10-24-08 A Level Playing Field

The following communication was provided on 10/24/08. This is my 14th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order.

This is Brenton; I am pleased to return to communicate more. It has been previously communicated to you that a dark energy descended on this planet at some distant time. That dark energy directed its agents to descend onto the planet to disrupt the normal workings of the planet and her human inhabitants. They set up the pyramidal and religious structures that underlay your civilization.

One of the most important things those of us connected with the armada will do in the near future is to “level the playing field,” as I believe you say it. This is a process whereby those who are of off-planet origins, and operating as agents of the dark energy, will be removed from your planet.

The question has arisen as to how this will be done and what right we have to do it. How it will be done is not to be disclosed at this time. Rather, I can say that it will be accomplished in full sight of those living here so that they may know that it has been accomplished, that a level playing field has resulted. When the agents of the dark energy, a rogue race, are removed, then the normal interactions of people indigenous to this planet may proceed. It will then be up to you to construct a new civilization without the enslavement imposed by those who had invaded the planet. It is a returning if you will to the stage at which the planet existed before the influence of the darkness descended, albeit with out returning to the primitive lifestyle of that ancient time.

After this is accomplished, the major factors will be a knowing who you truly are, an ability to communicate telepathically, and a connection to Earth, and to each other as brothers and sisters. It will be a chance to restructure your society in new and wonderful ways.

Now, as to how we have the right to intervene: First, Earth called for assistance to rescue her from the clutches of the darkness. Creator allowed such an intervention. We came here to accomplish this and it has worked. Earth is now much healthier. The appearance of the ecological movement has counterbalanced the fear produced by those who would use her for their own purposes, the fear engendered by reckless use of her resources and pollution of her environment. The use of her resources has not diminished, but the intent of those who counteract their reckless and unwarranted use has engendered new energy to counterbalance the energy of fear. This is a most important development.

Second is that many people of this planet have cried out for help. They cried out to their God, they cried out for a savior. They cried out to leave their terrible circumstances. This cry did not go unheeded. However, it was not until we determined that your planet had been invaded by a race intent on service to self that we saw the opportunity to act. When I say we, I mean those aboard the assembled craft that were furnishing light to earth. Please keep in mind that we are here as your brothers and sister, not as invaders or saviors.

Something that you have called “the prime directive” has been disclosed to your planet. It is the law of non-interference. It requires that all in the universe must be done in accordance with Creator’s directive that peoples to be allowed to make free will choices. If their free will choice is overridden, then those who are doing that are deemed invaders. A corollary to the law is that invaders may be removed if it is the will of those whom they have subjugated.

This is the case on your planet at this moment. The remnants of the dark force is finally withdrawing, exposing the truth for all to see. The blanket that has obscured all is now removed. Truth is bubbling to the surface each day. Not only that, but the institutions created by those who oppress the indigenous people of this planet are crumbling.

So how can you be determined as “indigenous” when you too were brought to this planet many years ago? You were the first human inhabitants of this planet. My ancestors, and others like us, brought you to this place. That story has been told in prior communications. As the first to people this planet, you may claim the right of indigenous.

Those of you who choose to remain on this planet, after the interim time, will be presented with many challenges. There will be few if any systems or structures in that the hands of the invaders created most of them. So it will be incumbent on you to develop new institutions. This will happen as quickly as you earnestly desire. Since all is energy, it can happen quite quickly.

Whether a U.S. government behind Obama will succeed remains to be seen. We are hopeful that he will be able to construct the framework for a new government. It will require the cooperation of many. After the old structures are torn down, it will be seen. Keep in mind that his is but one of many efforts to correct the situation on your planet.

I am Breton of the Andromedan star system. I bid you good by until our next communication. All aboard our starcraft send their love to our brothers and sisters on the planet.

That’s it for today folks. Stay tuned, watch events closely, but do not let fear rule you.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


10-15-08 Interim Time

I have not posted anything to this site for the past week because I traveled to Florida to facilitate a Gathering weekend. For a brief time, those who came together experienced what it was like to engage in unconditional love. As one person said, “This is what it will be like to exist after we have transitioned.” Together we learned about the truth behind our consensual reality, shared our experiences, and discovered what we as individuals can do. I will be facilitating additional Gatherings as time permits. If you are interested in attending a Gathering, please contact me at cp@zqyx.org.

A reminder: The postings here are the result of information I receive from our brothers and sisters of the distant star systems, from celestials and spirit beings, and from an earlier incarnation. The information will disclose the positive and negative influences that surround current events, as well as providing historical background from those who were present at pivotal moments in our history. From time to time we will include activities of beings materialized on this planet who are behind the scenes orchestrating events. Much of what I will disclose is taking place at a higher dimension, so only those of that density are capable of accurately depicting it for us.

