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I mailed the following to members of the Cosmic Paradigm Network.


Dear friends,

I am now offering a service based on the broader vision, deeper understanding, higher consciousness, and greater abilities I have acquired from several years of working with Archangels and other non-physical beings, plus my continuing interactions with extraterrestrials.

Since May 23rd, I have had the privilege of acting as a conduit, connecting seven people (from 5 countries) in two-way conversations with higher consciousness beings from Andromeda. These benevolent beings have been observing and interacting with humanity for a very long time.

The conversations resulted in answers and energetic connections for questions posed. In every case, valuable insights were provided by the high consciousness beings. Several said it was life changing. All were grateful for the experience.

For those of you not familiar with what is going on, I offer the following: These beings communicate with me because of the imprinting I received from my many incarnations in the Andromeda Galaxy prior to coming to Earth. They communicate through me as a conduit to have a conversation with you. I utilize the telephone or Skype (outside the U.S.) to allow you to converse with them. Speaking with one of them is much like having a conversation with a wise elder.

Would you like answers to question such as these?

What is the universe really like?

What planet am I from?

What do I have to look forward to?

Tell me about my soul.

What more can I be doing with my life?

Am I living at my highest potential?

Is there something more I can be doing to assist the ascension of humanity?

How does raising my consciousness affect my body?

What about all the energies coming to Earth at this time?


If you believe that answers to any of these questions can come from a conversation with a higher consciousness being, then contact me. I am happy to provide the service of acting as a conduit to connect you to an Andromedan or other higher consciousness being.

As has been my practice in the past, this process will require you and me to become acquainted enough to show me that you have a basic understanding of the Cosmic Paradigm (below). The purpose of these connections is for your personal growth. They are not for entertainment.

To schedule a Session, reply to this email.

In Light, Love, and Unity,




The Cosmic Paradigm


Earth is a very special planet. Billions of years ago she functioned at the 12th Dimension and served as a model of the living schematic of Source for other planets in the universe. This period of history is known as “Earth’s Golden Age.” During this time 12th Dimension beings were resident on this planet. As a brilliant gaseous globe, many times larger than at present, she was know as “Earth Star.”

Source is infinite and eternal non-form. Source is unlimited Love, Light, energy, consciousness, and knowledge. All else is limited. Agents of Source created the physical universe in which we live. It is teeming with trillions of conscious beings.

Earth fell from her lofty perch due to the actions of her residents who attempted to force higher energies into ever more dense physical matter. Earth almost self-destructed in what is known as the “Great Catastrophe.” The affects of this calamity were felt throughout the universe.

Several billion years ago, Earth was set on a path of resurrection to return to a 12th Dimension planet of Light, Love, and Unity. She evolved to where 3rd Dimension humans were introduced 500,000 years ago.

Since that time humanity has evolved into modern men and women with changed bodies and greater brainpower. Beneficial extraterrestrials assisted humanity, thus the different races upon our planet. Detrimental extraterrestrials have attempted to enslave humanity and export Earth’s resources. Non-physical beings have assisted the evolvement of humanity both energetically and by incarnating among us. Both light and dark energies influence humanity in multiple ways.

The 3rd Dimension is characterized by rigidity and separation and the energies of fear, drama, less-than, domination, and anger. The 5th Dimension and above are based on unconditional Love and perfect Unity.

Each of us volunteered to incarnate on this planet at this time. Our reason for being here is to assist the resurrection of Earth. To do this, we must first realize who we really are: Great souls incarnated in physical vehicles. Then by changing our consciousness and our bodies to accommodate higher consciousness, we can focus our energies to assist the uplifting of humanity and, in turn, the resurrection of our planet toward 12th Dimension.




Cosmic Paradigm (the book)
215 pages. Published in 2018




This book details my experiences in conversations, communications, and experiences with non-physical beings and extraterrestrials.

NOTE: This book is very different from what I have published before.


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I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life, full time, to bringing messages from our star brothers and sisters and Celestials to help us understand who we really are and to help evolve Earth and humanity to a place of unconditional Love and perfect Unity.

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Non-physical View

I was provided the following by non-physical beings.

