10-30-08 Enslavement?

The following communication was provided on 10/30/08. This is my 15th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order.

Today we welcome back Bren-Ton. (Note that I have changed my spelling of his name to more accurately reflect his pronunciation.) This illustrates how any communication from a non-human is subject to filtering by the human mind. I am no exception; please read these messages with discernment. Make up your own mind as to what they mean to you. The following message is the result of questioning by several people who say that they do not feel enslaved.

We who observe your planet and its people from afar appreciate what the dark energy that descended upon you wrought. Although that dark energy is now lifting, the enslavement of Earth’s peoples remains. What is most interesting to us is that most people so do not appreciate how much they are enslaved. Your enslavement has been done so cleverly that person merely assumes that these conditions are the way things are, and never question how it might be different. I am not suggesting an advance to a higher level of existence; I am pointing out that things could be much better in this 3rd dimensional existence without the efforts of the agents of the dark energy.

Perhaps an example will help make things clear. Let us take a fictional family: A father who works for a financial institution, a mother who works part-time in a medical clinic, and a child who attends a traditional school. Much off what his family unit is living out has been handed down to them from their forebearers. They have inherited certain ways of seeing and coping with reality. They are creating their experience based on what they have received from their forebearers in terms of history, religion, and society.

Let us look first at the father. He believes that he must “earn” money to feed, cloth and shelter his family. He does this by going to work each day. At the bank he lends money to people. I would point out that he assumes that lending is the proper way in which monies are to be transferred to others. On our 3rd dimensional planets, we charge no interest on monies. Money is simple a medium of exchange. The whole concept of lending, or money based on lending, is a cleverly constructed scheme promulgated by those who wish to enslave. A bank is an institution created at the instigation of the enslavers.

The father in this fictional family also believes that he must dress and behave in certain ways to be accepted by his peers. This too is a form of enslavement. He also believes that he must show up at work at a predetermined time and go home according to the clock. This is more enslavement. The books and records of the bank are another enslavement mechanism. If all of this structure were taken away, we would have a free flow of money, not one controlled by financial institutions. So maybe you can begin to glimpse the enslavement that has been foisted upon your society by this simple example.

As for the mother, she has been taught certain ways to manage her child, through rewards and punishment — in order to keep the child safe and secure, to teach or train him or her. To a great extent, this was handed down from the mother’s parents. Some of it is true; most is designed to control the upbringing of children, to prepare them to fit the chains and shackles of adulthood.

The mother also works in a medical clinic where she processes paperwork. Here we see the hand of the institution of insurance and the medical establishment. The medical establishment has set up certain rules by which doctors may administer to their patients. Again all of this is highly structured. At this moment in your history this is all cleverly designed to treat symptoms rather than cure patients, and to keep money flowing. There is no mention that all is energy, and that the human body can be affected by simple energy techniques without the need for expensive medical care. This is known on my planet; it was known on yours also until the dark energy clouded it.

As for the child, he or she is subjected to learning certain things to prepare them to fit into society. The school does not teach them to think; rather they are taught how to behave. Their individuality is submerged into the norms of that which society wishes for to its little people. Children are also forced to memorize knowledge about history, religion, and society.

In the larger scheme of things, the overlords of your society have cleverly structured things to be in a constant state of chaos: nothing may be know for sure, nothing is totally predictable, and nothing and no one can be totally counted on because all is in a state of flux. Ask yourself why it is that most major problems receive band-aids rather than solutions. Why does fundamental restructuring never take hold? Layers upon layers of false premises are intertwined into an impossible morass of rules and traditions. This all is designed by the puppet masters to confuse all, to keep all in a state of flux without end.

I contrast this with our civilization where the dark energy has not impacted us. Money is a medium of exchange; it is never lent. It is available as needed, to accomplish that which is desired. Few institutions and rules are required because people operate based on the best for all concerned. They are motivated by the desire to do well and to achieve the highest result. Everyone is healthy; there are not artificially induced diseases. People are taught from an early age to take care of and to respect their bodies. Parents are more interested in doing that which is in the best interests of their child than making sure the child will fit in. Fitting in is not a problem as everyone is accepted for whom they truly are. There is no need to put up a false pretence as everyone communicates telepathically. Children feel happy and free to express themselves.

Again, I say you do not appreciate how enslaved you are. We are beginning to understand how blinded you have been, and offer these brief comparisons to our cultures so that you may understand what you may create after the playing field is leveled — after the removal of the agents of dark energy.

I am Bren-Ton of the star system Andromeda. Those of us who observe your planet and its peoples wish you only the best. We are here to assist your transition.

That’s it for today folks. I am optimistic that events in the coming weeks will herald a new beginning for civilization on our planet.

In Truth, Love and Joy,