Chapter 3

Chapter 3




I moved my heavy oak office furniture into the finished basement of my house. I set up the laptop computer I had brought from my office on my desk. The credenza was against the wall in back of my desk and large leather chair. The coffee table and four chairs were off to one side. The plants from my old office were on the main floor above. I hung my picture of Monument Valley on the wall behind the credenza.

Looking around the room of my new office, I thought, “I am alone. I have no job, no wife, not even a girlfriend, and no plans for my future.” And then, without knowing where the words came from I said, “I hereby release my future to the highest good of all.”

For the next two days I wandered about my house, emptied the boxes from my office, took bicycle rides, and did a little shopping. A part of me felt the loneliness, the other part felt the freedom to do whatever I wished.

I took the checks totaling $1 million, from Fred and Jack, and deposited them in my bank account. Then I called a man I had dealt with before and purchased $300,000 worth of gold and silver coins. I called the mortgage company and arranged to pay off the balance on my house.

I had enough money from my savings and the settlement with Alliance to carry me for several years without working. Should I find a job? Should I create a new company? Should I consult? Should I become an angel providing money to start-up enterprises, helping them find money? How about some charity affiliation? Maybe help homeless people. These all rattled around in my brain.

I went to Risen Christ Catholic Church on Monaco Parkway, because I liked its exterior. Although raised a Catholic, I had abandoned all religions a number of years ago. I now thought of myself as spiritual, when I even thought about it at all.

The big front doors of the church were locked. I found a side entrance and entered the brightly lighted expanse of pews with an altar at the front. I smelled the votive candles as they burned near the altar. Many traditional churches were darker, by comparison, with stained glass. I had been to churches in Mexico; they were all dark.

No one else was in the large space. I found a pew off to one side and sat down. It was a quiet place to think.

I examined my college years, the things I’d learned and the fun I’d had. I thought about my first job, as a sales engineer, thought about my business history, and then reviewed my recent years. Until my departure from Technology Alliance I had been reasonably happy with my life, and had a defined path.

I thought back to my childhood years. I had attended Lake Junior High. In reaction to a Mexican kid who had been harassing me, I punched him and knocked him to the floor. He and his buddies wanted to meet after school. They never showed up, but other kids then wanted to fight me. I declined.

I thought back to an earlier company, where I was the CEO. I got into a proxy fight with my major investors. Standing up to them, I convinced my outside directors to side with me. A few months later we sold the company and those same investors received millions. When I was right and persisted in it, things worked out. I had proven that to myself.

Then I realized, “I’m thinking inside the box. I need to look beyond my old business ways of seeing things. Now I have a blank slate. I can write the rest of my life on it. What am I being called to do? I need something to get passionate about.”

I thought back to my thirty-six-hour sleep. I recognized that it had produced changes in me, changes I was just now coming to realize. I knew that I was comfortable with the new me, but could not see where I would go next.


I purchased an iMac desktop computer with a large screen, and hired Jeff from Alliance to set it up in my new home office. I spent a couple of hours Saturday with him as he showed me how to operate everything. It functioned almost the same as the MacBook I had brought from Alliance. The larger screen was wonderful. Something told me not to connect it to my MacBook.

I had lunch or breakfast with several old business friends and talked about business possibilities. Nothing jelled. I had dinner with women I had met over the past couple of years; I felt nothing that would lead to further involvement. All were pleasant conversations, but nothing to give direction to my future. I decided to leave conversations with my parents and siblings until I was more settled on my future.

I called my son, Kevin, and set up lunch. An hour later he and I were enjoying burgers at Red Robin, in Longmont, a town just north of Denver. Kevin took after me in that he was about six-feet tall with a muscular body that spoke to his time in the gym. He wore his brown hair long and shaggy. He said that it was the norm at his job.

The restaurant was near where he worked. I listened as he talked about memories from his earlier years, about his wife and child, and about the job he was not happy with. I talked about my final days at Alliance and how I had come to see it as a blessing that I was no longer there. He could not understand why I had agreed to leave a business I had established.

