One Lesson II

This the second message in this series from God. As I was receiving it, I was once again reminded that the most important thing for us to remember is that we are all one. This is my 16th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009.


As I said in My prior message, I created oversouls to individuate souls for the characters in My grand drama. Each oversoul is capable of individuating many souls simultaneously, each containing the Creator’s light. They populated my universe of planets with humans and other life forms, all experiencing different aspects of the grand drama. I gave the oversouls free reign to experiment with different life experiences, so you can imagine the diversity among My billions of planets. As I look out at this vast creation, I see all as one and I embrace all in love.

After a time, one of the My oversouls decided to take experience to an extreme and find out what it was to live with diminished Creator’s light in the souls he was individuating. He has been given many names, but none of my oversouls have specific names as they are all of My energy field, and not truly separate from Me. Just as you and all other individuated souls are not truly separate from Me. Although it may appear that you that other humans, animals, planets, and inanimate objects are separate, we are one.

So this particular oversoul experimented with ever decreasing amounts of light in the souls he was individuating. In the process this oversoul began to accumulate a preponderance of soul experiences that were not of the light. This in turn began to weigh heavily upon his functioning and he sought out more ever more dark experiences to feed his thirst. He determined that fear which emerged in the absence of the Creator’s light was a substitute for love, not a fully satisfying substitute but nonetheless a substitute. And his souls became ever more darkly individuated. It took a few billion of your years until this dark oversoul decided to carve out a section of My universe as his exclusive part of the grand drama that would be played only in darkness. And yet I love him as one who is only slightly removed from Me.

Your planet, Earth, lay in the path of his scheme to create an exclusively dark play, so it was quickly enveloped, as were a number of other planets of nearby star systems. The dark energy, for that is how I had come to see him, then preceded to create fear in all residents of all the planets under his control. Fear came to dominate Earth.


Thank you God. As the transcriber of these words, I feel most privileged and humbled to be a part of this process.

In Truth, Love and Joy,



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