12-16-08 Transition Details

In cooperation with a brother of a distant star system, one who resides on a starship of the armada in orbit about our planet, I transcribed this message. Today is December 16th; this is my 28th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read my earlier postings, preferably in chronological order (see the procedure at the end of this message). Today I welcome back Bren-Ton from the Andromedan star system. He has been an observer of our planet for a very long time.

Greeting to all. As others and I have said, Earth is returning to her pristine state. The harm done to her by humans and by the agents of the dark energy over the millenniums is being reversed; this includes population, environment, resources, and correcting other things. This is not a quick process; it will take some time. Once Earth is in her former state, she will move into a higher frequency to assume that which was determined from the beginning as her rightful place in the galaxy. And she will shine like no other orb with a beauty unique to her.

Those who choose to remain on the planet during this interim time will experience many wondrous changes. From the perspective of the humans on Earth’s surface, you will first see the bifurcation of those who wish to stay and those who wish to go. This in itself will not be an easy process. Many loved ones will choose to leave; the reduced numbers of those who stay will have much with which to cope. No, the planet will not be littered with millions of dead bodies. As part of cleansing the environment, those of us from other planets will deal with the bodies of those who choose to depart – we are the clean up crew.

The early part of our mission here was to provide beneficial energies to heal the soul of Earth. Another part of our job is to cleanse her physically, in a 3rd dimensional sense if you will. This has been done with other planets. I was there when Supsten of the Altairian star system was moved to the light. I witnessed Justine and Moraine as they chose to stay and be part of their revitalized planet. They have many stories to share of those times. My story is of one who was part of the clean-up crew for their planet.

My civilization has technologies to clean the water, land and air of your planet. When there is no danger to anyone from the agents of the dark energy and their misguided human allies, we will begin that process. In my experience this will not happen until the great choosing has taken place, although it may be different with Earth.

As the population of the planet is reduced, we will be very careful to nurture those who have chosen to remain here as Earth’s caretakers. In addition to helping them get organized on the their new level playing field, we will start the cleansing process. Using giant energy scoops, we will process both air and water, being careful to handle the birds and fish so as to preserve as many as possible. I am sure they will enjoy their cleaned environment.

The land is a more difficult operation and one that takes longer. Using energy techniques, we will, one by one, heal the scars left by mining and by drilling. That is not to say that they all will disappear, some will be left as reminders for those humans who remain. After the major scars are removed and renovated, we will undertake an acceleration of plant life so that the deserts may once again bloom, the forests re-grow, and the planet’s great plains become fertile blankets.

Earth shifts will occur due to righting the planet to her proper axis of rotation, and the removal of the moon. So you see, there will be dramatic earth changes, as you like to call them, along with environmental corrections. This may help to explain other messages you have been receiving about weather and other extreme conditions.

The time of transition for the humans of Earth will be one of uncertainty. There are several things that will help you through this period. First knowing that you are not the only ones to have experienced such a transition to the light. Second that you have an extraordinary amount of assistance from those of us who have transitioned before. Third, that God and the celestials will be at your side to nurture you along the way. Fourth, the planet and her people will not fail to achieve the light. The end result will be a glorious new world for Earth and her human population.

There are several phases of the transition: First a removal of the agents of the dark energy. Second a return of Earth to her pristine condition. Third, acceleration of Earth and her people to the higher density. Each of these phases will take some time, as the situation is most complex. When I say some time, I mean several years. And yes, Mark, you will see this transition take place, although you may not be around for the full transformation to light.

The most dramatic and immediate, as far as you humans who currently occupy Earth are concerned, will be the removal of the agents of the dark energy and the void this will leave in institutions such as the economy, government, and religion. Disruptions in all critical services will occur as these agents of the dark energy, and their clones and adherents, are removed from their positions of power.

The second most dramatic will be returning Earth to her pristine state, and all that accompanies that. These two parts of the transition will be result in a fair amount of chaos. Here it will be most important to have others upon which you can rely, and have a close connection to God.

Broadcasting of these messages will be interrupted, as all electronic communication will be severed. You will communicate without the Internet. Critical services such as electricity and natural gas, food, and water will be interrupted. Transportation will come to a halt. All of this will come to pass in the near future. Think of what you can do to provide for these, as well as a heated shelter.

Many will blame these problems on us, your brothers and sisters. Despite this, we will assist humans to survive, and then prosper. We will assist you to reorganize without the influence of the dark agents. This in itself will be a major undertaking. How many of you have the stomach for living through all I have just described?

I am guessing not many. Most people will say that they wish to come back when the messy work is done. However, we cannot have everyone opt out. We must have a few upon which the new civilization of light will be built. Who among those reading my words will sign up?

I leave you now with a blessing to our brothers and sisters of Earth from your brothers and sisters of distant star systems. We will communicate again soon.

That’s it for today folks. In Truth, Love and Joy,


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