10-31-08 Trivializing

The following communication was provided on 10/31/08. This is my 16th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order. Today, we welcome back Bren-Ton from the star system Andromeda.

Those who exist without the light of the Creator have shown themselves to mankind since they first came to this planet. In addition to being seen as gods, their dark sides were first reported in stories around campfires. When man began to draw, there were depictions of dark beings. With writings, sculptures, and paintings the dark ones took on more detail. Most recently, movies and television have portrayed those who live far from the Creator’s light. It is fitting that we should discuss this topic on this day, for it was created to honor those of the dark. Celebrating a holiday with costumes trivializes the influence of the dark energy. It is a technique used by the dark energy to hide its influence.

Some would say that they are only man’s imagination. But then what is imagination and from whence does it come? The imagination of man is two-fold: First there are real events and real persons, both of the light and of the dark, the results of first-hand contact, which are then enhanced by the creativity of an individual. Second is direct communication such as that in which we are engaged. Inventors, artists, and musicians all create based on direct communications. Both the first and second are the situation with those who depict dark personalities.

Now, back to those who exist without the light. They reside in the shadows of your planet even this day. Those humans in whom the light is not strong may encounter them, may fall beneath their spell. There is a certain inquisitiveness that has been placed in mankind that draws people to that which is dark. This tendency was placed in the DNA long ago by those who ruled this planet under the direction of the dark energy.

Keep in mind that all forms of darkness, whether embodied or not, feed off fear generated by other beings. The agents of the dark energy on this planet generate fear by showing themselves as hideous creatures who have given themselves completely to the dark, who exist without the Creator’s light.

Modern writing and movies depict all manner of creatures who are “evil,” who exist in the dark. They also depict humans who have turned to the dark as tormented creatures. I say to you that these creatures do exist; they are not just the product of imaginations. Even the appearance of ships from other star systems has purposely been twisted to be fearful. Those who radiate fear attract fear to themselves. This applies to everything from dark energy beings resident on this planet to the appearance of starships and beings from afar.

If you are not of the light, beings who are not of the light will draw themselves to you, or you to them. Stories of non-humans feeding on the flesh and blood of humans are true. There are those who relish this feeding because it feeds their dark energy. The worship of Satan is another example; it is far more prevalent than you might imagine. The celebration of evil on this day is another. Those attracted to dark movies and books are allowing themselves to experience fear that feeds the darkness.

Your planet has resided in the clutches of the dark energy for many thousands of years. The darkness wants to be recognized, wants to increase its fear within the population. War and other horrors that man imposes on man are ways in which the dark energy feeds on mankind. Anything that generates fear serves its purpose, anything.

Those of you who are of the light would do well to reinforce yourselves and not tamper with the darkness. That is not to say that you should avoid recognizing it for what it is. See the truth in what is said about it, but do not tempt yourself by dabbling with it. It is a very powerful force and in many ways it is very seductive. Stories about children who are abducted and human slaves have some truth to them. Stories of human misery such as hunger and concentration camps are true. All of these events are intended to overwhelm the general population with a sense of fear, and bred more fear through anger. A further intent is to create a sense of hopelessness, to make believe that the human condition is beyond help, to make people believe that this is the way things are, and that they will never get better.

As we help to transform Earth and her human inhabitants into a place of light, a place of beauty, shed the images of darkness, revel in the light. Walk upon the Earth without fear. Generate no fear for those around you. Let your light shine for all who would be attracted to it, give hope to all. Love those who are caught in the dark, but do not descend to their level of fear.

I am Bren-Ton of the star system Andromeda. Those of us who observe your planet are here to assist your transition.

That’s all for today folks. Remember to stay rooted in the light.

In Truth, Love and Joy,