Leadership Part I

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This is my 44th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. Today I am most pleased to welcome back Bren-Ton from Andromeda who will be sharing a series of messages.

I am most pleased to be with you again. This will be a series of lessons about leadership in Oneness. This type of leadership is different than any other leadership, although it bears some of the same characteristics. Once you accept the Oneness of all people, plants and animals, and the Oneness with Earth and the universe, everything changes. So it is with leadership also; everything changes.

First a leader in Oneness will see that everyone and everything is conscious, and will treat everyone and everything in that way. Others are neither less nor more than the leader. The leader is not above others, is not better than others. The leader merely has the ability of leadership. It is talent, nothing more or less. It does not confer special privilege, rewards, or status. The leader is the leader simply because he or she possesses the talent to lead.

Leading is seeing what needs to be done and crafting a plan to do it. This vision comes from the ability to foresee. It is intuitive within the leader to be able to foresee a way in which events will play out, to take into consideration all factors that will come into play, and to see a path through the morass. Thus we see that one aspect of the talent of leadership is vision. Not everyone has this ability. Other people have different abilities for which they are to be honored, but a true leader will have vision.

In addition to foresight, a leader will put him- or herself in front of others in a public way. This is done by writing, speaking, counseling, and/or with energies. In doing this, a leader will be willing to risk criticism and revolt against what he or she is speaking about.

A true leader will have the ability to not only speak out, but to phrase things in such a way that other will relate to what he or she is saying. What is presented will be neither too complex nor too simple to appeal to the listener. In addition, he or she will have the ability to motivate others to act. In many cases this means changing the way in which others think and behave. So a leader will be able to inspire others to change.

Finally, a leader will be able to garner participants about him- or herself; for one cannot lead if others will not follow. The more revolutionary the path that the leader is treading will be the more difficult it will be to get others to follow him or her. So it behooves a leader to propose a path that is possible for those whom he would have follow him. It does no good to propose a seemingly impossible path for others, even if the leader sees it in this way, and may be prepared to follow that path himself.

Contrast this with the autocratic style of the so called, “leaders,” of your corporations and other institutions. They enrich themselves at the expense of their customers and employees, both of whom they consider to be their inferiors.

So the above are the characteristics of a leader in Oneness. It may seem rather basic, but on further reflection it will become more meaningful to consider someone who is leading participants who are all in Oneness with him and with each other.

Thank you Bren-Ton. This message makes me wonder where we are headed; I look forward to your further insights.

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In Truth, Love and Joy,

Mark Kimmel


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