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Hi Everyone,

As I read my latest posting at Athabantian (, I found myself analyzing our current situation. The implications from my posting, and postings from others, are crosscurrents of possibilities coupled with forecasts of dire events. The following are some of my thoughts on our current situation, our future, and possible ways through the morass.

The inevitable collapse of the world’s “house of cards” monetary systems will be followed in succession by the collapse of national governments, all military activities, multi-national corporations, religions, medical systems, and legal systems. With no money there will be no wars, no hospitals, no lawyers, and no churches. With no money there will be no extraction or transportation of fossil fuels, no electricity production, and no municipal services like police, fire, water, and trash removal. In short all the modern conveniences that we take for granted will stop functioning. The collapse of modern society will occur like a snowball rolling down a hill, gaining momentum and size as it goes; eventually the snowball will become an avalanche.

Electromagnetic storms will play a significant part in all of this, as they will cause computers and communication systems to crash. If at the same time there are earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and extreme weather, there will be worldwide chaos. It is unlikely that there will be anyone from another country to come to the rescue of those whose lives have unraveled.

Some small communities may survival these events. Individuals and families who have prepared, or those living close to the land, may survive. However, self-sufficiency will carry individuals only so far. Stored food will run out eventually. Water will stop flowing through municipal systems. In primitive societies, where money does not underpin modern lifestyles, life will continue much as it has.

Against this depressing background of breakdown and chaos, there are large numbers of worthwhile projects underway. These projects have been fostered by the realization that people in the developed countries, like the U.S., are disconnected from the land, disconnected from their sources of food, and rely upon goods shipped from thousands of miles away. Certain projects seek to reconnect people to the basics like growing vegetables and raising chickens, and restoring a sense of where things in the local supermarket really come from. Local economies are springing up to wean people from dependence on the federal government, to supply the basics of life, and establish barter systems.

Equally important are the discoveries of other ways to create energy, ways to tap into the zero point field, and over-unity devices. These will serve to wean people from dependence on the burning of fossil fuels, and give them local sources of electricity and power. All of these initiatives are to be applauded. Each represents a fundamental shift from dependence on large corporations and government agencies.

Equally important are the number of people who are seeking independence from conventional religions. These show the seeking of the human spirit for a better understanding of the larger picture and a lessening dependence on structures created to control their very thoughts.

Other planets have made it through their transformations to lighter densities with transformations of existing skills and energies. However they were not as totally enslaved, as is Earth. What is called for on our planet is a complete cleansing and restructuring of almost everything; this was not the case elsewhere.

Your star brothers and sisters have said that they will arrive to bring much needed assistance. They will restore electricity, provide transportation, and assist in other ways. However they will not “save” us from ourselves and they cannot possibly assist everyone as much as we would like to have them do so.

So there are many facets of the shift to a new Earth. Is the glass half empty with chaos to come, or is it half full with possibilities? Is there time to bring forth the new technologies and the new ways of connecting people to the land, or are we too late? Since all that is conventional will disappear, what is our way to the future beyond the 3rd dimension?

Looking at this another way, there are several ways to raise our individual frequencies to enable us to rise above the chaos, to thrive independent of happenings in the 3rd dimension, and to set an example for those enslaved in traditional ways. This is the way in which the new humans of Earth will be created — those who will populate the planet after the chaos has quieted.

I have concluded that it is only by raising my vibration to a lighter densities (call it what you may) that I can walk above the chaos, that I can exist on the new Earth, that I can become a Caretaker with the new Earth, and that I can help create a new civilization on this planet. Remember, whether we die or whether we raise the vibration of our physical bodies, each of us will wind up surrounded by energies that are in tune with our individual vibration. Therefore I am undertaking the necessary steps to raise my vibration. I invite you to join me in this.

In Truth, Love, & Joy,

Mark Kimmel

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