2009 Highlights

During 2009 it was my privilege to receive, transcribe, and publish messages from certain of our brothers and sisters from other star systems, and other distinguished sources. The communications have been verified as coming only from those who are of the highest Christ Consciousness. They are filled with hope, love, and reverence for that which is uniquely Earth, and uniquely Earth-human. I would encourage everyone to pay close attention to these messages as we are entering unchartered territory: Nothing like our current transition has ever happened to the humans of Earth during our long history on this planet. The messages on this site build on each other; for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008 (archived below).

The following is a summary of sorts in that I have chosen a paragraph from the postings to this site for the first quarter of 2009. Each posting is a beautiful expression of the love its author holds for you the citizens of Earth; the excerpts are but samples that fall short of capturing the full expression of each message. (As I undertook this process, I was truly overwhelmed by the magnificence and insights in the words of the various messages; in some cases I cried because I had forgotten so much.) If one paragraph particularly appeals to you, or if the words seem somewhat out of context, then go to that particular date in the archives (below) and read the message in its entirety. I hope, by presenting these paragraphs to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to create a new civilization on Earth. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth, and live it.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who have communicated with me this past year. I am humbled to be part of such an insightful uplifting for the people of this planet.

Happy New Year

In Truth, Love & Joy,

Rev. Mark Kimmel

January 3rd: Moraine
I lived through the transition on Supsten; it was a marvelous transformation. I am looking forward to seeing such a transformation on Earth, to assisting such to occur. My physical body is much older than yours, Mark. Part of the transformation process is that you will be given additional years of life. Plan on it. Without the debilitating effects of disease, and impure food and water, you will easily live for a very long time by your standards. Your ancestors, as referenced in your ancient writings, lived a much longer time than is common today. Aging is an artificial frequency that will no longer be at work after the transition. Your body, regardless of age, will be transformed into a vessel with minimal aging processes. So you, and others who so desire, will be able to assist the transition for a long time.

January 6th: Moraine
What I am advocating here is a new civilization for the people of Earth, much like we have been able achieve on Supsten. It will be drastically different from any known on this planet since the early days of humanity. It will be a return to those glorious days. It will be sustainable. It will be in concert with Earth and her bounty. Fear will be replaced with the light of love. This is the level playing field about which Justine and Bren-Ton have spoken. Look upon it as a wondrous opportunity, and you will make the most of it. Yes it will be challenging to construct such a society, but the benefits are enormous.

January 9th: Moraine
Yes, there will have been chaos, and the memory of it will be fresh with those remaining on the planet. However, it is from this chaos that the new civilization will be born. Do not run from the chaos; embrace it as a necessary step to the new civilization. We will make it as easy as possible for you, but there will be difficulties. It is though these difficulties that you will shed the old ways based on fear and assume the new based on love. You will come to realize that the old ways do not work, that the new ways are the only path through the chaos. From this realization a brilliant new civilization will be born. By adopting love for all, by seeing all as one, you will survive. We will cradle you in the light to insolate you somewhat from the chaos. Know that you and all others who choose to go forward as the caretakers of the new planet will emerge into a new way of being, a way never before experienced on this planet.

January 13th: Bren-Ton
From my vantage point, aboard the starship Athabantian, I observe that the structures, which have been imposed upon the humans of Earth, are the means of the continued control over you. Structures are utilized in other civilizations, but on Earth they have been contorted to become control mechanisms. These structures, found in every aspect of your lives, are both physical and of beliefs. We will look at them one at a time in the coming days.

January 15th: Bren-Ton
Such a structure is virtually unknown on your planet, due to the idea that some people are worth more than others, than some people are different, that people need to be controlled, that the accumulation of wealth is good, and that comfort and security are more important than looking out for the needs of all. This is why we continue to insist that the fundamentals of all structures must be rethought. Leadership must be seen as just another talent, not that which justifies power and wealth.

January 17th: Bren-Ton
Rigid structures are not innate to humans. The humans we observe on other planets do not have such rigid structures. Their societies are not so tightly controlled as on Earth. I submit that most of the structures found in Earth-human societies are based on fear, a fear imposed by the dark energy and its agents. As such, most of your structures must be dissolved to make room for a civilization of light.

January 20th: Bren-Ton
Since that time, the last one-half million years, we have evolved to the point that we no longer occupy physical bodies. We exist, if you will, at a fifth dimensional level where we require only light for energy. We do not eat food or breathe air. Our ship is one that we created for these conditions. You would not be able to detect it if it were immediately overhead, because of its higher frequency. We were one of the first to respond to Earth’s call for assistance. We came here sixty years ago to supply energy to a failing planet, along with other ships from other star civilizations. We have been here ever since, and I have been aboard, watching your situation.