These posting are indexed for easy cross-reference. Some of these posting will make more sense to readers of my published books. These books, and other important titles, are available on this web site at http://www.cosmicparadigm.com/Recommended_Books.html Current events from around the globe are also reported on this site at http://www.cosmicparadigm.com/ufonews/

I am honored to be a part of this revelation, and stand in awe of current events on my home planet, Earth, and the massive amount of attention directed toward mankind.

The following information was provided to me on 10/15/08. This is my 10th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order.

You have learned that everything is frequency. That which is physical is energy assembled into matter. The physical is a reflection of that which is imagined in the non-physical. All the ships of the armada are living organisms, created by the intention of those who wish to have such a ship. For us, the process is quite magical. We intend to have such a magnificent craft and then we grow it to our specifications. If it is a giant craft, it requires the intention of many to materialize it. Each of our craft is a conscious entity that volunteers to serve us.

If we wish to make one of our craft appear in your density it is quite easy to create a hologram of it and project this hologram into your reality. When our initial appearance is made, any day now, that is the way in which it will be done. It will appear to be very real to those of you on the ground, but it will not be a living organism.

Everything material is like a hologram, constructed by focusing light in a way as to condense it into matter. You are not able, with your current minds and science, to appreciate how this is done. It does not matter, that is the way in which it happens.

The great planet upon which you exist was created in this way. She was created by God to serve as the stage upon which a great drama would take place. Being a conscious entity, like all created entities, she agreed to this task. This drama of the dark energy and the energy of light is now entering its final hour.

Energy influences everything. You are now feeling the shift in energy. It is affecting your physical bodies. It is affecting the temperament of people. It is causing people to choose how they will present themselves in these final moments.

There is always a choice, a choice between attachment to that which is familiar, that which is traditional, that which your five senses can tough, smell, or feel, or a choice to follow our leading to a higher way of being, a lighter way, a way to a higher frequency. All of us on the giant star ships exist at a higher frequency, not much higher but high enough that your physical senses, or the sensors of your science, cannot readily detect them.

The frequency of this planet, Earth, is very slow due to the presence of so much darkness, so much fear. The darkness has dragged you into an existence of “swimming” in very dense water.

We will raise the frequency of this planet. Raise it to the level where we exist. We still have structures. We still have form for our bodies. We still have the need to take nourishment. However we are not as attached to the physical as are you. To raise you to our frequency will take some time. This is what we call the “interim time.” You have been experiencing it for several years now. As the frequency rises, the institution created by mankind will melt away. This is what is happening to the economy; it is melting away.

Those behind the scenes recognize this is new territory. See how quickly they scurry to find a larger power to assist them. Creating money out of nothing is their solution. It shows the façade of the entire economy, an economy created out of nothing. Yes there is a real need for products and services, but the way in which the economy delivers them is a façade. It is a clever façade created by those who would suck the energy of the populace for their own benefit. So we are back to energy once again.

You are feeling the energies of the dismantling of the structures of mankind. These will be disorienting. They will continue, becoming more intense. Flow with them; do not resort to fear.

Prepare for the interim time by storing that which you will need to survive for a short time. We will not prolong this transition beyond your ability to survive. You will be given all types of assistance as the energies shift further.

However, do not believe that the end product of this energy shift will be a completely new world, a heaven on earth. Nothing like that will occur overnight. It will take many years to fully shift this planet and her people into our density. There is much to be learned for everyone as the shift is taking place.

Begin to see all as energy, as frequency. If everything is frequency, then everything can be changed by mere desire to do so, by intent, by willing it to happen. What is your intent for the interim time?

I am Breton of Andromeda. I bid you good by until our next communication. All aboard our starcraft send their love to our brothers and sisters on the planet.

That’s it for today folks. Now that I am back home, I will post more frequently. Stay tuned.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


10-4-08 Moon

The following information was provided on 10/4/08. This is my 8th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order.

I am Brenton of Andromeda, my greetings to you from our starship.

When we last communicated, I said to you that the Earth originally had no moon. The artificial satellite, which you call “the moon,” was inserted into Earth’s orbit quite recently in terms of the life of the planet.

As you can imagine it took a great power to do this. Observations of the backside of the moon, by human probes and astronauts, confirm that there are artificial structures there. These are part of the artificial nature of the moon. Earth’s moon does not rotate because she is an observation platform.

The moon has major effects on the planet and her people. It causes the tides, which wash the shore of the land unevenly, and affects fisherman and others who must traverse the seas. The moon affects the cycles of women. The moon also creates an artificial time.

