11-14-08 Leadership

The following communication was provided on 11/13/08 and on 11/14/08. This is my 20th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order. Also, after you read my other writings, you may gain a greater appreciation for the material presented on these pages. Today we welcome back Justine from the star system Altair.

The problem with human organization as currently structured on this planet is that they remove and impersonalize those at the top from those at the bottom. This allows those at the top to believe that they are somehow better then those at the bottom. Once this begins, then the power and wealth factor kicks in and those with money believe they are better than those without it.

This scheme was put into place by the dark energy and its agents. They descended onto this planet with superior technology and powers. They looked upon themselves as better than the humans of this planet, and they required the indigenous people to worship them as gods.

Your modern organizations retain these characteristics. As one ascends in the ranks one loses touch with that which ordinary workers are doing. Those that enter the organization without having worked among the majority of workers, never make that connection. Soon it becomes a mark of elite that they do not get their hands dirty with the work of ordinary people. Soon they begin to consider themselves above all. In their elevated lifestyles they compete only with each other and distance themselves ever more from the common woman and man.

Those who are slightly lower on the pyramid envision themselves climbing to the summit of power and wealth. They align themselves with those at the top so that they too might have what those at the top have. Then they too lose touch with their brothers and sisters in the lower ranks.

On my planet Supsten, it was a tremendous advancement in civilization when we recognized that every human was of equal worth. We then began to honor each regardless of their station in life, age, sex, etc., regardless of the “job” they were doing, as important and worthy of our love and full recognition. Then we extended this to the issue of money and it became apparent that money should be made available to all in equal measure and no one should be accorded more regardless of how they contributed to the whole because each was essential to the functioning of the whole.

This then brings us to the question of leadership. Leaders are simply those who have a particular gift of insight into the bigger picture, are willing and able to speak up, and are willing to work in this way. Leaders are no more or less important than anyone else; they simply have a talent that they are using. On my planet we do not reward leaders any different monetarily than we do someone who is cleaning the streets. The street sweeper is providing a necessary service, is a valued member of the community, and is a brother or sister just like anyone else.

Because of this attitude we have many people who find joy working in fields to harvest food, and are satisfied sweeping streets. We have others who are happy to maintain our libraries or head up our institutions. Individuals are recognized for their contributions in many ways, but not monetarily. Thus everyone may have a comfortable dwelling, everyone has sufficient food and clothing. Luxury items such as a boat are shared among many people, so that a single family does not hoard items like these.

I know this sounds like a radical departure from that which you have today on your world. Keep in mind that the agents of the dark energy established the whole pyramid scheme of gods and wealth. It was a way to get people to compete, to see each other as different and separate. It is an artificial scheme, not part of the Creators plan for honoring all as important. Once you reopen your ability to communicate telepathically, this way of life will become quite natural.

Once humans see each as important, they will then see the various manifestation of Earth as important, and honor each aspect of her beauty and functionality. Each of her creatures will likewise be honored for its role in supporting the whole.

Yes, this sounds utopian to your ears. Yes it is a long way away from where you are today. However, some of you reading this message are to be the leaders of the new Earth. How better to begin than by honoring all your fellow humans as beautiful, worthy, and unique individuals. Money can be a medium of exchange, not something to be accumulated and used to triumph over your fellow man.

I am Justine of the Altair star system. May we all move forward to create a brilliant new civilization for Earth.

Thank you, Justine.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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