Chapter 23

Chapter 23

New Earth Paradigm

“I am seeing things differently this morning,” I said to Heather. “It’s like I received an upgrade, maybe some of those off-planet energies we’ve been hearing about.

“It’s so strange, I’m looking at all that’s going on in the world, as if it doesn’t matter any longer. Hard to see what our future looks like.”

We were standing at the railing of the back deck of our new home, overlooking a recently rototilled garden patch. It would be planted in the spring with lettuce, onions, squash, beans, and tomatoes. Three apple trees stood off to the left, their leaves wilted for the coming winter. To the right was where we planned to place the new swing set and sand box. Beyond were two acres we had not yet decided upon.

We paused to take in the tranquil beauty of what lay to the west beyond our yard. Farm land, dotted with fences and cottonwood trees, stretched west for miles. In the far distance the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains rose to the sky, their peaks white with early snow.

Our new dog, Amber, came to me nuzzling my elbow for a walk. I reached down to pet her behind her ears. “In a few minutes, girl,” I said. She settled at my feet. A mix of greyhound and blue healer, she was a recent addition to our lives, a most welcome one. Heather had found her at the local shelter. Amber and I enjoyed walking the nearby gravel roads.

“Michael,” Heather said, “I’m seeing things different also. I believe we will have a much grander future than what most people imagine.”

“I agree,” I hugged her and kissed the top of her head. It was how we had come to express our love and our commitment to traveling the high road.

Heather said, “I’ve learned that we must love ourselves. Then we can broadcast loving energy to others.”

“I believe that also,” I said.

“Changing our focus for a moment, I see the worldwide crisis we’ve been experiencing has revealed a dark energy far beyond what most people ever imagined. It has penetrated every institution and captivated many, many people within its dark agenda. It seems to be everywhere I look.

“On the other hand, I’ve come to understand that this dark energy can’t exist in the presence of the Light and Love of Source. Despite the current darkness, I see a whole new world emerging, as each of us embraces the reality of our own Light and Love and transmits it to the rest of humanity.

I’m reminded what I’ve learned about the initiation of the dark energy; how it started out as an experiment. By the time the experimenters realized they were seriously at odds with Source, they were committed to their path. Since then, they have increasingly moved themselves further and further from the Schematic of Source.”

“What’s the Schematic of Source?” Heather asked.

“It’s the dynamic grand plan of the universe. It’s all based on undifferentiated Light, unconditional Love, and the perfect Unity of Source. Ninety-nine percent of the universe is aligned with Source’s Schematic. Earth is one of the very few exceptions.”

“It almost makes me sad to hear these words,” Heather said. “Now I see dark energy as the opposite extreme from the Schematic.”

We each took a deep breath and stood quietly, as we grasped the enormity of humanity’s current struggle.


After a few minutes, Heather pointed to our garden plot and said, “I’m looking forward to growing our own vegetables. I’m sure that the stuff in the grocery stores is not the best for us.”

“It’s going to take some work to turn that plot of dirt into an organic garden,” I said, pointing to the dirt that needed amendments to turn into soil.

“I can hardly wait to tell our plants what our bodies need,” Heather said. “Talking to store-bought vegetables, even organic, just doesn’t do it. And just to be clear, I am not proposing that we raise cows, goats, or pigs. Although, I might go for some chickens.”

I said, “I believe aligning with nature for our food versus giant corporations is something that everyone needs to adopt, on a world-wide basis. We have strayed a long way from what is sustainable long-term.

“We’ve got to move away from the use of chemicals, insecticides, and herbicides. Somehow, we need to move back to a simpler lifestyle rather than relying on corporations for food and most everything else. We might not produce a similar variety of products, but we’ll have a much healthier lifestyle, and we won’t need drugs.

“I believe the corporate take-over of agriculture was driven by the dark energy’s desire to dominate everything. Just another way to get control over us.          

