12-12-08 Clarification

Many thanks to those who are reading my postings. Please let others know about them.

I have suggested that you read my earlier posting in chronological order. My later posting will make more sense in light of the earlier ones. If you are interested in doing so, here is the procedure. (For some reason the link to “Blog Archives” on the site will not get you there.)

If you wish to read my postings from September, copy this address and paste it into your search engine: http://www.cosmicparadigm.com/Marks_Corner/2008/09/ It will take you to an index where you can open individual postings.

For October copy and paste: http://www.cosmicparadigm.com/Marks_Corner/2008/10/

For November copy and paste: http://www.cosmicparadigm.com/Marks_Corner/2008/11/

For December copy and paste: http://www.cosmicparadigm.com/Marks_Corner/2008/12/

My thanks to our brothers and sisters from other star systems who are making these postings possible, also to the others who have contributed.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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