One Lesson VII

This is the seventh message in this series with God. These messages build upon each other; for their full impact read them in sequence. This is my 21st posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009.


Let us begin now with the final lesson of this series. As I experience you, Mark, and other humans of Earth, I see you trapped by various beliefs. Most of your beliefs are based on misinformation, much of it deliberately manufactured to control you.

You have beliefs about who you are, about your family, about your city, and your country. Most of these are not true. You are a soul having a physical lifetime, not a body with a soul. Your family comes from a mixture of races more complex than anyone might imagine, you are not of a defined linage. Your city was founded on the back of a military installation, an outpost against vicious American Indians. The Indians were not vicious; they only wanted to live in peace. Your forebearers did not need to conquer the wilderness, only learn to live in harmony with it. Your country did not need to become the mightiest military presence on the planet, to fight a war on terror. These are constructs that designed to keep you subservient to the desires of a few.

Many people believe the current economic structure is designed to benefit the majority of people. In reality it was designed to benefit the few who own and control major corporations and financial institutions. You believe your government operates in the best interests of the people, that it is a democracy. It operates for the benefit of the elected few, and the bureaucrats who administer it.

Your various religions teach you that a priest, rabbi, minister, Bible, or Quran is needed to interpret who I am. As I have shown you, I am as close to you as a flick of the switch. You need only drop into a slightly different consciousness and you may speak with me at any moment of the day. You do not need organized religion with its leaders and wise men to find truth. I am truth. Ask me, I will tell you.

So I leave you with these final words: I am you, you are Me. Discover truth, cling not to beliefs. Wake up, for the time is near when all will be called to accompany the new Earth, or chose to remain behind. All will be called, all will choose. And, most important, remember that we are all one.


ANYONE SHOULD FEEL FREE TO COPY THIS MESSAGE, AS WELL AS OTHER MESSAGES AT MARK’S CORNER, AND DISTRIBUTE THEM. We are approaching a time when this information will be valuable as a source of truth amidst confusion.

Those who are communicating with me have said that they will entertain your questions as long as they are not specific to your circumstances alone. Please send your queries to me at I will begin to ask your questions as soon as we complete this series of messages with God.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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