Two days later I hopped a flight to Los Angeles and drove a rental car to see my daughter, Victoria, at her home in Santa Monica. She was an attractive young woman who wore her long blonde hair in a pony tail. Her tanned features spoke to her time on the beach. Her slim body reflected her commitment to exercising and enjoying ocean sports like kayaking and surfing.

For all of Saturday and Sunday, we walked the beach, ate good food, and drank some excellent wine, while I talked about my last days at Alliance. On the second day I told her about my thirty-six hours sleep, and how I still had no explanation for it. I told her I was happy to be out of the pressure cooker of business. We talked about the video I had seen about UFOs and how taken I was with the whole thing. I also told her I had no idea about what came next for me. She promised to support me whatever it was.

Back in Colorado, I connected with people from Creative Consciousness. Peter Lockwood and Doug Stapleton were headed for a CSETI week with Dr. Steven Greer on what was called the Baca Grande near Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado. Doug had gone the year before and thought it was very special. I made plans to join them.


The CSETI group stayed at the White Eagle Lodge. It was just off the road leading into the town of Crestone, at the western edge of the Sangre de Christo mountain range. This tiny town was the heart of the Baca Grande, a former Spanish Land Grant that had covered many miles of southern Colorado. It was situated a few miles north of Sand Dunes National Park. Religions from around the world had established monasteries and places of worship close to the town.

The rooms at White Eagle were nothing special, but the beds were okay. I had driven alone, but at dinner in the restaurant, I sat with my friends from Creative Consciousness, Peter and Doug. Some of the rest of our group straggled in because of flight delays and the long drive from Denver.

Surveying the others gathered for this week-long event, I spotted a particularly attractive woman across the room. I decided to get acquainted when the opportunity arose. In addition to her pretty face I noticed how erect she stood. Must be an athlete, a model, or do a lot of yoga.


We gathered in the conference room. As the focal point of the room, Dr. Steven Greer stood two inches taller than me. He wore cargo pants and a T-shirt that stretched across the body of someone who had spent long hours in the gym. He projected the image of someone who was in charge of the group.

Dr. Greer gave instructions about where we would be going that night, where to park, and the late hour when we could plan on returning to the hotel. He reminded us, “Bring lots of warm clothing and something warm to drink, because the nights on the Baca get very cold.”

Since he had advised carpooling, and I was alone, I offered to drive. Peter and Doug took me up on my offer. I filled my thermos with hot tea from the restaurant.

We crammed folding chairs, blankets, drinks, and extra clothing into my Jeep. It was dusk as we caravanned behind Dr. Greer’s van, going back to CO 17 and heading south in the San Luis Valley. We kept the Sangre de Christo mountains to our left. Turning off on a gravel road we followed Steve’s van for a couple of miles past an occasional house. Finely we parked on the side of the road of a deserted cul-de-sac.

Steve had us arrange our chairs in a circle, “So you can look in every direction,” he said. Those that had done this before found their favorite spot. My two companions and I stumbled through the rugged underbrush and found spaces in the circle.

Steve planted his chair facing south toward Mount Blanca, a fourteener, several miles away. Without planning it, I wound up sitting on his right.

As the sun sank lower in the west, the temperature dropped. I was most happy I was wearing long underwear and had brought some of my ski clothes.

There were no clouds. Before long, brilliant stars blanketed the sky from horizon to horizon. Steve led us in a meditation that involved calling on extraterrestrials to come visit us. It was somewhat spiritual and recognized that the ETs were benevolent.

A way into the meditation, a bright light suddenly crossed before my eyes. I opened them and followed Steve’s laser to a spot in the dark sky much brighter than any star. It was almost directly overhead. “That’s kindness,” Steve said. I watched as the object traced a wide corkscrew and disappeared upward. I had just seen my first UFO.

Later that night, I glanced toward the San de Christo mountains on my left. There I saw three large yellow squares, resembling those of a passing train, hanging against the mountains. It was hard to tell how large they were or how far away, because of the dark night. I watched for a few moments as they remained stationary. Then I blinked and they were gone.

“Did you see those?” I asked Steve.

