Structures Part VI

During 2008, and now in 2009, it has been my privilege to receive, transcribe, and publish messages from certain of our brothers and sisters from other star systems, and other distinguished sources. These uplifting messages are available in the archives of this site. They are filled with hope, love, and appreciation for that which is uniquely Earth, and uniquely Earth-human. I encourage everyone to pay close attention to these messages as we are entering unchartered territory: Nothing like the transition we are now experiencing has ever happened to the humans of Earth during our long history on this planet.

This is my 9th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. Again we welcome back Bren-Ton of Andromeda aboard the starship Athabantian, in orbit about our planet

It is my pleasure to return for further discussions about the unique structures we find on your planet. I now wish to turn to the subject of energy: This is the way that we who have evolved to a higher consciousness see almost everything. The 3rd density environment of Earth is the densest in the galaxy. This density was achieved by overlaying your physical existence with fear, fear supplied by the dark energy and those who resonate with its darkness. From our perspective, your 3rd density is like moving through water.

The density of Earth is changing. Those who choose to remain with her will find it necessary to change their energy in order to live here. Those who do not change will find it impossible to remain with Earth: Some will die; some will be transported to another 3rd density planet to continue their lives, but without the fear component of your current Earth existence. The souls of all who are incarnated on Earth at this time foresaw the choice they would be required to make.

You who are to remain must learn to flow with things rather than see all as rigid. We have been discussing structures; structures are rigid. Structures are rigid to control you. Flowing is the opposite of structure. Yes we know it is strange for you to begin to view things that you had previously know only from the vantage point of structure.

Let me point out some examples of where there is already energy manifesting itself. Music has a flow to it. While it is true that most music has some structure to it, but it flows from one note to the next. When you are listening to music, you too can be in the flow. Certain kinds of music flow better than others; classical symphonies flow better than rap music.

When you are outdoors with nature, there is a natural flow. Nature has few straight lines: Forested areas flow into meadows. Streams flow into lakes. The breeze flows through the trees. The ocean washes the shore. It is the constructs of mankind that are rigid due to their structure. You say, we did not create these structures, “they were imposed upon us by the agents of the dark energy.” That is true; they were imposed, but it is your consent that enables them to continue.

Structures are created by rules. The structure of government is created with laws. The structure of corporations is due to the practices and codifications of rules of behavior. Science operates within a defined set of rules. Medicine sees the human body within a set of rules. All structures imposed on humans operate within a set of rules, within defined boundaries, and within a defined hierarchy. Most of the rules are for the benefit of the rule makers, as opposed to operating for the good of the whole. There is a great difference between the flow of pure energy and the rigidness of structure.

You, who would move forward with Earth, must learn to flow with energy, learn to abandon rigid structures. It will be uncomfortable at first, but with practice it will seem routine. Flow requires trust in the greater good, in the oneness of all. Flow requires seeing your brothers and sisters of this planet as little different than you, of seeing your brothers and sisters of the stars as little different. Flow requires seeing all as one, of seeing God as one with you and with all others, for it is in this oneness that you will move from the fear that infects you today to the light of a new civilization.

As you go about your daily routine look for those thing that keep you in the rigidness of structure. No, you cannot totally dismiss them at this moment, but begin to notice them. Then notice those things with which you flow. Allow yourself to move with them. For the moment just notice, be aware. Become accustomed to slipping out of structure into the flow. When this happens you are operating at a higher consciousness. Practice this as you go about your daily routine.

Thank you Bren-Ton. I look forward to more communications from you about our structures, and how we can create a civilization without them, a civilization of light.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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