Beliefs Part IV & Christ Energy

Today I am continuing with the series of messages last posted on February 2nd. Since it has been almost two weeks, and because Bren-Ton’s message summarizes much of what was explained earlier, I encourage you to review his earlier messages. The message from Jesus speaks for itself. As I have said before, I encourage everyone to pay close attention as we are entering unchartered territory: my understanding of the new civilization is that it will be quite different from a mere extrapolation of our current one.

As most fitting for this Valentine’s Day, 2009, this is my 14th posting to Mark’s Corner.


It is my pleasure to return to this forum. I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda with the following message for you. Elitists are at the top of any structure because they epitomize its beliefs. This is true for political, corporate, financial, educational, and religious structures. It is not possible to be one of the top people of a structure without embracing wholeheartedly its underlying beliefs.

I use the term elitists because once someone has ascended to the top position within a structure, they look upon those below them as somehow less than. They feel the wealth, power, and privileges accorded to those at the top are justified. They do not morn over those beneath them, those who are obviously inferior because they are not one of them. And if they have climbed from the ranks of the inferiors, they do not regret having left them behind. They see themselves as stronger and smarter than those over which they rule. This very simple mechanism for transforming humans from common people to self-centered elitists has been in place for thousands of years.

As we discussed in earlier messages, structures were imposed by the dark energy to control the humans of earth. Once in place a structure maintains itself through the beliefs of those within it. The majority must agree or the structure would collapse. Elitists are an integral part of all structures.

It is only a small step then to placing a limited number of non-humans within any structure so that it follows the specific intent of the dark energy. The agents of the dark energy, non-humans who are able to assume human form, are relatively few in number. However they are strategically placed within all structures on this planet, those of the industrialized nations, and those of the less developed countries. They are in structures that are ostensibly dedicated to the will of the majority, such as politics, those that were established with some noble goal, such as relief organizations, and those who are self-seeking such as corporations and dictatorships. All structures function with the objectives of serving the needs of those who control them. All structures are based on beliefs; it is the beliefs about them that give them cohesion and longevity. Please review my earlier messages to appreciate the full development of structures and beliefs.

Fear enters into the belief – structure equation by making people who are fearful subservient, and willing to give up their rights as individuals. You have seen it in the wake of the 9/11 incident. What you may not realize is that this process has been going on for centuries. Fear establishes the need for structures. Fear conjures up the need to believe in something. Fear is basic to all that I have described. Fear is the ingredient that glues structures and beliefs together.

The transition to a civilization of light will require that structures and beliefs be abandoned. They will be replaced with truth, oneness, and love. If people come from a place of love, then structures are not required, nor are beliefs needed. This is where you the enlightened people of Earth are headed. Are you ready for such an extensive redo? Can you turn aside from fear, structures, and beliefs? Can you join with your brothers and sisters from the cosmos to enter into a new day?


I too am pleased to provide a message for this forum. I am the one whom you call Jesus. The Christ energy that I brought to this planet with my incarnation is unique, but at the same time universal. It is a facet of the Creator’s love focused on the relationship between one being and another. It is like grease or oil that lessens the friction between gears. It is a breath of fresh air in a stale environment. It is one person extending a hand toward another when it would not be in that person’s character to do so. It is making allies out of old enemies. It is making close friends out of acquaintances. It is an energy that radiates from the one who embodies it to envelope all in his or her surroundings.

It is yours for the asking. It is yours to add to who you are. If you walk with Christ energy, you will assume a new gentleness, a new tolerance, a new way of moving within a group, and a new friendliness. In order to claim the Christ energy, you need only assent to its presence within you. It will not change your basic nature; it will enhance it. It will give you resolve in the face of criticism, love in the face of fear, and comradeship in the face of separation.

The quality of the Christ light is like that of aquamarine: it has the colors of the rainbow. The Christ light that I brought to this planet has done much to assist the development of your modern civilization. The Christ energy has kept the light of the Creator alive despite hardships imposed by the agents of the dark energy as they attempted to distort the true nature of Christ energy. It has been the basic goodness of those who recognize the Creator’s light within themselves, enhanced by the Christ energy, who have been the salvation of civilization.

So I say to you this day, as you enter into the final moments of your transformation, take the Christ energy as a gift from Creator. Do not look too much on me or my life on this planet; they are of lesser importance than the gift I brought. Let the reality of the Christ energy replace your worn out beliefs, whatever they may be. Let the Christ energy strengthen you in the coming months. Whatever your current religious beliefs, know that the Christ energy is a gift from Creator. The Christ energy is not the exclusive purview of Christianity, which itself is a false set of beliefs about me and my life on this planet. Know that the Christ energy transcends all beliefs. It is a powerful force for good. It does not depend on the particular beliefs of the one who holds it. It transcends the behavior of those who pass it on.

There is much misunderstand about the Christ energy. Those who wanted to capture the Christ energy and restrict it unto themselves and their followers coined the word Christian. Like many things religious, the Christ energy was warped to the goals of the dark energy. The true Christ energy is a powerful force unto itself; it is incapable of being contained by a particular sect or cult. It continues its work of uplifting relationships despite definitions, rules, and selection of believers. The Christ energy that I brought to this planet was never intended for a particular church or religious sect or cult. It was never intended that one group capture the Christ energy. It was, and is, a gift for all Earth humans. Those who claim title to the Christ energy have fallen into a trap laid by the dark energy.

From time to time, over the long history of humans on this planet, energies have been directed at you. The most notable was the descent of the dark energy one half million years ago. It wiped out much of what was good and beautiful about humanity’s situation at that time, thrusting your ancestors into a primative state. For many years light energies attempted to penetrate the darkness, without much success. The agents of the dark energy did not record these attempts, as they did not wish to acknowledge anything existed outside them and their influence on humanity. Most recently, the energies of the arm
ada, that collection of starcraft from about the galaxy, have successfully contributed their energy to raise Earth from her depression. This grand armada continues to provide energy to the planet and to its human residents.

I brought the Christ energy to this planet some 2,000 years ago. I successfully penetrated the barrier of the dark energy by bringing the Christ energy with me at the time of my incarnation. It grew within me until I was a young man, ready to talk with others about an energy that manifested itself so obviously within me. The agents of the dark energy did not appreciate that they had within their midst such a disruptive power. I was allowed to travel, handing off the Christ energy to many that I encountered, spreading the energy throughout “the civilized world.” All records of my travels, and their subsequent benefit, have been wiped from your history books. Only that of my life that served the darker purposes of establishing a religion survived. My primary purpose in incarnating on this planet was to bring the Christ energy to you and your ancestors. I did not intend to establish a religion. I did not come here to die for your sins. I came here to distribute the Christ energy, period.

And it worked, the effects of the Christ energy since the days I walked this planet are many. Once again, the effects have been largely wiped from your historical records so as to minimize the impact of the Christ energy on the development of civilization. You would not be typing my message, in a relatively free country with modern conveniences had not the Christ energy uplifted mankind. The Christ energy has ennobled many who have gone forward to make a better life for themselves and their fellowman. It has never diminished since its introduction, only multiplied. It is like a virus infecting that which the dark energy would control, diminishing its influence daily. Please join with me, and all others who embody the Christ energy, so that we may assist you during your transition.


Thank you Bren-Ton, and a special thank you to Jesus. It is my honor to transcribe your words. This entire process humbles me, as I comprehend the level of cooperation and love among those involved with the transformation of our planet.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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