“The questions I’m proposing to everyone go something like this,” I said. “Is our current agriculture poisoning us? How can we use collectives and smaller scale farming versus corporate farms that are under the influence of dark energy? Does more healthy food lead to higher consciousness?”

Heather said, “Approaching food from a spiritual basis makes eating a whole new adventure. We’ll be eating what our bodies require, not what our taste buds want, not what is either popular or quick and easy.”

“How do we get people to convert to this way of living?” I asked.

Heather replied, “When people understand the immense scope of what’s going on, when they realize they have been lied to their entire lives, and when they realize that they are vehicles for beautiful souls of Light, then, and only then, can they live at their highest. Then they will change the way in which they live.”


“Let’s talk about the environment for a moment,” I said. “It’s fairly evident that the planet is suffering due to the ways in which humans disrespect her. On the other hand, modern civilization has come to depend on this harsh approach. How do we maintain our standard of living without it?”

“I see a recalibration of humanity,” Heather said. “The result being new ways of acting. Once people get a higher consciousness they will discover ways that don’t harm the planet. I have great faith in the ingenuity and resolve of people once they are on a higher path.”

I said, “I’ve been told, during some recent communications with extraterrestrials and archangels, that we will receive assistance once we function at higher consciousness. There are techniques available to correct all the damage we’ve done to the planet. The vision I’ve been given of a future Earth shows me a place of peace, tranquility, beautiful landscapes, natural abundance, and healthy air, water, and soil.”

“Whew, that’s a big leap,” Heather said.

“This assistance has already begun,” I said. “I felt some of when I first awakened. There are uplifting energies being focused on humanity and Earth. This is making it easier, for everyone who wishes to do so, to ascend to higher consciousness.”

We stepped off the deck and walked out toward our apple trees. Amber ranged back and forth, not too far from where we walked, happy to explore while keeping an eye on us.


“I don’t believe we can depend on government to solve things for us,” I said. “Nor can we depend on finding a special person who will lead us out of our current situation. And, I don’t believe a military takeover, on any basis, is the solution.”

Heather said, “We’ve got to create a whole new way to organize where there is no pyramid of authority, where there is no one at the top telling us what to believe or what to do.”

“The government has been lying to us about almost everything, along with media,” I said. “Elected officials think mainly about raising money to stay in power and maintain their status and wealth. They’re like other people of power and wealth struggling to stay at the top of any pyramid.

“Dark energy invades the minds and emotions of people like these, or ones who want to be like them. They are susceptible to functioning from an attitude of exclusively service-to-self. Then things like fear, pedophilia, blackmail, bribery, and threats are used to control them. This is the essence of the cabal’s control mechanism.”

“Is our current form of government sustainable?” Heather asked.

“I don’t believe so,” I said. “We need something much closer to ordinary people. We need organizations that stem from the cooperation of individuals, not a government  controlling us. And we need to remind ourselves every day that there is no political solution; that there is so much more at stake than an election or the latest law.”

“And we won’t get to this until individuals begin to function at a higher consciousness,” Heather said. “Right now, the current paradigm seems to be comfortable to most people, regardless of their individual situation.”

“I think small groups, working at higher consciousness, are the first step,” I said.

“Money is used by governments to control people. We need a new monetary system that reflects self-government. What would that look like? Does gold have a role in it? What about the Illuminati? What kind of a new monetary system can overcome their power?

“How will a new legal system of self-government function?

“And finally, how awful do conditions have to get for people to wake up and decide they need new organizations, new monetary systems, and new legal systems?”        

Heather said, “I keep coming back to the spiritual as the only way forward. We need to acknowledge all of the evils perpetuated by the influence of dark energy, so we commit to not doing them ever again. Then we assemble those people functioning at higher consciousness and reconstruct our lives, our country, our monetary system, our legal system, and the rest of it. Then people of lower consciousness will want to join us.                 

“At higher consciousness, we won’t need much in the way of government. People will be individually responsible. With that there’ll be no need for armies or police forces.

