Coming Events

The following is not intended as a forecast of the timing of specific events; rather it is an illustration of how things have a way of coalescing around events when the various factors are in right alignment. Moreover, it may provide an example of how I encourage you to research and corroborate that which I present in these postings.

This is my 30th posting to this site for 2009.

Back on March 4th, the following hint of timing was provided by Bren-Ton, “We do not see the opportunity to complete another growing season in the Northern Hemisphere before major changes occur.” Since that time I have been asking other people who receive information from various sources as to what they understand about the coming changes to our planet and to us.

First it was someone very closely connected to a planet of a different star system who volunteered that things would happen sooner than I had quoted from Bren-Ton. Then another friend who receives information confirmed that he too had received information that events would transpire within the next few months. Then, when I was in Costa Rica for my most recent Gathering, three people who were receiving information from our brothers and sisters from other star systems said that events would transpire this coming summer. Since I have returned to Colorado, two friends who receive information from celestials have reported that they too can confirm significant happenings in the near future.

Again, I present this not as a specific prediction but rather as an indication that we are now in a time when we can expect something of significance to happen in the foreseeable future; none of my sources or contacts has been specific about the particulars of forthcoming events.

YOU MAY COPY THIS MESSAGE, AS WELL AS OTHER POSTINGS TO MARK’S CORNER, AND DISTRIBUTE THEM. Please do so in total, preserving all notations and attributions. We are in a time when this information is valuable as a source of truth amidst confusion, and should be shared with all.

Those who are communicating with me have said that they will entertain questions as long as they are not specific to personal circumstances. Please send your queries to me at

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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