When will it begin?

On the one hand I see humanity caught in a vicious cycle: We are polluting our environment with mountains of trash, burning fossil fuels to cloud our atmosphere, and misusing massive amounts of chemicals. Our manmade institutions exist with band aids of more debt on top of already crushing debt, non-functioning governments that suppress the needs of the ordinary people they govern, an enormous accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few, and religions that preach dogma contrary to the best interests of their followers.

On the other hand, I am encountering people each day who are awake, who know the larger picture, and who are ready to create a new world. Many have known about this time of awakening since they were young. They too are searching for a way to make a difference. They are relatively few in number but powerful in influence; they are slowly changing those around them.

But has it not always been like this with a few awake, and the many asleep? Where does it all end and how? I do not see an end in sight unless there is some outside energy, some outside intervention, or some outside miracle. We have been struggling with one form or another of this situation for thousands of years.

So what is to be the dramatic miracle that moves us away from life “as it has always been?” Pole shift? Earth changes? Our star brothers and sisters? Overwhelming love energies? A mass awakening, followed by movement into the higher dimensions?

I am being told that this is the moment of our destiny. This is the time for which I incarnated. This is the moment when all will shift. So when? We are almost half-way through 2012, the year prophesized by many as the year of transition. So when?

On a personal basis, I am at peace and feeling more fulfilled, more in gratitude and love than ever before in my life. I have seen the road to a higher way to live. I have experienced the life at the higher vibrations. I am now able to hold those higher vibrations and nothing of conventional life bothers me. I have little interest in the opinions of the seers. I have little interest in the news. My appetite is declining. I am enjoying pickle ball, naps, meditation, fishing, hiking, and bicycling. I tend my garden as a respite from engaging with and writing about the world around me. I personally have come to my own transformation, but what about my brothers and sisters of this planet? What of my friends and relatives? What of the awakened ones scattered about this planet? And what is to be the fate of those who remain asleep? The universe is focused on our tiny planet. When will the transition begin? Or has it already begun and I am failing to recognize it?

Then there is of course the August Conference and all the time I am putting into it: Getting presenters squared away, seeking attendees, and looking after the myriad details of staging, sound, the hotel, and travel and housing arrangement. It is coming together so well that we’ve imposed a ceiling on the number of people to attend and are more than half way to that number. How we move from here to the final form of Abiquor eludes me. I know it is to be a center of light, a center for teaching and a place where others from around the universe will gather to share their wisdom with an emerging civilization of the new Earth. I am told this will come to pass after the transformation of the planet. When will this be?

So my world continues. I look around and nothing big is changing. I am growing older and wiser. I am enjoying my life more. I am at peace with myself and with all. Life is good, but when will the transformation begin? That is, after all, why I came here. I am being told that the universe is watching because they see this planet after its transformation as a pristine orb. So when will the transformation begin?

In Truth, Love and Joy,