ETs & Nonphysicals

There are many facets to the Cosmic Paradigm. This page explores these within the context of the larger reality that shows Earth and her humans to be at the center of a galactic transformation that will bring both into the 5th Dimension as a step to returning Earth to the 12th Dimension. You may sample various facets of this at the pages below. I have also included select references to websites and YouTube videos.

Much of the information on this page looks at the transformation of Earth from a human and/or extraterrestrial perspective. In recent years I have endeavored to discover and experience the larger picture from a nonphysical perspective courtesy of the Archangels and Ascended Masters. You may find more of my points-of-view in my books, Chrysalis and Icebreakers. For my most up-to-date information about the transformation visit Perspectives at this site.

(Some of information referenced below is somewhat dated, but nonetheless very valuable. YouTube has taken over from the printed word in reporting extraterrestrial related aspects of the larger picture.)