January 23rd: Bren-Ton
So you see, it is through the structures imposed upon you, humans of Earth, that the dark energy has controlled you. It is through the energy of fear, engendered by these structures that the dark energy damaged this planet and her residents. Such structures do not exist in the star system of Andromeda. They never have. That is what has allowed us to evolve from the status of human life that we brought to your planet to the high consciousness in which we reside today. We are light bodies, not the dense bodies of your existence. The dark energy would have you remain as its servants in the dense energy of fear, but that is not to be. The last vestiges of its reign are now disappearing. We will remain until it is all gone, and we have one again established a free human condition on this planet. Then it will be up to you, the human residents of Earth, to create a civilization of light.

January 26th: Bren-Ton
You, who would move forward with Earth, must learn to flow with energy, learn to abandon rigid structures. It will be uncomfortable at first, but with practice it will seem routine. Flow requires trust in the greater good, in the oneness of all. Flow requires seeing your brothers and sisters of this planet as little different than you, of seeing your brothers and sisters of the stars as little different. Flow requires seeing all as one, of seeing God as one with you and with all others, f
or it is in this oneness that you will move from the fear that infects you today to the light of a new civilization.

January 28th: Bren-Ton
Structures thus have the ability to take you away from the position of being one with others and place you in a position of opposition to others. The belief that a structure is necessary is what gives it power over you.

January 30th: Bren-Ton
The belief about the flawed individual was injected into you by the dark energy many thousands of years ago. It is this premise that has allowed structures to be put in place to control you. From our vantage point, of an advanced civilization of the stars, we know there is no such flaw in ourselves. We see it as a belief ingrained in the humans of Earth. From generation to generation, the belief in a flawed humanity has been handed down from parent to child, from one society to the next. It has also been imposed on those who have been conquered by the strong, making them slaves to the conquers’ beliefs.

February 2nd: Bren-Ton
My reason for pointing out this evolution is to show the hidden hand of religion in all of this. It is the beliefs of people that support the structure of religion. These beliefs rely on superstition and implanted ideas, not truth. Beliefs have held the primitive humans of this planet, and subsequently the more advanced civilizations of this planet, in a grip since the dark energy descended. Religious beliefs, and other mind control methods, are the principle ways in which the dark energy ensnares humans.

February 2nd: Jesus
When I incarnated on this planet, I chose to do so among the Jewish people because their religious beliefs were very structured. My soul contract was to bring the Christ energy, the energy of Creator’s love, to the humans of Earth. This I did by introducing Creator’s love into the rigid structure of rules and regulations that were stifling the Jewish people, causing them to see all from a place of fear.

February 12th: Rosio
So, in the near future, my friends and colleagues among the celestials, plus physical beings from other star systems, will perform for Earth and her people the same type of clean and replenishment operation as was done on Mark’s body. Mark’s temperature was raised to kill certain unwanted intruders; thus the temperature of the planet will rise. Mark’s intestinal system purged itself; thus will the planet be cleansed of many, many unwanted conscious life forms who are impeding its ascension to a lighter body. Mark’s mind and stability were sorely tested as this procedure was ongoing, thus will the collective mind of Earth humans and their stability be challenged. Mark experienced fear during this process; most will experience fear during Earth’s transition.

February 14th: Bren-Ton
Fear enters into the belief – structure equation by making people who are fearful subservient, and willing to give up their rights as individuals. You have seen it in the wake of the 9/11 incident. What you may not realize is that this process has been going on for centuries. Fear establishes the need for structures. Fear conjures up the need to believe in something. Fear is basic to all that I have described. Fear is the ingredient that glues structures and beliefs together.

February 14th: Jesus
So I say to you this day, as you enter into the final moments of your transformation, take the Christ energy as a gift from Creator. Do not look too much on me or my life on this planet; they are of lesser importance than the gift I brought. Let the reality of the Christ energy replace your worn out beliefs, whatever they may be. Let the Christ energy strengthen you in the coming months. Whatever your current religious beliefs, know that the Christ energy is a gift from Creator. The Christ energy is not the exclusive purview of Christianity, which itself is a false set of beliefs about me and my life on this planet. Know that the Christ energy transcends all beliefs. It is a powerful force for good. It does not depend on the particular beliefs of the one who holds it. It transcends the behavior of those who pass it on.

February 16th: God
After that initial creation, I charged the oversouls with allowing Me to experience every aspect of the diversity of My creation through their individuated souls. At the same time I created the domain of the spiritual with angels and celestials. I then continued by creating the galaxies with their myriad diversity of life forms. Throughout all of My creation there remains the interconnection of all; all is one.

February 17th: God
Your planet, Earth, lay in the path of his scheme to create an exclusively dark play, so it was quickly enveloped, as were a number of other planets of nearby star systems. The dark energy, for that is how I had come to see him, then preceded to create fear in all residents of all the planets under his control. Fear came to dominate Earth.

