History II

This message is a response to questions posed by you, the readers of this site, plus a few of my own. As I have said before, these messages build on each other, for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008. This is my 25th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009.

As I transcribed this message from Bren-Ton, I literally felt the dark energy that is described below. I know this material is difficult to read, but some of you asked for the truth about the history of this planet.


When the dark energy descended on Earth, about a half million years ago, there were many changes resulting from the fear that overwhelmed everything and everyone. It could most easily be seen in the animals, where once all lived in harmony there was now predator and prey. This became true for mammals, birds, fish, and insects. Each species was overpowered by the fear that warped the planet. Keep in mind that all is energy, so fear transformed the actual physical manifestation of the species, changing both their appearance and attitude. Where before the members of the feline family were docile vegetarians, they now became ferocious predators, preying on their former friends in the bovine and other families.

For the humans of that time, their energy manifestations also changed. The overwhelming fear changed their very DNA robbing them of the loving, peaceful attitude they had brought to the planet from afar. So fierce was the fear that males and females were transformed into barely human savages Overnight they were changed from caring family members to selfish individuals, from accepting to suspicious and judgmental. Losing their tradition of peaceful agriculture and domestication of animals, they reverted to hunter/gathers. Their physical manifestations changed, so that they became much like their primitive ancestors on the planets they had left behind to journey to Earth.

Earth herself resisted the dark energy, but ultimately to no avail. Her axis was tilted so that she now produced seasons and her poles were shrouded in ice and snow. Overall she cooled from a moderate temperature to seasonal with latitude fluctuations. As a final insult, she was harnessed with an artificial satellite that tugged relentlessly at her waters and land. It was a sharp reminder of the power that the dark energy had over her and her plant, animal, and human residents.

Those of my ancestors who had brought the settlers to the planet tried to interfere. We were summarily rebuffed by the power of the dark energy. The dark energy placed an energy field around Earth that my ancestors could not penetrate. We were forced to withdraw under threats to the civilization of their own star system. The dark energy blanketed much of this sector of the universe, but none so completely as Earth.

As a result of the actions of the dark energy, Earth and her inhabitants were plunged into darkness, gripped in a state of fear. The civilization of Earth’s humans was wiped away; they became primitive in every sense of the word. Fear dimmed the light of the Creator in all. A predator – prey hierarchy was established among Earth’s animals. Viruses, bacteria, and funguses were introduced to plague humans, animals, and plants. The dark energy fed on the fear emanating from the planet and her inhabitants.


Thank you, Bren-Ton of Andromeda. As usual, you have given me something to think about. Your description above reminds me of the transformation that Anakin Skywalker underwent as fear changed him into Darth Vader in the movie Star Wars III.

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In Truth, Love and Joy,


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