From the viewpoint of non-physical beings, Earth and humanity are rare exceptions to the rest of this universe. Less than 1% of the beings in this universe even know about the existence of 3rd Dimension, and the beings who inhabit planets of dense physical form.

The other 99% of the universe exists at higher consciousness, functioning in accordance with the schematic of Source that is based on unconditional love and perfect unity. This schematic, commonly known as Christ Consciousness, is the living formula for creation and functioning in this universe. The beings of this larger universe exist at higher dimensions of 10th, 11th, 12th, and higher dimensions.

These non-physical beings exist in collectives. At higher consciousness they do not have the physical forms that lead to individuality. When they wish to express individuality they do so for the moment only.

When non-physical beings look at humanity from their point-of-view, they see spirits who have incarnated in physical vehicles for a lifetime. The spirits are great beings who have experienced many, many lifetimes, incarnating in physical and semi-physical vehicles. The physical vehicles of most of humanity are of dense, rigid matter. Currently the humans of Earth exist at 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Dimensions.

In this sector of the universe, other planets and civilizations also exist in dense physical matter. Like some on Earth, they function on a basis of fear and service to self. Their residents are the entities we have historically called extraterrestrials. They have interacted with the humans of Earth both physically and energetically.

Beings of planets who are functioning at higher dimensions do not have dense physical form. Their interactions with the humans of Earth are in the form of energies as they are reluctant to adopt the necessary physical form in which they might interact with the humans of Earth. They have impacted humanity in various ways using their energy technologies.

There are a number of non-physical beings assisting humanity to climb out of its current rigid physical form. By doing so, humanity will show the path to higher consciousness for other dense civilizations. Earth thereby will once again be a beacon of light for all in the universe, having achieved something never before accomplished: Raising the planet from lower dimensions to become a 12th Dimension beacon for all. This is the glorious role of Earth and humanity. This will assist other dense planets to achieve the same.

Thus, the humans of Earth who are participating in the resurrection of Earth are doing so not only for their planet, but for other planets in this sector of the universe.

In Light, Love and Unity,



Dear Friends,

I have dedicated the last 22 years of my life, full time, to bringing messages from our star brothers and sisters and great non-physical beings to help us understand who we really are and to help evolve Earth and humanity to a place of unconditional love and perfect unity.

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Cosmic Paradigm, the Book

Is there some grand plan to it all?

Is there some reason why I am here on Earth at this moment?


I have learned a new way of seeing things through conversations, communications, and experiences with nonphysicals and extraterrestrials.


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Reincarnation is a fundamental reality of life in this universe. Source experiences all possible facets of Itself through the lifetimes of individual beings. This schematic was expressed by Source before the creation of time and space, before the creation of this universe. Our souls have been around since the beginning, fulfilling this purpose by incarnating in individual form.

Once I came to understand this, the whole idea of death took on new meaning. Death became less frightening, because I knew my soul had done it before and would do it again, and again.

A few years ago, I was shown that I (my soul) had experienced many lifetimes. This came as a vision of a gigantic tapestry with intersections of many, many threads. Each intersection was a brilliant light, representing a lifetime. I was pointed to my current lifetime as a single light among many.

I was told that I have had over a thousand lifetimes in the past, both in physical form and in other forms. I was told that I would have another thousand lifetimes. These lifetimes were in different dimensions. These lifetimes were on different planets of this physical universe.

The millions of planets in the millions of galaxies of this universe are of various degrees of physicality. Because I incarnated on many of them, as did each of you, I cannot say that I am from any particular planet. I can say that I had a number of recent lifetimes on planets in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Once I saw this, the whole idea of death took on new meaning. Death became less frightening, because I knew my soul had done it before and would do it again, and again.

I know several people who are walk-ins. It is much more common than usually acknowledged. It can occur as the result of an accident. It can occur without trauma. In either case, the current soul determines that it wishes to leave its physical body. This is called a walk-out. It creates the situation where a new soul can come into the body, a walk-in or a soul exchange.

Those who are walk-ins, see their physical bodies as vehicles that they are piloting for this lifetime. They know that they have free will and can turn in their vehicles whenever they determine it is time to move on.

Once I came to this realization, the whole idea of death took on new meaning.

There are many recorded instances of near death experiences. They were confronted with the realization that there is life after death. They also talk about their decision to return to life in their physical body. Invariably that traumatic event changes each of them.

