11-5-08 Congratulations

The following communication was provided on 11/5/08. This is my 17th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order. Today, we welcome back Bren-Ton from the star system Andromeda.

Barack Obama, his name sounds strange as the leader of a nation founded by white men. His appearance is not similar to that of the pictures of other presidents that hang in public building or are seen on the nation’s currency. Yes, the election of this man spells change, change at the very roots of your society.

The implications go way beyond just change in your political system. Many people had to put aside long-held prejudices to vote for this man. Many had to put aside long-held beliefs. It took the combined actions of many Earth humans to elect this man.

This act has implications for this galaxy, for this universe. We, who observe you from starships in orbit about your planet, now see that a significant number of you are ready to accept something dramatically new. This opens the door for that which we have awaited. By electing a man who appears somewhat different from you may be more inclined to accept beings from distant star systems who appear different, who act different. By electing this man to high office, you have signaled that you too are willing to change. By accepting the changes which this man will usher in, you will be more ready to accept civilizations from distant star systems that are different.

We have awaited a signal from you that you were ready for something different, that you were ready to throw off the shackles of your enslavement, an enslavement that you barely comprehend. We now have that signal from you. Thank you. Oh yes, we will begin appearing in your skies very soon now, watch for us.

Barack Obama received training on my star system, and others. He is aware of the larger picture. He knows full well that for which he volunteered. The scope of his job is that of planetary change agent. These are the reasons he is so firm in his commitment and so eloquent in his speech.

The road ahead will not be easy. By signaling change in the thinking of such a significant number of individuals, you have paved the road to the transformation of this planet. We will now proceed with that for which this vast armada of craft is assembled. In the weeks and months ahead, you will experience earth shifts as Earth rights herself to that which she was eons ago, before the darkness enveloped her. This will mean some hardships for you on the planet’s surface, but they will not persist for long, and we will help you survive the transition. We are here to help.

In the weeks and months ahead, you will see the destruction of your man-made institutions, the demise of your monetary system, and the collapse or near collapse of your government. Upon this ruin you will build a new civilization.

So it is not the man, Barack Obama, who is most important. It was the combined action of the many people of the United States signaling openness to walk down a new path. Congratulate yourselves.

You have taken the first steps toward a brilliant new way of being. Look for ways to help your brothers and sister on this planet who wish to see a new civilization. Look for ways to reach out to those who do not, but do not overly concern yourselves with pulling everyone into this new civilization. Many will choose to die rather than be a part of it. This is the beginning of a great bifurcation of your peoples. Understand it as that, and rejoice that now each person can see it for himself or herself, and make a clear decision as to which path they will pursue.

I am Bren-Ton of the star system Andromeda. Once again I remind you at those of us who observe your planet are here to assist your transition.

That’s all for today folks.

In Truth, Love and Joy,