10-17-08 Capitalism

The following information was provided on 10/17/08. This is my 11th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order.

Capitalism evolved to its present form over a period of several hundred years. It was transported to the world through colonialism. The British and other empires introduced it to their colonies.

Capitalism had its roots in the desire of ordinary people to invent something to take them out of their dependence on the largess of the king. In the days of feudalism, a serf would work for his master, retaining a portion of what he produced as his reward. Then a serf would barter with other serfs for what else he desired. This system was unfair, completely controlled by the master, and kept ordinary people at a subsistence level. It was the tradesman. who broke that scheme of things and created a merchant class. With the merchant class came the bankers who held people’s money. The rise of the so-called middle class came from those roots. In its earliest days, capitalism was based on a monetary system that had intrinsic value.

The creation of a monetary system without intrinsic value, i.e. a paper currency with no backing, is an invention that has historically led to a build-up of false prosperity and then a precipitous fall. This has been repeated throughout the history of capitalism.

Along with its indispensable partners, oil and other fossil fuels, capitalism created the climate for a population explosion. Without fiat currencies and oil, the planet’s current population could not be fed, clothed, or housed. Without fiat currencies and oil, the population of the planet would be smaller by about 90%. Without fiat currencies and oil, the rape of Earth could have not occurred in such an extreme manner.

The demise of the control pyramid based on wealth is at hand. Banking systems and their many extensions, the backbones of capitalism are showing cracks worldwide. Dependence on fossil fuel is revealing its folly. Keep in mind that the truth is not as reported in the media. Capitalism will not recover from this breakdown. The capitalist system, with its dependence on fiat currency and oil, will be totally shattered in the coming months.

Capitalism will ultimately be replaced with an economic system that is amenable to the general population of the planet. The system that operates on my home planet is such that each person has sufficient money to meet his or her needs. It is not a question of “earning” money. Money is supplied in sufficient quantity to allow each person to accomplish that which he or she wishes for his or her life. There is no structure in which money is accumulated in order to dominate others. Money simply is. Nor is there a barter system. People give to each other without thought of getting something in return. Yes, I know this sounds utopian, but that is our system and it works. As I stated in an earlier communication, my planet transitioned from the old to the new.

Now to interim time, during the next few months, the next years, the monetary system will return to relying on that which has some intrinsic value. Precious metals will be one way to accomplish this; another way is barter. Think of what people wish, what they find of necessity, those things will be used for barter. In primitive societies it was agricultural goods or domesticated animals. In more advanced societies it will be harvested produce, canned goods, and necessities. Yes, a can of Vienna sausages will work, as will cigarettes and whisky. But on a more practical level, oil and seasonings will do better. Salt will be a good barter item; it was used before.

The demise of the current economic system will mean that a smaller population will reside on this planet. Many of your current inhabitants will choose to abandon ship to seek an existence that is more in line with the economic system and energies they know. They will decide that they do not wish to advance to a planet with an untried economic system and no fossil fuels, or they may decide they do not wish to live through the interim time. That is acceptable to everyone involved, the humans of the new Earth, and those of us from other planets and the celestials. Since all is energy, everyone’s choice will be accomplished quite easily. There will be a bifurcation of those who wish to live through the interim time and make a contribution to the new Earth, and those who do not. It is up to each individual to choose. Parents may choose for their children.

The current structure is collapsing. A new one will replace it. There will be an interim time of adjustment. We, your brothers and sisters from other star systems, are here to assist. I am Justine of the planet Supsten of the Altairian star system. I leave you with my blessing.

That’s it for today folks. I am being told that there will be more in the days and weeks ahead.

In Truth, Love and Joy,