Chapter 5



Chapter 5





After I arrived home that evening, I began my investigation into the cabal that Dr. Steven Greer had talked about. How intrusive was it? How widespread? Where had it originated? Beyond desiring to control everything, what were its intentions? Where could I find some verifications?

I checked the dictionary and found a definition that did not satisfy me. Then I explored further and found a reference to it at several websites. There they talked about the “Illuminati” as a dark force, or collection of dark forces, that controlled world economics. It then went on to say that the New World Order or the Global Elites worked inside governments with an agenda of world domination. This was not unlike what Greer had said. It was nice to have some verification. The material at that web site went well beyond what I was looking for at the moment. I bookmarked it for later use.

Other sites referred to the 13 families who control the Cabal as some of the wealthiest families in the world. At I found a list of a hundred web sites many of which dealt with the cabal. There was so much information about the cabal and other conspiracies that I finally quit and went up to my bedroom.

I was slowly falling into a peaceful place for sleep when I began to receive fresh words in my head relating to a different aspect of my investigation. I wrote out the words on a scratch pad that was next to my bed:

The slippery slope is indeed quite slick, for once you open yourself to all of its possibilities, and investigate them to satisfy yourself of their likely truth, you can never climb back to seeing your Earthly existence from a conventional point of view.

That was the sum total of what I heard in my head. I waited for more, but nothing else happened. Checking the clock, I saw 10:34. I turned over and attempted to go to sleep.

At mid-day two days later, I drove to Greeley. It was an easy drive north on Interstate 25. The ballfield was hidden behind a school that looked like it had originated in the 1940’s. I found a seat in the stands, not knowing which side Heather’s bench was on. It turned out I had made the right choice.

I immediately spotted her at first base. Her team was ahead by two runs. I watched as she easily caught an in-field hit, stepped on first base, and then threw to second. This ended the inning.

I watched for the remainder of the game. There were few people in the stands, but she did not see or acknowledge my presence. She got one nice three base hit that kept her team ahead.

At the end of the game, I saw a man in his thirties  approach her. After they had talked for a while, he seemed to insist on something she did not want to do. She wound up turning her back to him and walking away.

I hurried to catch up with her before she got into her car. “Nice game,” I said.

Without turning to see who had spoken, she proceeded to climb into her car. I approached it as she slammed the door shut. She looked up with a scowl on her face, then, recognizing« me, it turned into a smile.

“Hi, thought for a minute you were Chet. He’s been pestering me for a date. You, on the other hand, I’m happy to see. I’m rushing off to an appointment, so can’t stay and talk. Looking forward to Monday.” With that she started the engine, gave me a little wave, and drove off.

I felt a little rebuffed, but quickly recalled that I had not told her I was coming to the game.

Talking to the coach, I found the schedule for the next games. I put them into my iPhone calendar. I also looked up the schedule for the Colorado Rockies.


After returning home, I immediately went back to work exploring more about the secret government, UFOs, and all the other things that we were not being told about. After two hours, I paused to check my calendar, then called off lunch the next day with a prospective consulting job. After a quick dinner, I returned to the Internet.

That evening, as I was falling asleep, I once again received a message in my mind. I again wrote on the scratch pad next to my bed:

The energies that you receive from and give to other humans, animals, and plants play a large part in your lives. The smell of flowers or food stirs certain emotions. The embrace of a pet stirs feelings of love. You sense the energies of other people and act accordingly.

As with the prior evening I waited for more, but it was not forthcoming. I tossed and turned the entire night. What were the implications of the slippery slope or of the energies we give to each other? I would talk to Heather about these messages I had been receiving.

I arose the following morning ready for more. Yesterday’s explorations led me to the whole issue of Roswell and what had taken place there. I read several accounts, both those that had appeared in the Roswell newspaper in 1947 and some from alternative sources.

I called Peter, who had been with me at the CSETI gathering in the Baca. We agreed to meet for lunch to talk about Roswell and other UFO crashes.

As we ate, he confessed that he knew only a little, principally what he had read about them. He also said that it was something that many who knew about these things did not talk about for fear of being shunned by the majority of people. I didn’t get much else out of our conversation except fish stories.


The sound of the doorbell awakened me. I glanced at the clock, saw the time was 8:30, and jumped out of bed. I grabbed my robe out of the closet, and in bare feet ran to the front door. I ran my hand through my hair, aware I did not look my best.

When I opened the door, Heather was taken aback by my disheveled look.

