I have not posted anything since February 2nd because I have been quite sick. Every system in my body was affected from respiratory to intestinal to urinary to muscle/skeletal. I had a fever of 104, was unable to sleep, eat, or think for three days, during which time I was delirious. I am, as of today, almost back, but not without residual effects. I am telling you these details as they are directly related to the following message from Rosio, the celestial who accompanied me through this.

My name is Rosio. I am the angel, or celestial, who assisted Mark’s body to cleanse, and reconstruct to accommodate higher frequencies. I know this was an unpleasant process, but it was necessary to remove an accumulation of dense energies that had built up over the past decades, some of them dating from childhood. It was also necessary to provide as clean a vessel as possible for the introduction of new frequencies that would heal scars, and replace old fear patterns. All was done according to a formula developed over many previous involvements with humans on this planet and others. I am a specialist; this is my job.

I now wish to draw an analogy between what took place with Mark, and that which I see will take place with the humans of Earth. The cells of Marks body form a symbiotic relationship with each other to fulfill bodily functions. Each is important, none unimportant. Each has a role to play. No one cell is more important than any other.

So, in the near future, my friends and colleagues among the celestials, plus physical beings from other star systems, will perform for Earth and her people the same type of clean and replenishment operation as was done on Mark’s body. Mark’s temperature was raised to kill certain unwanted intruders; thus the temperature of the planet will rise. Mark’s intestinal system purged itself; thus will the planet be cleansed of many, many unwanted conscious life forms who are impeding its ascension to a lighter body. Mark’s mind and stability were sorely tested as this procedure was ongoing, thus will the collective mind of Earth humans and their stability be challenged. Mark experienced fear during this process; most will experience fear during Earth’s transition.

Mark drank water in copious amounts to flush away the residue of cells that were not longer required. Earth will experience extreme weather to flush out unwanted aspects on her surface. Mark was unable to sleep for several days as his heart beat rapidly. Mark hallucinated; there will be wild visions and heightened energies surrounding Earth’s transition. All will be affected; none will know fail to notice that a huge change is taking place. Some will accommodate to it; others will reject it.

Mark does not know it yet, but there are permanent changes that resulted from his sickness. He will find new ways of behaving and relating. He will have a knowingness about certain things that comes from a close connection to those of us in the celestial realm. He will see this as insight; it is a knowingness of the truth of certain things. To sum it up, Mark will have a new way of being.

Thank you Rosio. It is my pleasure to transcribe your words. This entire process humbles me, as I comprehend the level of cooperation and love among those beyond our planet.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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The planet too will, as a result of our involvement, achieve a new way of being. Earth will resonate at a higher frequency. Earth, if it is possible, will be even more loving toward her remaining inhabitants. I say remaining as many species of plants and animals will be no more. So Earth will achieve a new way of being. This new manifestation will be that which was intended since the beginning. She will have at last shed the yoke placed upon her by the dark energy. She will emerge as a shining sphere for all to admire, love, and bless, and her human inhabitants will emerge as highly conscious citizens of the universe.