“Somewhere along the way to higher consciousness, Colorado will be a state unto itself without being part of a federal government, It will take a few years to finalize everything, but it certainly looks like that’s on its way.”

“I’m not surprised that it’s going slow,” I said. “Based on what I’ve been reading, it took several years for those wishing a revolution to convince others in the original Thirteen Colonies. At that time, they had a single enemy, England, that they fought against. Now we have a dark energy ingrained in every institution. It’s not at all like the American Revolution. The enemy is inside the tent, not across the ocean.”                                                            


“Changing the subject to education, it’s the teacher in me speaking now,” Heather said, as we returned to the deck. “I think that schools, as currently structured, simply do not teach children to think, to reason, or to choose. Most of what is taught is rote memory. I see the current educational system training kids to fit into the corporate pyramid structure, to do a good job for organizations, to strive for the top. Schools will have to change radically to function at higher consciousness.”

“I see today’s schools as a way to get people to conform to commonly held opinions. Degrees merely say that an individual has conformed,” I said. “Sure, there is individual research, individual expression, but very little of it is beyond the generally accepted norm.

“There is great power within educational institutions to toe the line. To express a belief, or talk about extraterrestrials, means being shunned from the accepted academic norm.”

“As a teacher, I have the following questions,” Heather said. “How do we teach children cooperation versus competition, while teaching them to think for themselves? Is there a better way for children to learn, a better structure other than class rooms? What should be the true goals of education?”                         


“What about diseases and medicine?” I asked. “The current situation with the virus and vaccines is a perfect illustration of what is wrong with the medical system. We have people in government, without medical backgrounds, dictating our behavior. We have a medical system that forces doctors to comply with standard medical practices or lose their licenses, despite what they may know is in the best interests of their patients.

“How do we train physicians to incorporate all facets of healthy living, like diet and nutrition? How does a healthy body relate to higher consciousness?”       

“What’s the result of the vaccines so many people have had injected?” Heather asked. “Are the stories about changes to DNA true? What can be done for people who have had the shot? What about people who have not had it?

“What about the psychological effects of the lockdown and of wearing masks? We now have youngsters who have not known any other way to live.”

“I have developed some strong feelings about the Covid-19 virus and the vaccines,” I said. “I now believe that the entire scheme of virus and vaccines is part of a well-thought-out plan to lead to a totalitarian world under the domination of the dark energy.

“I believe that the pandemic was intentionally caused by those under the influence of the dark energy to separate us, thereby controlling humanity. There is some question in my mind as to whether there really is a virus, or whether the whole thing was caused by the introduction of 5G and the electromagnetic radiation resulting from it.”

I added, “I know from my own experience that electromagnetic radiation is harmful to the body. For a long time, I’ve known that radiation from cell phones, television, computers and heating blankets can damage the body. Some of our investments at Technology Alliance were in companies aimed at using it beneficially. The experiments we undertook showed that radiation caused significant changes in laboratory animals resulting from radiation as low as sixty cycles. 5G is a whole new ball game, much more invasive.

“The former boss of Vodaphone in Europe insists that he can correlate the introduction of 5G with the blossoming of Covid-19 in China and Italy.”

“Lots that we don’t know,” Heather said.

“Lots just becoming known,” I said. “We shouldn’t let a virus or vaccine distract us from looking into what we can do if we can get a significant number of people to function at higher consciousness. I believe that higher consciousness will protect the body from many ills.”

With that we went inside to have lunch. Amber followed along, hoping for a treat.


After lunch, we began another round of discussion, while seated on comfortable chairs on the back patio. I set up shade cloth to block some of the afternoon sun.

“I think spirituality is the key to help awaken people to see a better, higher way to live,” I said.

Heather said, “However, religions are the same pyramids of control with someone at the peak telling others what to believe and how to act.”