Once I came to know about these, the whole idea of death took on new meaning.

None of this is to say that life in a physical body, on planet earth, at this time is necessarily all enjoyable. For those that have achieved a higher consciousness, this lifetime can be very rewarding and fulfilling. For those who are able to enjoy much that Earth has to offer – however they define it – their experiences can for the most part be reasonably pleasant.

For those consumed with fear, anger, separation, and judgment, this lifetime is a challenge. Many who are suffering various illnesses and life threatening injuries wish for this lifetime to end. Most do not know what comes next, so they cling to life in their bodies. Their whole idea of death is based on beliefs that others have told to them. Some deny any life beyond that in their current physical body. Many who do not really know what comes next – despite their religious beliefs – cling to life in their bodies.

Speaking now as my soul, I see the death of my body as the necessary way to move forward to my next incarnation. I know that I have free will to choose when I will exit this lifetime. Like those who are walk-ins, those who have returned from a near-death experience, or those who have integrated the Cosmic Paradigm, you too can come to this realization. It will change your life.



Looking Back to Look Forward

As part of the new book I am writing, I am reviewing postings I made at Mark’s Corner during the years 2008, 2009, and 2010. I find much of what was posted there, not all, to be quite insightful and relevant to our current situation. If you would like to review these go to: This is the first posting from Justine, who I now know is an old friend from my prior life on Andon in the Andromeda Galaxy.

On January 6, 2011, I gave a presentation in Pagosa Springs, Colorado about the pending transformation of humanity. This can be viewed as a wrap-up of the 152 messages I received and posted at Mark’s Corner:

I have learned so much from reviewing the information in these messages. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have received and posted them. I see in them how far I had advanced from my days as a businessman some 12 years earlier, how far I have removed myself from my 3rd dimension life.

In Light, Love & Unity,


Global Warming

The controversy about global warming is in the news whenever more sensational or immediate items do not push it to one side. The withdrawal of the United States from the Paris accord signals a rupture in the movement toward international cooperation. Global warming impacts the lives of all on the planet today and the lives of our children’s children. I see global warming as a transition out of the rigidness of the 3rd Dimension.

The continued fouling of our air, water, and land is a disaster. Our extraterrestrial friends have told us that we are doing more extensive damage to our planet than we recognize. Pollution demonstrates humankind’s preoccupation with trying to dominate our planet rather than learning to live in harmony with it. I believe it is long past time to recognize that we all have a responsibility to love our home and to do everything we can to show that love by minimizing our footprints. The energy of dominating our planet is contrary to our true nature as children of the universe with immortal souls.

Most scientific evidence shows that our planet is warning. Rising ocean temperatures and melting glaciers amply demonstrate it. We are no longer in warming/cooling cycles as have persisted for thousands of years.

What only a few scientists are talking about is that the temperature of all planets in the solar system is rising. Yes, all planets, not just Earth. This is due to heightened energy coming from the sun, which in turn receives its energy from the center of the Galaxy. This is consistent with energies being beamed to humankind to assist our ascension to higher consciousness, energies both from the sun and from our extraterrestrial friends. As a living being, Earth herself is benefitting from these energies as she moves to higher consciousness.

Earth receives warming energies and stores them at her core. In this sense she is like a giant capacitor. This results in the warming of the planet from under its surface, which in turn results in the melting of glaciers from beneath and warming of the oceans.

So, is humankind responsible for global warming? To some minor extent, yes, but not to that advertised by those who would scare us with yet another fear-laden issue. The huge mass of the planet requires more than humankind’s impact on its surface to warm its entirety. Should we ignore pollution? No, we have a responsibility to live in harmony with our home planet, not plunder her resources and destroy her life forms.

We should accept global warming as our future and make preparations to live in a world of higher temperatures. This will mean considerably higher level and warmer oceans, less snow pack, more desert areas, changes in forests and grasslands, and changes for all forms of wildlife. It will impact us individually and collectively in many ways. All of this is consistent with planet Earth moving into the 5th Dimension, with Earth’s resurrection to a Christed 12th Dimension planet of great beauty, peace, love and unity.

In Light, Love & Unity,


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