“Good morning,” she said. Stunned by my morning hair, she grinned and said, “Most girls have to wait until they spend the night before they get to see a man in your shape.”

Dressed in black slacks and a light blue sweater, she looked her amazing self. She also appeared to be wide awake and fully alert. She carried a computer bag in her left hand. A purse was slung over her right shoulder.

“Come in, it can only get better,” I said responding to her remark.

I walked her into the kitchen. “Make yourself at home,” I said. “There’s all kinds of tea and honey in that drawer, milk in the fridge. I’m off to shower, be back shortly.” I turned and ran up the stairs.


When I came into the kitchen after my shower, Heather was sitting at the kitchen table engrossed in a book.

She looked up and said, “What happened to the guy who opened the door earlier?”

“I gave the butler the day off,” I replied. “Told him not to show up for work unless he was properly dressed.”

She chuckled, and asked, “Are you going to have something to eat? If so, I’ll take a scrambled egg and some toast.”

“Sold. Be ready in a few minutes. In the meantime, tell me what you’ve been doing for the last several days. Anything interesting?”

“Dolores has proven to be a wealth of information. She’s been probing into this stuff for years.”

Heather pulled out her laptop computer and a stack of papers and clippings. She placed them on the table into three neat piles.

We talked about her piles of paper as we ate scrambled eggs and English muffins with strawberry jam.

“I’m impressed with what you’ve accumulated,” I said. “So, is there a way to work on this together?”

“Let me see what you have, then we can decide. I’m not giving away any of my really juicy stuff.”


We walked downstairs to my home office where I had installed a large screen TV with a sofa in front. There was also a wet bar off to one side of the thirty-by-thirty room. This left plenty of room for my desk, credenza, and coffee table.

“Very nice,” Heather said. “More room here than my entire apartment.”

I handed her a copy of my manuscript, now seventy-five pages, all double spaced on 8½ by 11.

“So, what’s this?”

“My book. It showed up when I was typing a business proposal. I never intended to write a book, never have done anything like this in my life. It’s like my brain was telling my fingers what to do, without me interfering.”

“This’s amazing, Michael,” Heather said, as she began reading the first page. “What’s the story about?”

“I don’t know much more than these first pages, but so far there are a group of very human-like extraterrestrials walking among us, pointing out what is wrong with our civilization and showing us what we can do to improve it.”

With a big smile, she said, “Thank you for sharing it with me. I’m a little overwhelmed in the presence of an author.”

“Me too,” I responded.

“What I’ve done is nothing compared to this,” she held up my manuscript. “I don’t know what I have to contribute.”

“I’d just like to see where all this is going,” I said. “Don’t see a clear path right now.”

“Neither do I,” she replied. Stretching her arms out, she said, “This is such a nice workspace, so much better than what I have in my apartment with Mary.”

“I’m stuck in the book, don’t know how the story line goes from here. My research seems to be running in parallel, but it isn’t coming together.” I motioned with my fingers to illustrate.

“You really are something.” She looked at me with her gorgeous eyes. “Much more than a former business guy.”

My heart pounded and I felt weak at her comment. Motioning to the chair I had set up next to a sturdy table I said, “Place your computer here. If we want, we can attach it or my MacBook to the large screen TV on the wall. This is yours, day or night, whenever you want to use it. I’m using my iMac to work on the book.”

“It’s a long commute from my home,” Heather said. “Don’t see how to make it work. I have several ball games scheduled.”

“Come once or twice a week, whenever we have things to discuss. I’m finding so much stuff that I can’t keep up, can’t sort it all out. I’d love to have someone to bounce ideas off, to discuss what we’re finding, to see what makes the most sense, what’s true and what’s misinformation.”

“I’d like that too. Dolores is a good resource, but she’s got a fulltime job this summer, plus she has a husband and a youngster to take care of.”

“So, let’s find ways to make it work – for both of us.” Then I took a deep breath and said, “And just so we are both clear, both being truthful and conscious about what’s going on between us, I do like you, but you scare me. I’m not sure I’m ready to get involved, but you are something special.”

Heather shuddered and responded, “I thought about this for the last week, since our hike and all the way down here this morning. Why was I driving to Denver? Why am I going to spend the day with a man I had just met?”

“So, let’s agree to see how things go today.”

I stuck my hand out. She shook it and said, “Agreed.”

“Now, before we head up, let me show you one more thing.” I offered her the pages on which I had written out the communications I had received.