“Yes,” he replied.

Much later that same night I watched as red and white lights appeared on the side of Mount Blanca. They appeared to move toward us. I asked others in the group if they were seeing the same thing. Several said yes.

The lights moved closer as I watched. My whole body began to shake with excitement as I watched them approach us. Then they retreated back to the side of the mountain and disappeared.

“What happened?” I asked Steve.

“They sensed that our group was not ready for them, that we were too fearful. So, they backed off.”

It was almost 2:00 in the morning by the time I turned into bed, very excited and thoroughly exhausted. I had been preoccupied with everything out on the Baca and did not see the attractive woman.


After breakfast, the next morning, we met with Steve at the hotel and talked about what we had seen the night before. We discussed the Disclosure Project and the witnesses. Steve used the media’s refusal to publicize the witnesses at the national Press Club as a perfect example of what he called “the cabal.”

He saw the cabal as a secret government controlled by petroleum-based companies and others who did not have humanity’s best interests as part of their agenda. I listened very attentively as this was my first exposure to a so-called “secret government.” At the same time, it made a lot of sense because I was fairly sure that politicians were not working in my favor. I had also run up against mysterious brick walls as Alliance Technology sought to penetrate certain businesses and obtain funding for projects. What Steve was saying made some sense. I would have to think more about it.


When we broke for coffee mid-morning, I sought out Peter and Doug. “So, what do you think this morning. Was it worth staying up late?” I asked.

Peter replied, “It was fantastic. I saw a lot and learned a bunch.”

Doug yawned and nodded in agreement.

I said, “I found the conversations between those that were regulars at these things to be very fascinating. They looked upon Dr. Geer with reverence. They also had great stories about past weeks out here when ET craft came in very low and when they were much more visible in the sky.”

“Yeah, I heard some of those stories too,” Doug said. “Interesting bunch of regulars.”


A while later, I approached the cute blonde with a slim figure. She was a few inches shorter than my six feet. Her short hair was styled in a wavy becoming fashion. Up close, her complexion was as attractive as it had been at a distance. She wore little or no make-up, no lipstick on very kissable lips. Her green eyes were very alive as she focused on me. “Did you enjoy last evening?” I asked her.

She paused a moment and then said, “I wouldn’t call it ‘enjoyed,’ but I did see some interesting things.”

“Did you see the red and white lights coming toward us from Mount Blanca?”

“Yes, I was so excited that I forgot how cold I was.”

“I’m Michael,” I said. “Michael Garrison.”

“Heather Langen.” Her hand felt friendly as I grasped it.

“These are my friends Dolores and Mary. Is this your first time at something like this?”

Mary was shorter and heavier than Heather. She had straight dark hair that touched her shoulders, blue eyes and a nice smile. “Nice to meet you,” I said to her.

Dolores was also shorter than Heather, and quite a bit heavier. She had curled fiery red hair. Her smile seemed a little forced as she said, “My pleasure.” Then she glanced away as if preoccupied.

“Yes,” I said, “I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I find it exciting.”

“I saw my first UFO when I was a little girl,” Dolores said, as she turned back to the group.

“One of the lucky ones,” I commented. “So how did you all wind up at this event?”

Heather started, “We were at a lecture with Dr. Greer in Boulder where the event was announced. This was perfect timing because it came right after school was out.”

“I came here last year,” Dolores said.

“She convinced me,” Heather said.

“And I’m just tailing along,” Mary said.

“I’m fascinated with all this ET stuff,” Dolores said. “I’ve got a collection of books and videos.”

At that moment Dr. Greer called us back into session. “Talk later,” I said as I took a last sip of my now cold tea.

“Okay,” Heather smiled. I followed them as they wound their way back into the room. Heather chatted briefly with other people whom she appeared to know, then sat with Mary and Dolores on the far side of the room.


That night, we had just settled into our chairs in the circular formation and were set for a long evening when a beautiful eagle descended. It circled completely around our group at about the height of our shoulders, and then flew off. Heather and her two friends, seated off to my right, watched it closely.

