videos supply additional insight into our current situation and provide a view into a positive future. I suggest you view them in the order presented.

  1. A. Videos about our current situation:


Dr. Zach Bush speaks to the environmental causes of many sicknesses plus comments about Covid-19

Former President of Microsoft Canada addresses the dangers of 5G

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar chairs a roundtable of 150 doctors who discuss Covid-19, vaccines. 5G, and much more

David Icke speaks to a range of current issues

Lionel Shriver addresses the psychological and other issues resulting from the lockdown

Dr. Judy Mikovits talks about the plague of corruption of science and issues with vaccines

History of cabal/Illuminati from its beginning to today

  1. B. Uplifting videos about what is currently happening and about our positive future

Divine Feminine Roundtable with Magenta Pixie and 12 others:

Lorie Ladd: practical ways of understanding what you may be feeling in your body

Three step process (Magenta Pixie):

Great economic reset (Magenta Pixie):

The Fifth Element (Magenta Pixie):

What do you want? Earth speaks

Tell me the truth…

Powerful uplifting messages


Part 6: Assistance

Based on energies accumulated from my soul’s varied lifetimes in the Andromeda Galaxy, as well as its many lifetimes on Earth ranging back to when Earth was a 12th Dimension planet, I am able to connect with non-physical beings. It is within this context that I can facilitate a two-way conversation between these non-physical beings and those of you interested in discovering aspects of your lives.

If you have questions relating to why you are here in this lifetime or what more you might do with your time in this body, you can discover answers to these in a friendly conversation with a non-physical being. Or you can find answers to other questions.

We can accomplish this with a telephone call or by using Skype or Zoom, or you may visit with me personally. To schedule an appointment contact me at Be sure to put the word “Assistance” in the header of the email. You must have read one of my books, “Cosmic Paradigm” or “Aon” to obtain sufficient background to benefit from such a conversation.


To join the Cosmic Paradigm Network, send an email to



The communications in Aon are from Great Non-physical Beings of Light who created the universe. They are quite different than the words of lower consciousness beings who use science and philosophy to explain God and the universe from their perspective.

Mark Kimmel is merely the transcriber of these revelations.

This book will help you appreciate who you really are: The physical expression of a vast and powerful soul.

The first words of the second chapter of Aon are: “I am Zi-An, one of the Creator Gods of the Collective of Galactic Creator Gods who created the Milky Way Galaxy.”