“What are these?” She asked, as she read the words on them.

“I get them just as I am falling asleep. They come from someone who calls himself Bren-Ton, says he is from Andromeda.”

Heather looked at me and said, “Michael, I think you’re a « nice guy, but you have to be one of the strangest men I’ve ever met.”

“Let me tell you about my dream,” I said. “It keeps coming back to me. It’s what I experienced when I first woke up from my thirty-six-hour sleep. In the dream I see myself dying. Really feels like I’m going away. Then, still in the dream, I awaken as if nothing happened. All the time I’m surrounded by ghost-like figures.”

“Strange, as dreams go,” she said.

“Don’t understand it myself,” I said.

“When we get together with Mary and Dolores, we can talk about it more. Both those two have very good insights into strange things.”

Then with renewed enthusiasm, she said, “Wait until you see the stuff I’ve uncovered.” She was clearly uncomfortable with what I had just said. “It’s so much more than Steven Greer told us, way more.”

I said, “My biggest problem is I don’t know what to believe of the stuff I’m seeing on the Internet.”

“I totally agree. Let’s try something I’ve found works for me.” With that she stood and placed her hand over her heart. I watched as she leaned forward slightly, then a little backward.

“This is something I’ve been practicing for a number of years. It’s called muscle testing. My body tells me what is true and what is not. Just now, I find that most of what you tell me is true. I also asked if I should be concerned about you. My muscle testing said not to worry. Oh, and I still think you are a little strange.” She smiled and touched my arm.

“And you think this stuff is pretty reliable?” I asked.

“I have a book by David Hawkins that shows the scientific basis for it. Show it to you when you next come to Loveland.”

We headed upstairs to have a cup of tea and review the material Heather had brought and what to do next.

All I knew was that I was looking forward to working with this smart beautiful woman.

For the rest of the morning, we sorted through the material Heather had accumulated. She frequently used the exercise she called “muscle testing” to verify the truth, or not, of each item.


For lunch we walked to the Fresh Fish Company, a few blocks away. We had muscles for an appetizer and fish as the main course. We passed on dessert.

After lunch we walked downstairs into my office, with its big screen and comfortable sofa, to watch videos that Heather’s friend Dolores had provided.

The first video was a presentation before the International UFO Congress by someone named Mark Kimmel. He was introduced as a former conservative venture capitalist who had gotten a tap on the shoulder to become something else.

“Somebody I can relate to,” I thought.

On the video, Kimmel started out by asking the large audience in the room who’d had a contact experience. Most of the several hundred people indicated they had.

Another audience survey discovered that most of the audience felt they knew why they were here at this time and place.

He said that, as an unconscious entrepreneur, he had helped invent the magnetic stripe credit card, the swipe reader for retailers, and the first ATM.

He talked about being amazed at the UFO photos in a copy of Project Blue Book he had been shown, returning to work the next day, and forgetting all about the pictures in the book. He said that he had heard about a base on the back side of the moon and again ignored it.

Kimmel talked about entities coming into his room at night and later his business partners saying that he was no longer tough enough to be in the venture capital business.

“Sounds familiar,” I thought, but I didn’t see any entities.

Kimmel said that he had gone back to school and was writing an academic paper when his first book, Trillion, spilled out of his computer.

With that I paused the video and said to Heather, “I have to meet this guy.”

“Good luck. This video is several years old. He’s probably dead by now.”

Returning to the video, Kimmel briefly mentioned the Disclosure Project and CSETI. He talked about one of his books, Creating the Cosmic Paradigm.

Heather rummaged in her bag and held up a copy of the same book. Dolores had given it to her. “I like how he weaves the spiritual into extraterrestrials,” she said, “how it’s part of a spectrum of reality.” She spread her arms wide to demonstrate.

On the video, Kimmel talked about a number of UFO events as if everyone in the audience already knew about them. I scribbled notes as he spoke, stopping the video several times.

He spoke about ancient evidence of ETs and UFOs in the  Sumerian tablets, the pyramids, kachina dolls, and fifteenth century pictures, and an 1897 newspaper from Aurora, Texas that reported people descending from sky ships.

He talked about The Battle of Los Angeles, fought on February 25, 1942, when an unidentified craft settled over the southern area of the city. Anticipating a Japanese invasion, the Army shelled the craft. The artillery rounds caused significant damage to the human population on the ground. The craft sailed off undamaged.