Later, I saw three ET craft settle in alignment with the moon that hung in the western sky. It was hard to determine whether they were large and far away or smaller and within our atmosphere. They hung there for a few minutes. Then two USAF jets, out of their base in Colorado Springs on the other side of the mountains, roared overhead. They aimed directly for the ET craft. The ET craft winked out as the jets approached them.

I was sitting next to Sam, a man from Berkley, California. Like myself, he was at such an event for the first time. We  traded impressions of what had gone on so far and exchanged contact information.

On my other side was a man, Al Simpson. He said that he had been involved with Steve for several years and that this was his fifth CSETI outing. He was a large man with a mop of grey hair. I guessed that he probably weighed in excess of two-hundred twenty-five. He had the rough hands of someone who worked with either automobiles or farm equipment. In a brief conversation he told me he was from the central valley of California where he grew almonds. Except for the eagle, he said this evening was about normal for a night on the Baca with Dr. Greer.


The following day, as I was walking along the road toward Crestone, a red-tailed hawk flew down and buzzed my head. I flinched. This had never happened before, felt totally out of place. Thinking I had acquired some talent from last night’s meditation, I tried to communicate with it. It perched on an electrical line and watched me as I walked along. Finely it took one more swoop near my head then flew off.

As I walked further down the road, a ten-foot circular shadow suddenly appeared around me. I looked toward the sun but saw nothing blocking it to cast a shadow. Nothing in any other direction large enough to create such a shadow. I steadied my mind and tried to communicate with whatever it was that was creating the shadow. Nothing entered my mind, so I walked on.

When we assembled that afternoon, I told Dr. Greer about my experiences. He said that I had been contacted.


That evening I had dinner with Heather and her two companions, Mary and Dolores. I learned that they were all from Loveland, a city north of Denver. All three taught at Loveland Middle School. Heather taught physical education, Mary was an English teacher, and Dolores did math.

They had seen the Disclosure Project presentation, so much of today’s discussion was not new. All three were excited to go out tonight. I offered to drive, saying that my Jeep Wrangler was good on rough roads.

They hesitated, checked in with each other, and then took me up on my offer.

The night was cloudy and threatening rain. Steve led us up on the side of Mount Blanca to an area that was called Zapata Falls. I parked my Jeep in a lot overlooking the San Luis Valley, but with the clouds we could not see much. To my right, no more than fifty yards was a sheer cliff on the side of the mountain. The gravel road we had used on the way up made a sharp u turn to avoid it and headed back down the mountain.


Steve had the group exit our vehicles and follow him up the hillside. At one point, he asked us to remain behind as he went ahead. I had the feeling that we were not alone in the wooded area, but I was unable to distinguish anything from the surrounding trees and bushes. Later Steve asked us what we had experienced. Several people said they had seen faint images of beings standing alongside our path.

When it started to rain we hurried for our cars. Just as we settled in, the cloud burst and torrential rain came down. It looked like we were done for the night, as there was little visibility other than clouds and lightening.

“I didn’t see much when we were up on the hillside with Steve, I said.

“Had a hard time following what he was trying to convey,” Heather commented.

Then everyone fell silent, hoping we could get something out of this night. Heather was in the passenger seat, with Mary and Dolores in the back.

The three women continued a conversation that they had obviously begun a while ago. They talked about the training they were involved in and how it was providing them with ways to maintain themselves at what they called “higher consciousness.” Rather than involving myself in their interactions, I sat back and listened, hoping to have an opportunity later to delve into the whole area.

Then they referenced their understanding that all of us were souls having a physical experience. Heather called us “vehicles.”

“Can you tell me a little bit more about this?” I asked.

“Sure,” Mary said. “It’s like this. Our soul is a great being of light, much larger than our bodies, if you could measure it. It decides on the body it wishes to inhabit, parents, family, location, etc. Lots of available choices, but also lots of demand for bodies. This is done way before the moment of birth. The soul joins with the body at that moment. When I say inhabit, that is not quite right, as the soul is

many times greater than the body.”

“So, my soul is really in charge?” I asked.