As I handed a typed sheet to Heather, I said, “I received the following from Yeshua who is well qualified to speak about religion and spirituality.”        

Greetings, I am Yeshua,                 

Allow me to make a few comments about religion.

I came to Earth as part of a well-organized plan to demonstrate life after death. My crucifixion was designed to show death. My resurrection was designed to show life.

The years I spent on Earth were to show people how to live as a person who incorporated high consciousness and lived accordingly.

It was my intention that people would emulate my life long after I was no longer present on the planet. It was not my intention to have a religion or a church. I did not instruct anyone to undertake such actions.

The current situation is one of many religions and many churches. These hold sway over the lives of many people. It will require a basic change in how these institutions function to enable people to attain higher consciousness.

First of all, the pyramid structure of religions must go away. Everyone is fully capable of speaking to Source, God, or other spirit beings like myself. It is only necessary to believe one can do it and then take the first steps venturing forth. Those of any religion can do likewise.

I will respond to anyone who wishes to communicate with me. My response may not be in the form of writing such as you and I are using, but there will be a response to each person.

The focus of churches on raising money and building structures has no meaning in higher consciousness.

The most important aspect of this moment in humanity’s existence is to raise the consciousness of all. This will happen one person at a time, but happen it eventually will.

Those of us from the non-physical realms foresee a brilliant, beautiful, peaceful Earth based on higher consciousness. We foresee oneness as people appreciate that all is conscious, that all is based in Love and Light, and as they come to love themselves and appreciate each other.

Do not depend on others to resurrect Earth or ascend humanity. Each person has a responsibility. Discover your unique contribution, however large or small, and pursue it in joy.

I leave you now to complete your words of this book and communicate them to many.

Know that you are loved and appreciated.


Blessings Yeshua 

“That was wonderful,” Heather said. “Thank you, Yeshua.”

I said, “To sum things up, I believe it will take several years to fully realize the beneficial changes ahead of us.”

Heather said. “I fear that, in the short term, many people will settle for compromise – once their physical needs are met, when they are again ‘comfortable.’ Until we all function from higher consciousness, there will be a temptation to slip back into the old ways.

“We have a very complex, multi-faceted situation both with respect to the existing physical reality and with respect to the very promising future of humanity. Change will happen, but not all at once. To complete the picture, all facets need to be addressed and pursued with the highest good for all as the goal.”               


“Changing the subject, I really like what Mark Kimmel has been saying about higher consciousness,” Heather said.

“I agree,” I added. “I particularly liked what he’s been saying about accepting others as they are, not judging them. You may not agree with how they are behaving, but you can love them as your sisters and brothers.

“Living in a place of love, not fear, not being overcome by fearful events or people. Plus finding a place of sovereignty where we know who you are and how powerful we are.”

Reading from Kimmel’s web site, Heather added, “Feeling unity with all. Any form of separation is not part of higher consciousness. Plus, feeling from the heart to know what is true, not relying on your head, ego, or emotions.”

I said, “In Higher Consciousness we pay attention to energies, not just words, that come from others, including TV and books, and how those influence us.”

Heather pointed out that, “We are being encouraged to observe what is going on around us from a higher perspective, the cosmic paradigm. Think of life as a stage. Position ourselves high in the balcony so that we can see life from a broad perspective versus being lost amidst the frantic pace, conflicting views, misdirection, and self-centeredness of those on the stage. ‘Walk higher than those of lower consciousness.’

“With Higher Consciousness we recognize who we really are, a physical vehicle of a Great Soul of Light, a Soul many times greater than our body, a Soul with the experiences of many past lifetimes.”

I said, “We are being told that to attain Higher Consciousness, we need to spend quiet time each day thinking, speaking, and acting at a higher way of being.

“When we reside in a state of Higher Consciousness, we radiate our uplifting energy to all around. By doing this we assist the ascension of humanity and Earth.”

“What a wonderful way to live,” Heather concluded. “I’m going to follow this path. How about you?”