12-4-08 Our observations

At the request of our sisters and brothers from distant star systems, I transcribed this message on December 2, 3, and 4, 2008. This is my 25th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read my earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order (see notice at the end of this posting). Also, after you read my books and newsletters (archived at this site), you may gain a deeper appreciation for the material I am posting.

Today we welcome back Bren-Ton from the Andromedan star system. He has been an observer of our planet for a very long time.

As we observe your planet from several hundred thousand miles away, plus listening to your radio and television broadcasts and sensing your individual energies, we find an interesting picture. On the one hand we see people who tend to their families and their own wellbeing. We also see those who are determined to rule them. It is quite clear that there are two kinds of people living on your planet: those who go about their own lives and those who want to tell others what to do. This is in sharp contrast with what we would consider normal wherein each person is respected for his or her uniqueness and allowed to fulfill that which they desire.

It is only when we learn from those of us who walk among you that we begin to understand that the humans of Earth who desire control are living from fear and hope to gain some measure of security by controlling those around them. In your violence towards each other, once again we see some exercising control over others. We are speaking here of everything from the violent act of one individual against another to war and mass destruction. We believe this can be traced to a lack of understanding of why each of you is on your planet, the truth about the death of your physical body, and the influence of the dark energy.

We observe those who live in harmony with Earth and those who do not. There are those who farm the land to bring forth its bounty, and there are those who cultivate in the name of producing something beautiful. We see large areas of grass where it is irrigated with scarce water resources and wonder why this is so. We see large numbers of people living in areas that will not support an extensive population except by importing water. We also see those who treat Earth as their property.

Earth is struggling to feed so many, particularly when its bounty is concentrated in the hands of so few. We see the great unevenness in the distribution of wealth and resources. The transporting of goods to feed the U.S. population will not continue. So people there will be hit extraordinarily hard by the coming changes.

In the Andromeda star system, we seek harmony with each planet, and harmony with each person. We do not control one another. We do not perpetrate violence on one another.

At night we see the lights burning in your cities and towns. From those walking among you, we learn that you are providing light so that you might produce and sell vast quantities of goods to be consumed plus services for those who produce the goods. It is a forcing rather than an allowing. While it is entirely possible to do this, why not let the natural rhythm of the night be a time of relaxation and going within? Your bodies require sleep; why not let the night be a time for that?

We find no harmony in forcing the planet to give up her resources to produce things to be consumed. We would not tolerate such a gross distortion of the true purpose for living on one of our planets. It would be quite different if you had unlimited sources of energy, but you do not.

We also observe a high degree of superstition in all peoples of this planet. This is particularly true regarding the nighttime. Once the natural rhythm of the planet was interrupted by the dark energy when it tilted Earth, and days and nights became uneven, the agents of the dark energy took advantage of this to increase fear connected with the nighttime and the cold of the seasons. Stories and legends about powerful creatures that inhabited the dark were introduced; man’s imagination took it from there. All manner of creatures were created by the experiments of the agents of the darkness as they mated with the humans and animals of Earth. Many of the stories of hideous creatures are true.

We also observe superstition in the cautious manner in which you greet strangers, so far from the greeting for a brother or sister. Rather than seeing sexuality as a natural function of the body, many taboos and superstitions abound in this arena. Rather than seeing food as something to simply nourish the body, all manner of concoctions have been created to appeal to your senses. Once man moved from eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, superstition came into play. We find it amusing that some people devote their lives to perfecting the preparation of exotic foods.

We see many forms of education, particularly with children, as mind control. The educational system teaches them what they must know in order to be accepted into society. Yes, there is valuable knowledge in written communication, mathematics, science, and knowledge about your forefathers, but the educational system seeks to conform young people with knowledge dictated by those who control. There is little taught about the true history of the planet, rather young minds are conditioned to believe that this moment in history is the pinnacle of human achievement and that all prior periods were primitive. The truth about your economy and legal system are not taught, because they are meant to remain mysterious, available only to professionals.

