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The messages on this site build on each other, for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008. They detail the situation on this planet and our place in the universe as communicated to me. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to create a new civilization. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth.

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This is my 36th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. I am most pleased to welcome Adrial again; her message is in response to a question that many are asking.


Greetings to my loved ones on Earth and elsewhere in the universe. The Pleiadians are one of the star civilizations who have been interested in Earth since the beginning. They supplied some of the original peoples to this planet as part of the Star Seed project. The Pleiadians are what you would identify as the white race, with blonde hair and blue eyes. They are generally highly spiritual while maintaining an emotional compatibility with the humans of Earth.

Another star civilization that was involved with seeding Earth is the Sirians. They are a beautiful dark skinned race who contributed to Earth’s original population the black people. They are a very strong and mentally evolved civilization. The black race on Earth received a powerful manipulation of their DNA to make them into physical slaves for the agents of the dark energy.

The Arians were also involved with the initial seeding of life on this planet. They contributed the yellow race. And as you already know, those from Andromeda brought the red race. The yellow race was settled in Asia; the red race in the Americas. The red race journeyed to Asia across the Bearing Strait, settling some of their numbers in Asia, and mingling with the yellow race. They were subsequently thrown out by the yellow race many centuries later, returning to the Americas, in a second wave of settlement.

As Bren-Ton has told you, the races that seeded Earth were not primitive. They were placed somewhat apart so that they could establish themselves before beginning to interact. They each developed a civilization somewhat reflecting the star system from whence they had come. The four civilizations developed independently until they achieved the means to interact. The majority of the individuals of these civilizations operated from a place of love. They knew of their origins, knew of the Creator, and were telepathic. They valued their direct connection to God. These civilizations lived in peace for a long time.

The coming of the dark energy has been recounted elsewhere so I will not belabor it here, except to say that the contributing star civilizations were aghast at the destruction wrought on those they had seeded, as they saw it submerge their cousins to the status of “primitives.” At that time, and it continues to this day, there were scrimmages between the forces of light and the forces of dark. The four star civilizations were forced to defend their home territory, leaving those they had seeded on Earth to fend for themselves.

It was several hundred thousand years before the star civilizations that had originally seeded Earth were able to form expeditions to visit and re-colonize the planet. First because they had been preoccupied with defending their own home planets from the dark energy and second because of the energy field surrounding Earth.

After a relative peace had been achieved elsewhere in the universe, the Pleiadians established Atlantis and the Arians and those from Andromeda, established Lemuria. The light that was brought to Earth by the establishment of these two outposts on islands in the Pacific and Atlantic was in direct opposition to the darkness that prevailed elsewhere on the planet.

For thousands of years, Lemuria and Atlantis flourished and became beacons of light on an otherwise dark planet. The Atlantians penetrated the dark continents of Europe and Africa, establishing outposts in Egypt, Greece, and among the Celtics. The Lemurians established outposts among the Vedics and in China. The knowledge of Lemuria was subsequently hidden in Tibet; that of Atlantis largely disappeared.

The two colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria existed until a few tens of thousands of years ago. Their level of technology was such that they possessed machines capable of space travel. They also possessed weapons such as nuclear devices. They did not share these technologies with the primitives of Earth.

After some time, the dark energy penetrated these two outposts of star civilizations. They were corrupted away from a direct relationship with God, and priests became the oracles of knowledge. The pyramids built around the planet were the results of Atlantian influence. Lemuria came to see them as an energetic threat. War erupted led by agents of the dark energy who had successfully penetrated the ranks of the priests.

In great anger, the dark energy submerged the two island nations beneath the oceans, but only after they had essentially destroyed themselves by becoming trapped in their own fear and anger. Their technologies, such as the energy crystals for generating electricity, were hidden from the primitives.

The primitives continued to struggle upward because the Creator’s light in each would not be submerged by the dark energy for long. Successive civilizations emerged on the planet, in many case encouraged by the presence of those from other star civilizations and from among my ranks of the celestials.

The most powerful positive force behind the current civilization on this planet is the Christ Energy that Jesus brought some two thousand years ago. That energy of love, despite the twisted religion and aggressive colonizing that emerged from his physical presence here, has slowly permeated all peoples of the planet, until today the great armada of starships is finally able to assist your transition concomitant with that of Earth.


Thank you Adrial, it is nice to hear from you again.

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