These are but part of the control placed upon this planet and her people by a very powerful dark force that enslaved this region of the galaxy. In addition to inserting the moon, it tilted Earth’s axis of rotation. Earth was not tilted prior to this point. This was done, to show the very planet the power of the darkness, to place her in chains if you will.

Over the next few months, we will remove the moon, and we will right the planet on her axis. Earth will then spin perpendicular to her rotation about the sun, her original rotation. This will moderate the climate of the planet. The temperate zones will no longer experience seasons; growing will be extended to year round, like in more tropical climates. Then the continued heating of the planet will bring about an even more expanded zone in which the climate will be conducive to growing food and other plants. The tropical zone will not be unduly hot.

You can imagine that there will be effects on the weather. That is why we are moving the axis of the planet quite slowly. We anticipate that it may also produce strains on the tectonic plates. We anticipate that after a short period of time, the climate will attain stability, so there will be no more hurricanes or tornadoes. We believe it will be more stable, salubrious and moderate, more conducive to human habitation, without the need for technology to battle a constantly cycling climate.

The removal of the moon will also be done slowly so as to interrupt things on the planet’s surface minimally. It will be withdrawn gradually, perpendicular to the surface. Over time you will see the moon gradually retreat from Earth.

These measures give the humans of Earth an idea of our commitment to helping you. We are restoring Earth to that which it was prior to envelopment by the dark. That dark power has now been dissipated by the combined efforts of your brothers and sisters from other star systems. This has been a project of significant magnitude, a cooperative effort of unprecedented size. It will require continued efforts, involving many large craft, to tow away the moon and to right the axis of the planet.

Cleaning the surface of the planet from the effects of the darkness will be easier. However, it will require the skill of a surgeon, rather than the meat clever of the butcher; the people of Earth will be intimately involved in that process.

I am Breton of Andromeda. I bid you good by until our next communication. All aboard send their love to our brothers and sisters on the planet.

Whew, that’s it for today folks.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


10-2-08 Here before

The following information was provided on 10/2/08. This is my 7th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order.

My name is Brenton; I am from the star system Andromeda. I wish to speak about creation and human ability to create. We will begin with a picture of Earth at the time humans first came here. God created this beautiful planet, eons ago. In the beginning it was both beautiful and peaceful.

When humans were first brought to this place they knew of whence of they had come and why they were here. However it did not take many generations until the memories of their former homes grew dim. In a few generations they had only the tales of the elders.

They were not a primitive people as has been portrayed. They were fully developed intellectually and physically. True they did not resemble current man, but neither were they descended from the monkey family. This initial seeding is call called the Starseed Project because the people came from other star systems. Such projects have taken place on others planets as well.

Science would have you believe that you came from the monkey family. Creationists would have you believe that you were created as modern man, not too long ago. Neither is true. The star seeds were a primitive race, but they were both intelligent and were physically adapted to the Earth of one million years ago. The people of that day understood that they created their own experience of life on their new home. They were telepathic — able to communicate without words.

Your Bible is correct in that it talks about an Eden. It did exist, however it was populated by thousands of highly conscious people, people who knew who they were and why they were here. This situation existed for many thousands of years. We who seeded the planet were very happy about the situation. Our four races were slowly beginning to meld into one. We from Andromeda brought the red race to this planet. The black came from Sirius, the white from the Pleiades. It was a cooperative adventure in which Earth was a fully conscious participant.

Picture if you will, of what people think of as ascending to a lighter density. It was present on Earth one million years ago. In many respects Earth is merely returning to that beautiful place where she was so long ago. (In my next communication, I will describe the many changes wrought upon Earth as she was changed into a subservient planet of darkness.)

Earth of that time possessed a moderate climate and was a paradise. There were many fruits, vegetables, and nuts to eat. Transplanted humans wanted for nothing. There was no advanced technology. People did know of cultivation. They knew of education, and organized schools.

They did honor God, who they viewed as the Creator, and honored their ancestors from the other star systems. Those who brought them here allowed them to evolve in their own way, unique to the collaborative efforts between people and their planet. All were conscious of that cooperation. There was a natural food chain as demonstrated by the animals, but the people did not eat of the flesh of the animals. Some of the animals were domesticated as household pets. In accordance with the tranquility of the planet, ferocious animals did not attack humans.

The sky was clear, the water pure, and the land was fertile in every region of the planet. There were no extremes of seasons such as you have today, because the tilt of the planet was not as extreme. The landmasses were in place, but the tectonic plates were in motion. There was more volcanic activity then today. There was little extreme weather. Earth did not have a moon.

This is a picture of the Earth and her peoples, as they existed for a long time. I am Breton of Andromeda. I bid you good by until our next communication.

That’s it for today folks. I do not promise to have daily postings, however so much is happening right now that our friends want this information conveyed to help us understand what is really going on.

In Truth, Love and Joy,