Moving to your broadcasts, which we monitor from our ships, rather than merely reporting on events, the news is used to propagandize the mass of humanity by controlling what is disseminated. The sensational is endlessly repeated to point out the depraved nature of people. Fear of difference results, and fear that almost any other person might be evil. This form of mind control is successful in making you see each other as potentially dangerous. So, even after you are not longer in the formal educational system, you are blasted with words and images meant to help you see reality in a certain way, in a way that the mind controllers desire.

From our observation, most humans lead very narrowly defined lives proscribed by the few who wish to remain in control. We wish that you might awaken to see your lives from a universe perspective, see that much of what you take for granted are in reality control mechanisms.

Religion on your planet is an anomaly restricted to those planets controlled, or previously controlled, by the dark energy. We who travel the stars do not believe in God. We know there is a God and we talk with Him, as we desire. He has said to us, “I am you, you are Me.” We see ourselves as always with Him as we traverse His universe.

Originally the humans who were brought to your planet knew who they were and talked with God. Then the dark energy blinded them, and they began to search for other explanations for their crops failures or bounty, for sun, and for rain. You may look back on them as primitive, but in reality they had become disoriented wanderers, wanderers who’s very DNA had been distorted, and wanderers who had been plunged into the most dense 3rd dimension conceivable.

When agents of the dark energy descended to this planet, they were heralded as gods. Their advanced technology was seen as both superior and mysterious. The agents of the dark energy encouraged people in their awe to turn to worship. Mating with one of the “gods” was considered a privilege. Supplying food to the gods was considered normal. Just as with the wealthy and powerful today, the agents of the dark energy reveled in the worship and tribute of the common people. This became the norm around your entire planet.

Over the years, religious practices were codified. The aliens were singled out as superior beings.
Behaviors were transcribed for the common people; rules were promulgated. Superstitions were fostered with stories about the gods. Priests were entrusted with the knowledge of the gods. The whole idea of a God who permeated all was never allowed because the priests wished themselves to be seen as special.

In the Middle East, there incarnated one who walked the planet for many years. He was known as Joshua in those times. He carried with him the Christ energy, an energy of love from the Creator. He came to this planet to show its enslaved people a better way to live.

There grew up about him a cult of gentle people who wished to follow his example, to live from love, not fear. But it did not take long for those who wished to control others to take the example of Jesus and make it into a religion. They collected the things written about Jesus as he touched the lives of people in the Middle East, and in lands far beyond.

Emperor Constantine saw a way to use the Christians to solidify his empire. He called upon the leaders of that time to create a formal Roman state religion. Ways of behaving were dictated, ways of believing proscribed. It was as if the whole of Jesus’ life was congealed, much of what he taught twisted to the end of controlling people.

The Catholic church was solidified in Rome, where the agents of the dark energy solidified their grasp over the previously light-based religion of Jesus. They transformed it into a religion with heavy ritual mixed with a seemingly generous hand for the poor. Always keeping the poor in their place, they accumulated great riches for the papacy and its hierarchy. When the church wished to expand its influence, after consolidating power over Europe, it encouraged exploration of the new world and sent its priests to supervise the conversion of indigenous peoples.

What is little understood in all of this is the covert hand of the agents of the dark energy within religion. They have cleverly enticed people to view religion as a force for good, while all the while it has served their control objectives. For those of us who observe your planet from afar, we see most religions as forces of distortion. God is available to all; merely ask to speak with him. Priests and ministers with their holy books and rituals are unnecessary.

As we look at your planet from so many miles away, we see a confused people who labor under myriad forms of mind control. Look at religion from our perspective and you too will see it in this way. If you look at us, your brothers and sisters from the stars, through the distortions of religion, you will not see us clearly.

We are coming to make ourselves know quite soon. Religion will be the strongest impediment to a truthful understanding of whom you really are, of whom your brothers and sisters really are, and of whom God really is. We will bring this truth to you; will you be ready to receive it?

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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