One Lesson IV

This the fourth message in this series from God. As I watch these messages build upon each other, I am reminded that the most important thing for us to remember is that we are all one, including our relationship to God. This is my 18th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009.


Let Me now turn our attention to considering the situation on Earth from the perspective of one. Throughout the universe, the oversouls of the light had been occupied with establishing a bulwark of planets that the dark could not claim or with which it could interfere, and visa versa. Yet souls continued to incarnate on planets that were of the opposite polarity. That is souls individuated from the dark energy oversoul were incarnating on planets predominately of the light, and souls individuated from oversouls of the light were incarnating on planets claimed by the dark energy. So there was no true demarcation between the two only a line in the shifting sands of energy, and a constant pressure as the light attempted to penetrate the darkness.

More specific to Earth, your planet had volunteered to host incarnations of the dark energy, those who functioned principally out of fear. Yes, I said volunteered, for all incarnations are voluntary those of the light and those of the dark. To live a life in either fashion, an individuated soul volunteers to experience a way of being for a lifetime. So Earth was the host for many thousands of your years to the dark energy and her agents. It was a planet onto which individuations of the light would come to experience the darkness and individuations of the dark oversoul would come to experience the darkest of the dark.

Others have told you of Earth’s call for help and the response by my children of other star systems who came to her aid. They are still here, supplying overwhelming light to rid Earth of the last vestiges of the dark energy. So now, Earth is emerging as a planet that will be predominately of the light. Yet I loved Earth and her inhabitants throughout the darkness just as much as I love them today, for you see we are all one. Earth is one with Me. The dark energy is one with Me. The oversouls of the light are one with Me. You and all humanity are one with Me. My grand drama is now entering its final act, in which darkness will be balanced with the energy of light.


Thank you God. As the transcriber of these words, I feel most privileged and humbled to be a part of this process.

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In Truth, Love and Joy,


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