10-2-08 Here before

The following information was provided on 10/2/08. This is my 7th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order.

My name is Brenton; I am from the star system Andromeda. I wish to speak about creation and human ability to create. We will begin with a picture of Earth at the time humans first came here. God created this beautiful planet, eons ago. In the beginning it was both beautiful and peaceful.

When humans were first brought to this place they knew of whence of they had come and why they were here. However it did not take many generations until the memories of their former homes grew dim. In a few generations they had only the tales of the elders.

They were not a primitive people as has been portrayed. They were fully developed intellectually and physically. True they did not resemble current man, but neither were they descended from the monkey family. This initial seeding is call called the Starseed Project because the people came from other star systems. Such projects have taken place on others planets as well.

Science would have you believe that you came from the monkey family. Creationists would have you believe that you were created as modern man, not too long ago. Neither is true. The star seeds were a primitive race, but they were both intelligent and were physically adapted to the Earth of one million years ago. The people of that day understood that they created their own experience of life on their new home. They were telepathic — able to communicate without words.

Your Bible is correct in that it talks about an Eden. It did exist, however it was populated by thousands of highly conscious people, people who knew who they were and why they were here. This situation existed for many thousands of years. We who seeded the planet were very happy about the situation. Our four races were slowly beginning to meld into one. We from Andromeda brought the red race to this planet. The black came from Sirius, the white from the Pleiades. It was a cooperative adventure in which Earth was a fully conscious participant.

Picture if you will, of what people think of as ascending to a lighter density. It was present on Earth one million years ago. In many respects Earth is merely returning to that beautiful place where she was so long ago. (In my next communication, I will describe the many changes wrought upon Earth as she was changed into a subservient planet of darkness.)

Earth of that time possessed a moderate climate and was a paradise. There were many fruits, vegetables, and nuts to eat. Transplanted humans wanted for nothing. There was no advanced technology. People did know of cultivation. They knew of education, and organized schools.

They did honor God, who they viewed as the Creator, and honored their ancestors from the other star systems. Those who brought them here allowed them to evolve in their own way, unique to the collaborative efforts between people and their planet. All were conscious of that cooperation. There was a natural food chain as demonstrated by the animals, but the people did not eat of the flesh of the animals. Some of the animals were domesticated as household pets. In accordance with the tranquility of the planet, ferocious animals did not attack humans.

The sky was clear, the water pure, and the land was fertile in every region of the planet. There were no extremes of seasons such as you have today, because the tilt of the planet was not as extreme. The landmasses were in place, but the tectonic plates were in motion. There was more volcanic activity then today. There was little extreme weather. Earth did not have a moon.

This is a picture of the Earth and her peoples, as they existed for a long time. I am Breton of Andromeda. I bid you good by until our next communication.

That’s it for today folks. I do not promise to have daily postings, however so much is happening right now that our friends want this information conveyed to help us understand what is really going on.

In Truth, Love and Joy,