9-28-08 Coming soon

The following information was provided on 9/28/08. This is the 4th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order.

I, and others like me, are now present aboard starcraft in orbit about your planet. We have traveled here to be part of the grand disclosure to your people: there are indeed humans populating the universe beyond Earth. We will make our appearance shortly.

I cannot tell you the date or time. It is like the massive invasion of Normandy that took place during your WWII. There was a date set, but many factors can into play, many were ships needed, many individuals needed to be coordinated. Having said that, I hasten to assure you that your brothers and sisters from other star systems are not invaders. Rather, having been invited, we are coming by invitation to assist, and only assist.

First there will be the unmistakable appearance of ships from other planets and dimensions. This will be followed by events leading to the bifurcation. Those who choose will remain on Earth, as she transitions to a lighter density. All that is currently in place will remain for a time: the houses, the roads, the equipment, the land, and the seas will remain.

We have made provisions to smooth your transition to the lighter density, while you remain fully conscious of all that is happening around you. Those that remain will be charged with returning Earth to her pristine condition and creating a new civilization. Many on your planet are choosing to participate in this grand transition.

Those who fear to be a part of the lighter density of earth will awaken on another planet believing they have always lived there. They will continue their lives in physical density, but one that is not controlled by the dark energy. As things now stand, the majority of her people will leave Earth.

Some families will be torn asunder because some will decide to stay while others leave. Some houses will be occupied, some will not. There will be dislocations in the first days. That is why we have advised you to store water and food, and to secure shelter. We are taking steps to minimize the predicted earth changes. Be willing to accept some momentary dislocations; the greater good of all will emerge from this transition.

Those who understand will greet these changes with a positive attitude. They will show others that there is nothing to fear, that we come in peace and are here to assist. They will greet the ships that land.

This is coming more suddenly than many had anticipated. Preparations are speeding up because we wish to thwart any reaction by those who serve the dark. Everything is now in place for the mass appearance. Orders for your defense forces to stand down will be issued. This is more for their safety, and for that of people on the ground, than for us. We are impervious to your weapons.

Be comforted that communications like this are happening all over your planet. We are overwhelming those who would oppose our actions with a multitude of such communications. At this moment, they are collecting it all and analyzing it. They are not stopping anyone from communicating.

Everything that you now do, or have done for past years, is known to others. You have no need to be embarrassed by your actions or your thoughts, they are seen as the normal workings of a human mind, normal actions of a human living in this situation. You are doing exactly what you came here to do, what you agreed upon prior to your embodiment in physical form.

Mark, one of your great contributions was to change from the pleasures and workings of the 3rd dimension to that which you are now doing. This provides others a marvelous example so that they too might change. There are many who are wavering between embracing what appears to be crazy and sticking with their old ways. You assist them by your example.

As to 2012, things are accelerating. All will be accomplished well in advance of that date. Time is not fixed; time is subject to adjustment as circumstances warrant. NOW IS THE TIME OF EARTH’S TRANSITION.

I am Justine of the planet Supsten of the Altairian star system. I leave you with my blessing.

That’s it for today folks, more in the days ahead. (I find myself in awe that this is finally happening.)

In Truth, Love and Joy,