History I

This message is a response to questions posed by you, the readers of this site, plus a few of my own. As I have said before, these messages build on each other, for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008. This is my 24th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009.

I welcome back Bren-Ton of the Star System Andromeda who will begin a new series of messages with a picture of Earth as his and our distant ancestors experienced it.


One million years ago Earth was a pristine paradise. Her waters were clear and pure, as was her atmosphere. Her land was vibrant and lush with grasslands and forests covering all. She supported a wide variety of plants and animals. All mammals, fish, birds, and insects comingled in harmony; all were vegetarian. There were no adverse bacteria, and no viruses or funguses. There were no seasons as the tilt of the planet was vertical. There was no moon.

Earth volunteered to host an experiment in human evolution. Four races, numbering about ten thousand in total, were brought from nearby star systems: black, yellow, white, and red. The idea behind this experiment was to blend these four races, meld them into a unique race combining the best aspects of each, a race like no other in the universe. My ancestors contributed the red race. The humans from Sirius brought the black race. The white race from the Pleiadians volunteered to come. The yellow people from Aries agreed to be part of the experiment. All knew of the experiment and all four willingly accepted the challenge of completing the goal of integration.

The colonists who came to this planet from the four star systems were all volunteers. They came from planets in those star systems that were about as technologically advanced, as was your civilization two hundred years ago. They did not possess nor understand complex mechanisms. The sources of power they were familiar with were animals and wind. It was not unlike the time of your great age of exploration in the Fourteenth Century. So, these were not a primitive people. They had been transported by starcraft from their home planets; they knew of the larger picture, knew of greater technologies.

Those who oversaw this population and its evolution did not, by joint agreement, contribute any advanced technology. The primary purpose of this experiment was to get the four races to interact. After several hundred thousand years of evolution, the settlers developed only rudimentary forms of mechanization. Keep in mind they were not driven to develop faster, because Earth was such a paradise, everything was here for them.

The settlers understood the basics of sanitation and agriculture, and taught their children about the larger picture. They were a very spiritual people, and knew about God and celestials. There was no religion. All were very beautiful people, filled with love. There was little fear or anger, and minimal conflicts between individuals. They were in complete harmony with Earth. They enjoyed long lives; there was no disease, and few hardships. There were no ferocious animals, and no adverse climate.

It probably appears to you that these ancestors of yours were not motivated, but they were living in a paradise where everything was provided. Their primary focus was to interact with each other and to live peaceful lives. Due to the moderate climate, they built only basic structures. Their lifestyle required only the basic tools they brought with them. It did not take long for them to domesticate the animals they found on their new planet. Their population eventually grew to about 500,000 people.

Their impact upon Earth was minimal as they ate off the land. The climate was moderate; housing was required only to shelter them from the rains that kept the land green and lush. All members of the original races were happy to be part of the experiment. For those on the planet’s surface, time passed with the daily rotation of the planet and the changing configurations of the stars.

The land of Earth resembled the current continents. The colonies were established on different parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe, with the idea that they were close enough that the people could interact, while retaining their individuality. Earth was happy with this situation, she saw herself as nurturing the experiment.

Those of us who had contributed our races watched over the experiment and were pleased. After the initial colonization, we did not physically interact with the residents of the planet, preferring to allow the situation to develop in its own way. We did observe that all was in peaceful coexistence. In retrospect, the only mistake we made was to place the races so far apart; this minimized their interaction. They tended to intermarry between their own, rather than reaching out to those of other races.


Thank you Bren-Ton. As usual, you have given me much to think about, this is particularly true in the case of innovation with which I was involved for so many years.

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Once again, I thank you who made a financial contribution. It has made a difference in my ability to continue with this work, my gratitude to each of you.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


P.S. I will be involved with “Gatherings” (workshops) beginning March 13th. I anticipate that I will post few messages after that date for the remainder of March.


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