11-12-08 Light Within All

The following communication was provided on 11/12/08. This is my 19th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order. Today, we welcome back both Justine from Altair and Bren-Ton from Andromeda.

Despite the best efforts of the darkness to overwhelm Earth and her peoples, it and its allies on your planet have been unable to accomplish this feat. This is due to the spark of the Creator that resides in each conscious being. That spark of light is enough, in most cases, to enable that creature to cling to that which is inherently good and noble. Few are totally depraved, unless drugs or chemicals overwhelm them, or their minds become deranged. Almost everyone clings to the notion that what they are doing is in their own best interests, and in many cases the best interest of others. Some see the majority as misguided and in need of reigning in, but it is deemed to be for everyone’s good by those who would control all. So you see the dark energy can twist the reasoning of the controllers, but it cannot, in most cases, completely subvert all.

This has played itself out in successive societies since the dark energy enveloped Earth and installed its allies on this planet. Despite all that has been done to her, Earth has retained the spark of the Creators love and light. Earth never completely bowed to the dark energy; she resisted in many ways, always providing sustenance and light to her many inhabitants.

As for Earth’s human inhabitants, they too never completely bowed to the will of those who would control them. In their hearts they kept the light alive, always believing that there was some good in all, never completely surrendering their souls to the control of others, and knowing it would end someday.

We are of course generalizing here about the entire human population. There have been instances where the darkness had such a complete hold over a population that that the population succumbed to its reign. But even these instances did not last forever. After the death of those in control, the spark once again emerged and the light directed people to build anew, to seek a better way to live. Thus the great dynasties of China, of Rome, of Atlantis, and others throughout history flourished for a time, but ultimately decayed because they were not built on the good of all people.

It is so in the U.S. at this time. In the beginning the country was founded on what was to be a better way to live. Yes, wealthy white men did it, however they too sought a better way for all to live. America evolved toward a beacon of freedom and openness. But the dark energy sought to capture this bright spot on the globe, so it instituted control of the financial system, control of the government, the creation of corporations and other institutions, and the subjugation of the common man in various subtle and secretive ways. These institutions, initially created by the actions of men for good, were twisted by acts of men who had sold out to greed and fear. In this way the system was perverted to the ends of darkness.

Yes there have been bloody confrontations between those who believe one way and those who believe otherwise. However the depictions in your movies and in your history books exaggerate the reality of these. In every case there were those who operated from the light, who inspired others to do things in the best interests of all. In every case some people recognized the Creators light within and set out to manifest it.

So you see the light resides even in the darkest of circumstances. The dark energy has been unable to squash it. Ordinary people have ultimately arisen to seek their common benefit.

The situation today on your planet is that the dark chains are being broken by the actions of common women and men. Do not believe everything you read in the media about the actions in this country and in others. It is being deliberately distorted to prolong the reign of capitalism and those who control it in the name of wealth and power.

We, who watch from orbit, see the truth in the uprising of peoples around your planet. There is a ground swell of those seeking that which is right, true, and based on the common good. Yes, we will wipe out the last vestiges of the dark energy when we remove its off-planet allies. This will happen soon. Then the playing field will be level and the innate goodness of people will emerge to construct a new civilization based on truth and love. All of this will occur in concert with a revitalized Earth.

Our brothers and sisters of Earth, in the coming days and weeks remember you are of the light. You have the ability to remake yourselves and your civilization. Take this opportunity to live in the light. Your belief systems will be sorely challenged. Be open to new ways of seeing and believing.

I am Justine from the star system Altair and I am Bren-Ton from Andromeda.

Thank you, Justine and Bren-Ton. That’s it for today folks.

In Truth, Love and Joy,