Recommended Books

Aon: Voices of the Nonphysicals
Aon: Voices of the Nonphysicals: Powerful information, never before revealed. Discover the origins of the universe from the perspective of those who created it. 13 Great Beings of Light reveal their involvement in creating the universe and humanity. The role of Oversouls with stars, planets, and individual physical beings. The original Earth of billions of years ago is revealed. Earth’s Golden Era and its tragic history. Practical guidance on discovering who we really are and how to live at higher consciousness. Real meaning for our lives.
Cosmic Paradigm
Cosmic ParadigmIt loaded with information never before published.Find meaning for your life as you realize:

Who I really am

Where I came from

Why I am really here

Where I am going

Find insights into humanity’s current condition, as we all struggle to find truth, stability, and inspiration in our daily lives.

Discover why Earth’s golden age of long ago is so important for today’s humans.

Chrysalis: For the first time, angels and extraterrestrials come together to provide the larger picture of who we are, why we are here, and where we are headed. Explore: Levels of Consciousness Earth’s preeminent position in the universe The vast creation of the non-form. This book will change how you see yourself. It will give meaning to your life.~ by Mark Kimmel
ICEBREAKERS by Mark Kimmel
ICEBREAKERS : Mark Kimmel weaves together the physical and the nonphysical to show how secret activities adversely influence today’s mass consciousness. Then he uses these insights to bring this adventure story to a startling climax, while demonstrating how to live in higher consciousness.~ by Mark Kimmel
Trillion: The first book to tie together UFO’s and extraterrestrials with a cosmic view of our world and a spiritual point-of-view.~ by Mark Kimmel
One. Toward a Civilization of Light
One. Toward a Civilization of Light: Accompany Ryan Drake, an Earth-human, and Sarah Smith, a human from another star system, as they live through this time of transformation. Experience lives changed by the crumbling of the economy and other familiar institutions, as mankind transcends to live in the light.~ by Mark Kimmel
Decimal: The Continuing Story of Ryan Drake as he unearths a secret cabal and man-made UFOs.~ by Mark Kimmel
I have read this book several times — great insights and information