February 18th: God
Meanwhile the oversouls of the light were determined not to yield to the dark energy, to give it dominion over that space which it claimed. They did this mindful that they could not stoop to tactics employed by the dark energy and risk becoming trapped in his web of deceit and darkness. Strong individuated souls volunteered to live on planets dominated by the dark energy. The dark energy retaliated by individuating souls on planets where the light was the strongest. For millions of years, this conflict continued with the light and dark making advances, and then giving ground. When I speak of battles or conflict, I refer to the tug of war between energies of the light and energy without the light. These are not wars as you experience on Earth.

February 19th: God
More specific to Earth, your planet had volunteered to host incarnations of the dark energy, those who functioned principally out of fear. Yes, I said volunteered, for all incarnations are voluntary those of the light and those of the dark. To live a life in either fashion, an individuated soul volunteers to experience a way of being for a lifetime. So Earth was the host for many thousands of your years to the dark energy and her agents. It was a planet onto which individuations of the light would come to experience the darkness and individuations of the dark oversoul would come to experience the darkest of the dark.
February 20th: God
I look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to the new Earth. Please accept My invitation to become one with Me and all of My creation. You are my children I wish only the very best for each of you. May the light of the Creator shine brightly within you, guiding you along your path.

February 21st: God
Now let us explore a bit further. You are an individuated soul, meaning that your oversoul has allowed a piece of itself to become your soul for this lifetime. On the one hand it is like you borrowed this fragment of your oversoul for a time; on the other hand this individuated fragment, even after it is reunited with your oversoul, will forevermore be known as Mark, or by your universe name, Plantagian.

February 22nd: God
So I leave you with these final words: I am you, you are Me. Discover truth, cling not to beliefs. Wake up, for the time is near when all will be called to accompany the new Earth, or chose to remain behind. All will be called, all will choose. And, most important, remember that we are all one.

February 27th: God
You will simply “know” when you are communicating with a being who is not a human of Earth. It will happen in a quiet moment when your conscious mind is still. You who receive messages from those who are not humans of this planet must be weary that the messages are benevolent and in the best interests of all. One way to do this is set an intent that the messages you are receiving are from those who are operating from the highest Christ consciousness. Those who are communicating the messages posted here are coming from the best of intentions fo
r all Earth humans, and all other beings in My universe. I am who AM. I am one with you.

March 4th: Justine
Those of you who remain with Earth will not experience this accelerated time, but will see only the results of all that has taken place. You will be presented with the planet in a pristine state, as it was before the dark energy descended upon it. Rivers, lakes, and oceans will be clean and pure, without adverse organisms or foreign matter. The air will be clean, without pollution or the remnants of aerial spraying. And the land will be returned to its pristine condition with forests and grass covering what is now desert. This is the new Earth that you who accompany her will find at your awakening.

March 6th: Bren-Ton
One million years ago Earth was a pristine paradise. Her waters were clear and pure, as was her atmosphere. Her land was vibrant and lush with grasslands and forests covering all. She supported a wide variety of plants and animals. All mammals, fish, birds, and insects comingled in harmony; all were vegetarian. There were no adverse bacteria, and no viruses or funguses. There were no seasons as the tilt of the planet was vertical. There was no moon.

March 8th: Bren-Ton
Earth herself resisted the dark energy, but ultimately to no avail. Her axis was tilted so that she now produced seasons and her poles were shrouded in ice and snow. Overall she cooled from a moderate temperature to seasonal with latitude fluctuations. As a final insult, she was harnessed with an artificial satellite that tugged relentlessly at her waters and land. It was a sharp reminder of the power that the dark energy had over her and her plant, animal, and human residents.

March 10th: Bren-Ton
However the light of the Creator had not been totally extinguished. There remained in the hearts of some men and women the will to resist the dictates of the dark energy and its agents. These began the long evolutionary path to where you are today, creating things and conditions beneficial to all. Despite the best efforts of the dark energy and its agents, the power of the Creator’s light slowly lifted a struggling mankind to new consciousness. In each generation, and in each region of the planet, there were a few who could not be manipulated by the priests of religions or the strongmen of governments. These few were hunted down, persecuted, and killed, but the Creator’s light did not disappear. It reemerged in others who continued to lift primitive man out of the darkness.

March 12th: Bren-Ton
What those of you from industrialized societies describe as indigenous peoples have secretly communicated with us throughout their history. We have been the invisible hand behind the building of the pyramids in Egypt and elsewhere. The knowledge of the pyramid builders was carved into the stones as we coached them about the movement of the sun, moon, and stars. Once you open yourselves to that possibility, the evidence is there for anyone with an inquiring mind to uncover.

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