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Each day more evidence emerges that we are in a time of great change. I believe this is the moment when humanity’s enslavement comes to an end. When we transition from a state of 3rd Dimension enslavement to a place of 5th Dimension Light, Love and Unity. This grand event has been eagerly awaited by all in the universe for Earth is a very special planet. Now it is coming together. What a wonderful time to be alive.

Each day we are assaulted with new information: from mass media to alternative media, from fearful to uplifting, and from speculation to facts. From opinions about political fraud, the Illuminati, and the cabal, to the latest news about Covid-19 and vaccines, to the theft of trillions of dollars by way of illegal financial activities, to news about pedophiles and severely damaged children, to sightings and interactions with extraterrestrials. In all of these there are elements of truth. Be discerning. Discover what resonates with your heart. Uncover your basic beliefs.
Individuals in positions of power based in 3rd Dimension compete with the stability, peace, and unity of those of us in higher consciousness. The dark energies have infected many people leading them to see all from a 3rd Dimension point-of-view that is based in fear, anger, separation, and judgment. Dig deep to discover what is true. Those who seek power over us camouflage their activities very well.
For those of us awakening, it becomes our responsibility to discern what is true for ourselves, and then base our lives on our truths. To attain this level of functioning, we must go within to attain clarity, paying close attention to our thoughts and emotions. We stabilize ourselves so that the latest revelation does not throw us off track.
Complete change of governments and monetary systems is not far away. Along with these will come changes in everything we have come to depend upon. We will see things we take for granted disappear as their darkness is exposed. Every aspect of our lives – every institution, every structure, and every system — has been corrupted by those seeking to gain and retain power over us. We have become dependent on them.
This process of unwinding structures of power over us, and our dependency on them will be very messy. It will require time. There are no quick solutions. We can speed things up with our energies. No one – either spiritual or extraterrestrial – is coming to save us. The future of humanity depends upon us, each of us has something to contribute.
Love and stability are the keys to this transformation. Remaining grounded, centered, and balanced are critical to pursuing a path to Light, Love and Unity. Remember who you are: the physical vehicle of a great soul. Your soul has had many lifetimes. You came here for a reason. As a wise higher dimension person, you can assist those who are just awakening to see the truth. Open your hearts to your brothers and sisters.


Based on energies accumulated from my soul’s varied lifetimes in the Andromeda Galaxy, as well as its many lifetimes on Earth ranging back to when Earth was a 12th Dimension planet, I am able to connect with non-physical beings. It is within this context that I can facilitate a two-way conversation between these non-physical beings and those of you interested in discovering aspects of your lives.

If you have questions relating to why you are here in this lifetime or what more you might do with your time in this body, you can discover answers to these in a friendly conversation with a non-physical being. Or you can find answers to other questions.

We can accomplish this with a telephone call or by using Skype or Zoom, or you may visit with me personally. To schedule an appointment contact me at Be sure to put the word “Assistance” in the header of the email. You must have read one of my books, “Cosmic Paradigm” or “Aon” to obtain sufficient background to benefit from such a conversation.


To join the Cosmic Paradigm Network, send an email to



The communications in Aon are from Great Non-physical Beings of Light who created the universe. They are quite different than the words of lower consciousness beings who use science and philosophy to explain God and the universe from their perspective.

Mark Kimmel is merely the transcriber of these revelations.

This book will help you appreciate who you really are: The physical expression of a vast and powerful soul.

The first words of the second chapter of Aon are: “I am Zi-An, one of the Creator Gods of the Collective of Galactic Creator Gods who created the Milky Way Galaxy.”