Glossary for Aon

The following Glossary applies to Aon and other writing by Mark Kimmel

Nonphysicals: These Great beings of Light are spiritual beings, some are angels, some are Archangels, others are oversouls or creator gods. They are present throughout the universe with various abilities and duties.

Schematic of Source: This is Source’s Grand Plan or blueprint as to how the universe should function. It is living and dynamic as opposed to fixed.

Reincarnation: Incarnations into multiple lifetimes is fundamental to the universe. All physical beings experience many lifetimes on planets of the universe.

3rd Dimension: Associated with dense material bodies, this level of consciousness is characterized by fear, separation and domination.

5th Dimension: Unconditional Love and Perfect Unity are characteristics of this dimension. Individuals at 5th Dimension retain much of their material form.

Express: Non-physical beings, such as Oversouls, manifest and/or create other non-physical beings, such as individual souls. Non-physical beings can “express” other beings without losing any of their own energy.

Creator Gods: These Great Beings of Light, with various capabilities, create everything in the universe from galaxies to individual planets and the physical beings thereon.

Oversouls: These Great beings of Light express souls, and facilitate the placement of souls in individual physical beings for a lifetime. They also provide souls to planets and stars.

Christ Energy / Christ Consciousness: This vast energy is present throughout the universe. It is used to help individual beings act according to the Schematic of Source.

Light: It is the basic building block of the universe.

Love: It is the glue that binds the energies of Light and makes creation possible

Time: Linear time is experienced in 3d Dimension. At higher levels of consciousness all is simultaneous.

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