“Yes,” Heather said. “Quite different than most people believe when they talk about their soul as a tiny something within them.”

The conversation went on for a while as we watched the rain and lightning flashes on all sides.


Then something nudged me to turn right and a voice in my head said, “look at me.” I glanced toward the cliff. Suddenly, flashing bright blue lights appeared. I was very sure that an ET craft was coming out of the side of the cliff. Excited, I shouted to Heather and the others, “Look, look.” I pointed to the lights outside to the right. Everyone in the car got a glimpse of the blue lights of the craft. It flew out over the valley and disappeared into the overhead clouds.

After the rain stopped we got out of our cars. “Did you see that,” I exclaimed to anyone who would listen.

Those in Steve’s vehicle and in one other car said they too had seen the craft. Others did not know what we were talking about, as we described the event of a lifetime to them.

Heather and I looked at each other. “We definitely have to get together to talk more about this,” I said.

“For sure,” she responded.


The following morning, I struggled to breakfast at about 9:00. Selecting food from the buffet, I joined a table for eight with Heather, Mary and Dolores.

“I’m still amazed at what I saw,” Mary said. “I’ll never forget those blue lights.”

“Me neither,” Dolores said. “We didn’t have anything like that last year.”

Three men joined our table. “Just what did you see?” A burley man in a heavy parka directed his question to Mary, as he sat his plate down.

“I saw a ship come out of the mountain, lights flashing,” Mary replied.

“What do you mean came out of the mountain. Did the mountain open up somehow?”

“I saw it materialize, as it exited the mountain,” I said. “The mountain did not open up. The ship became physical, as it emerged.”

“I can’t believe that,” the guy said.

I snagged Al Simpson, whom I remembered from the other night, as he walked by. “Al, you saw the ship emerge, right? Did the mountain open up or did it materialize?”

He set his cup of coffee on the table and sat down.

“Let me see if I can help. I was sitting in Steve’s van, right next to these guys.” He motioned to me and the women. “So, I saw what they saw.

“My understanding is that inside that mountain is a large ET base. On the other side of the mountain, the U.S. military has been tunneling in to reach it. So far, they’ve found nothing because the ETs are at a higher vibration than physical.

“What we saw last night was a most unique display — a craft from that base materializing. I’ve only seen anything like that once before in ten years. I thought last night was spectacular, a once in a lifetime event.”

“That’s too much to believe,” the burly man said. “I’m going back there today to find the opening in that cliff.”

“Yeah, and I’m going with him,” one of the other men said.

“Suit yourself,” Al said, as he moved away from the table.

I looked at the three women and said, “I know what I saw, and I’m not likely to ever forget it.”

All three nodded in agreement.

The three men got up and walked to another table, leaving me alone with my three female companions from last night’s event.

“When are you headed back to Denver?” Heather asked me.

“As soon as we finish up here,” I replied. Then focusing on her, I said, “I want to stay in touch with you. We experienced something very special last night.” I passed her one of my new business cards. “My son lives in Loveland, so I get up your way occasionally. Can we have lunch?”

“Call me,” Heather said. “Here’s my phone number.” She wrote it on a paper napkin. The others added their names and numbers.

“One final question before we break up,” I said. “What do you think about the cabal and the other stuff that Steve talked about this week?”

“I’m going to need some time, see what other people are saying, before I answer that,” Heather said. “Maybe after a week or two.”

Each woman gave me a hug, as they headed to their car. I followed a few minutes later, after I said good-bye to Steve Greer and thanked him for a great week.


On the way home, I reflected on Steve’s comments about the cabal. This is something I had never encountered before during my years in the business world. I had interacted with bankers, executives of major corporations, and government officials. In none of these did I see a hint of what Steve had spoken about.

I decided that I would spend some time pursuing an inquiry into the mysterious secret government. Somehow, Steve’s comments about all ETs being benevolent didn’t sit right. I planned to look into this also. I wished I had driven to Crestone with others, so we could chat on the drive home. I made a mental note to call Peter and Doug, and meet with them as soon as possible. This was definitely something I planned to pursue with Heather, assuming she wanted to.