Then he talked about flying saucers over the U.S. capital, crop circles, the Belgium craft sighting, with picture of a huge triangular ET craft. The Phoenix Lights were seen by thousands of people. The Cometa report from the French military that said that the unusual craft were extraterrestrial but that they did not represent a danger. There was a report about Rendlesham Forest where a craft was seen by many, on several nights. And finally a report from author Georgina Bruni about Margaret Thatcher telling her, “It’s all true, but you can’t tell the people.”

Then Kimmel threw out this question to the audience, “What does all of this mean in terms of the media and governments lying to us about ETs and UFOs?”

He let that question hang in the air for a few moments and then said, something like, “We’ll now look at this question, and the larger issue of secrecy in so many aspects of our lives.”

Heather applauded at this, as did the audience.

He showed a chart about all the possible forms of ETs. I paused the video as I copied it down on my yellow pad.





Extra-dimensional beings

Intra-planetary beings

Spirit guides


Time travelers


“Many times, you don’t know what you are dealing with, and that’s okay, Kimmel was saying as I restarted the video.

Let me give you a sample of what I mean. I was about to give a talk in Colorado when an older man approached me. He said his name was Arnie and that he’d had a dream that told him to attend my presentation, rather than go to a scheduled doctor’s appointment.

“His hands were trembling. I couldn’t tell if he was excited or he had a medical condition. Then he shows me a piece of paper with the image of a small grey ET on it. ‘This is what showed up in my trailer this morning.’ I welcomed him and said we could talk some more after my presentation.”


I paused the video and said to Heather, “I really like the way this guy puts things together. It’s all making sense.”


When I restarted the video, Kimmel was saying, “I estimate that I have had conversations with about 200 people who have had contact experiences. Some of them have told me stories about abductions. Mostly though they are very benign experiences and they want to have more of them.

“Some of these are from military people, some are with people who have had experiences since they were very young. And then there are some walk-ins who can describe their former experiences on other planets.”


Something in me clicked with his statement. I did not say anything to Heather, but stuck it in the back of my mind.


Kimmel said he’d had an experience a few years ago when walking through the airport in Denver. An energy had hit him so hard that he had to stumble into a seat. Then a voice said, telepathically, “This is what we want you to do.” They went on to say they had some very important individuals that they wanted him to meet.

Without too much hesitation, he said that he had agreed. They didn’t name the people. At that time, he thought they were humans.

Pausing for a long moment to collect his thoughts, he then said, “I want you to know, I would never go back to the venture capital business. What I’m doing is so exciting, so challenging, and so rewarding.”

I thought to myself, “I guess we’ll just have to see about that.”


Heather and I took a break to go upstairs to the kitchen. I fixed us both iced chai and dug out some cookies and grapes.

“So, what do you think?” she asked.

“I’m seeing a guy who used to be a businessman but isn’t one any longer. It’s helping me take a close look at what I’m doing. I’m just not sure I want to go along a path like that.”

“You already are.”

“Yeah, I see that and I’m not so sure I’m as committed as he is. I just wonder what kind of a personal life he has. I gather he does a lot of traveling.”

“Guess we’d both better get a grip on this issue,” Heather said. “Ready for more?”

“After you,” I pointed at the steps to the basement.


When we re-started the video, Kimmel was putting forth conclusions about his experiences. I paused the video and wrote the following on my yellow pad:


Variety of experiences

Range of understanding

Non-physical dimensions

Generally uplifting

Simultaneous information





Past lives


Before I restarted the video, I said to Heather, “That guy has really had a lot of experiences. I feel like a real novice. But I also find it terribly interesting.”

She nodded and motioned for me to continue with the video.


When the video restarted, Kimmel was saying, “Here are the messages I’ve been receiving. Keep in mind, I get messages only from benevolent ETs.”

He pointed to an image on the screen to his right. I got busy again writing on a new yellow page while he talked.

Kimmel said, “Benevolent ETs exist at higher dimensions. Some can slip into 3rd Dimension, others rely on very sophisticated holograms. All of them find it hard to exist in earth’s density.

“They tell me that they seeded life here and that’s the reason for the four different races we have.

“They see earth as a planet that has been enslaved by dark energies and dark beings. This has been going on for thousands of years.

“They believe we are capable of stepping up to become cosmic citizens, but not without getting our energies to higher consciousness.

“They say they have intimate knowledge of our government and financial systems.

“They are telling me that the situation in the larger universe is somewhat like that portrayed in Star Wars or Star Trek, but without the constant conflict.

