Beliefs Part III

During 2008, and now in 2009, it has been my privilege to receive, transcribe, and publish messages from certain of our brothers and sisters from other star systems, and other distinguished sources. These uplifting messages are filled with hope, love, and appreciation for that which is uniquely Earth-human. I encourage everyone to pay close attention to these messages as we are entering unchartered territory: MY UNDERSTANDING OF THAT WHICH IS COMING IS THAT IT WILL NOT BE AN EXTRAPOLATION OF OUR CURRENT CIVILIZATION.

This is my 12th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. Again we welcome back Bren-Ton of Andromeda aboard the starship Athabantian, in orbit about our planet. Today we also have a special message from someone whom I will allow to introduce himself.


After the dark energy descended onto your planet, subjecting the humans of Earth to genetic manipulation, and thrusting them back to a fearful primitive state, it should not surprise that your ancestors turned to a their surroundings to create primitive religions. They saw sun and moon as overlords. They saw the passing of the seasons as mysterious. Their efforts at hunting and gathering were shrouded in superstition. First they became superstitious, then religious. They began to worship aspects of nature as gods.

When the agents of the dark energy, physical beings from a different planet, made their appearance, it was quite understandable that the invaders would be viewed as gods. They encouraged the primitive humans to worship them. Thus began the first formal religion, a structure designed to control the humans of Earth: If the gods required it, it must be fulfilled. All was done out of fear; there was no love expressed between these gods and their human subjects.

My ancestors from Andromeda were powerless to interfere. A powerful shield had been thrown over your planet by the dark energy. Our scouting parties were rebuffed. At the same time, we were occupied with defending our own planets from intrusion by the dark energy. We paid scant attention to your planet for many thousands of your years; the situation on Earth deteriorated. However, there remained a spark of the Creator within primitive man, and in many instances the rule of the dark energy was not complete. Slowly, ever so slowly, primitive enclaves advanced beyond the role of hunter gathers. However religions continued to hold all in bondage.

The recoded histories of Egypt, Babylon, and other ancient cultures demonstrate the hold that the priests of those cultures had over the common people and their rulers. Depictions of Egyptian rulers show them surrounded by tall off-planet allies. The religion of Egypt was one step above that of early man, but it served equally well to keep people in bondage.

Atlantis and Lemuria preceded the culture of Egypt. These were colonies established by those of us from other planets. All went well until the spiritual aspects of these cultures deteriorated into religions with heightened positions for the priests and priestesses, and fear began to rule. When this led to rigidness within these two cultures, they began to see those from the other culture as different. This eventually descended into war, with the use of atomic devices.

My reason for pointing out this evolution is to show the hidden hand of religion in all of this. It is the beliefs of people that support the structure of religion. These beliefs rely on superstition and implanted ideas, not truth. Beliefs have held the primitive humans of this planet, and subsequently the more advanced civilizations of this planet, in a grip since the dark energy descended. Religious beliefs, and other mind control methods, are the principle ways in which the dark energy ensnares humans.

Thought forms and images are constantly being presented to the human mind. If fearful images are absorbed, they create the emotion of fear in the physical body. These thought forms can coalesce into beliefs about reality. Most often these beliefs are based on that which comes from thought forms, or the teachings of others, not truth. I will communicate more on our views about your religions and beliefs the next time we speak.


When I incarnated on this planet, I chose to do so among the Jewish people because their religious beliefs were very structured. My soul contract was to bring the Christ energy, the energy of Creator’s love, to the humans of Earth. This I did by introducing Creator’s love into the rigid structure of rules and regulations that were stifling the Jewish people, causing them to see all from a place of fear.

My father Joseph, and my mother Mary conceived me, as did your parents, Mark. I was born in due course and enjoyed a normal childhood before becoming aware of who I was. My mother and father saw their son, Joshua, as special, but not that unusual.

The stories about my birth and my childhood are just that, stories attributed to me after I had achieved fame as a teacher. People wanted to ascribe something special to my early years, so stories grew up about my birth and early childhood. I assure you, they were not that remarkable.

My awareness of my mission became apparent when I was entering my teenage years. At that time I became aware that I was interested in and saw things in a way different than other children of my age. I felt that I did not fit into the mold of what was considered “normal.” I sensed that I was different, not special, not better than, just different.

Growing up in Palestine, I had the advantage of interacting with people from many other countries. I became curious about the different cultures of Earth, and was determined to explore these for myself. I left my home in Nazareth at the age of 17 to journey to other lands, traveling to Rome, the capital of the civilized world of that day.

On my travels I found people of different races, black, brown, and white, plus many different languages and different family habits. I saw everyone as my brother or sister. Everyone was human just like me, some small differences, but basically just other humans whether they were of high station or low. We were all just humans of this planet.

My enlightenment increased dramatically when I discovered a knowingness that there were other inhabited planets. I was given the knowledge that my soul had incarnated on many of these. This too helped me see other Earth humans as my brothers and sisters, and allowed me to love them. This enlightenment and love for my fellow humans stemmed from the Christ energy within me, an energy that was apparent to all with whom I came into contact. I will have more to say in forthcoming messages, my love to all until we speak again.


Thank you Bren-Ton, and a special thank you to Jesus. It is my pleasure to transcribe your words. This entire process humbles me, as I comprehend the level of cooperation and love among those beyond our planet.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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