Greetings: I am Taugth, celestial of the universe. I come to all in love and oneness with Creator. This day I wish to announce that the Institute of Light has been formally initiated with a series of unique events.

Last month, Mark Kimmel gave a talk; at its conclusion I spoke to the audience. I announced that I, and my comrades aboard Athabantian, would begin a series of one-on-one conversations with volunteer humans using Mark as a channel.

The purpose of these experimental interviews was to commence dialogues between those aboard Athabantian and humans of this planet, initially utilizing Mark as a channel, but then moving to direct communications with those who were willing to undertake such two-way conversations telepathically.

I am pleased to report that a number of such one-on-one conversations were undertaken through Mark. I am even more pleased to report that five of those conversations have now resulted in continued dialogues between one of my colleagues and a human of your planet. Thus we have several people with whom we now communicate regularly – these initial conversations have, of necessity, been rudimentary as each gets used to the other. While none are yet ready to speak out about our information as Mark does in these postings, we are hopeful that they will soon begin to teach others from the messages they receive.

If you who are reading these words wish to undertake such an experience, and will use the resulting communications for the benefit of others, I encourage you to contact Mark Kimmel and make arrangements to speak with one of us through him. Please be patient with this process we have initiated, as it is new for all concerned.

Be considerate of Mark, as it requires preparation and energy to engage these communications. Scheduling of interviews will be at his discretion. Donations to Mark for his time and efforts are appropriate.

It is my great pleasure to see our institute being initiated, and to share this information with you this day. All aboard Athabantian look forward to the time when we will communicate with you face-to-face in the higher vibrations. Blessings from all of us to all who read these words. I am Taugth.


To schedule a session see Mark Kimmel’s comments at: http://www.cosmicparadigm.com/marks-corner/



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