“They see an environmental crisis that is much more severe than we can imagine and that we need to pay attention to it now.

“Debilitating chemicals are impacting our bodies, causing us to lose touch with higher consciousness.

“They are not coming to save us. They will help us, but it is up to us to move humanity to a higher state of consciousness.

“They see the possibility of a spiritual awakening. Some of it has already begun in certain locations.

“And finally, I am being told that this is the tipping point when humanity must awaken and take charge.”


I paused the video. I had been writing so furiously as Kimmel spoke that my hand hurt. I shook it out and looked at Heather. I had found considerable material for my book. Might have to go back and watch some of it again.

Heather appeared to be lost in thought as she leaned way back in her chair, feet on the coffee table. She said, “I believe that we will soon discover that there are many beings in the universe supporting humanity in our quest upward. There are names on that chart whom we can call upon for assistance. I say this based on my work with my spiritual group.

“You can put different words to it, but it all comes down to the same idea. We have to discover who we really are and then take responsibility for our thoughts, words, emotions, and actions. Then we can act out of love; then we can influence others to step up and assist everyone’s ascension.

“I believe each of us can do this. Humanity has now risen to a point where we are intelligent enough, wise enough, and loving enough to take full control of our lives.

“This is where I want to focus my investigation. I feel in my heart that this is my path.”

I took her hand in mine and said, “Thank you. I’ll be happy to assist you. Just show me how.”

Tears filled my eyes as I looked at this very special woman. I had no idea such uplifting words would come from her. I said a silent prayer to the ones who were communicating with me to keep her safe and to enable her to fulfill her goal. At that moment I knew that I loved her for who she was.

Each lost in our thoughts and emotions, we sat very quietly for a while.


I broke the silence and said, “It’s over my head. As an example, Kimmel talks about higher consciousness. What does that really mean?”

“I’d give you my interpretation,” Heather responded, “but that would be just me talking — without much background or investigation of my own. I say we give it a rest for a couple of days, let it sink in. Then we get back together and see if we can make sense of it, maybe get together with Mary and Dolores.

“Michael, look at what has happened to you since you were awakened. You have been given a book. You are getting communications from benevolent ETs. You have seen an extraterrestrial craft as few others have seen. I believe you are being offered the opportunity to make a difference on behalf of all of us.

“You say you will support me. I say that it will be me who supports you. I give you my blessing, as someone who knows who you really are.”

I scooted over and put an arm around her. She leaned into me, returning the warmth. We sat together for a long time, caught in the enormity of what lay before us.

Then Heather got up and stretched. I watched as she did things I was sure my body would never tolerate. I was fascinated watching her beautiful athletic body. I really hoped we could continue to explore this UFO and ET stuff, just so we could be together, if for no other reason.

The clock showed 5:00.                          

“How about a walk before you head home?” I asked.

“Trying to get rid of me, huh.”

“You may stay as long as you wish.”

“How about a walk and then a light movie with popcorn,” she said.

“Sold.” I shut down my computer and the large screen, leaving the DVD in place. We traipsed upstairs.

“I’m going to put on a sweater.” She reached into the bag she had brought.

I opened my coat closet and found a light jacket. “Will that sweater be enough? I’ve got all kinds of jackets in here.”

“From all your old girlfriends?”

“Hey, we already discussed that.” I held the front door open for her.


After a walk of a few blocks, we returned to my home. I ordered Chinese food and found a Star Trek episode on Netflix.

After eating our Chinese food, we sat comfortably, but not too close, on the sofa in my living room.

“The next time you come down, I’ll make curry. I am a very good cook.”

“Humble too,” Heather smirked.

“You have no idea,” I said.

“Oh, I think I do.”

Then I said, “On a more serious note, I like you, period. I should explain my cautiousness around you.

“After the death of my second wife, I promised myself I would be very careful about getting mixed up with another woman. I have kept that promise. You are the first one, other than my daughter, who has been in this house since then.”

“I’m of the same mind,” she said. “I like you also. We’ve had some amazing experiences, and I want to pursue this ET and secret government thing with you. As far as this higher consciousness thing, we’ll get into it the next time we see each other. I’ve been studying alchemy, as practiced in the ancient mystery schools, for the last five years.”

Before she left, we made specific plans to meet here, at my house, in two days at about 9:00 AM and go hiking on Grey’s and Torres, two fourteeners, west of Denver. Then we’d look at a website that her friend, Dolores, recommended. She gave me a long hug as she departed.