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The messages on this site build on each other, for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008. They detail the situation on this planet and our place in the universe as communicated to me. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth.

This is my 32nd posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. I was very surprised, but happy, to receive the following message from our planet, Earth.


Thank you, Mark, for receiving this transmission. I wish to convey to all my human guests the truth about their existence on my surface. God, as a part of his creation of this galaxy, created me. That was several billion years ago, and yes, evolutionary processes were used in my creation, things like the vast ocean of gasses that cooled into a hard mass.

All life forms that now inhabit my surface were brought here from afar. After I provided a suitable ocean and land, the agents of God who are charged with such tasks introduced plants. In my case I was given an extraordinary variety of plant life, both on my land and in my seas. This variety is unrivalled anywhere else in the galaxy. A while later animals, birds, fish, and insects from around the galaxy were introduced.

Some of your scientists and visionaries believe that all physical creation is but one form or another of energy, slowed to materialize into physical form. That is true. I said that the life forms of plants and animals from around the galaxy were introduced; I did not say how that was done. The way it happened was that patterns were brought, and the physical forms were materialized here; they were not physically transported. Why physically transport anything, when you can bring the pattern and materialize it where required? So that is the way it happened to me.

In answer to your question as to what you, as an individual human being, can influence of my materialized creation, the answer is that you can physically affect that which appears physical with the tools I have provide to you. Thus if you wish to cut down one of my trees, you will need to use a physical implement to do so. As long as you remain in this 3rd dimension reality you will affect things of this dimension in 3rd dimension ways. The physical is acted upon by the physical.

Is it possible to act upon things energetically? The answer is yes. At your level of evolvement, humans have a somewhat limited ability to affect my material creation by using energy techniques. As you proceed to assume greater powers, this ability will increase. You will also be able to construct machines to assist you in this process. Working in today’s 3rd dimension, if you wish to construct a table, you will need implements with which to do that. At a higher level of functioning, you will be able to construct things by using energy manifestation techniques.

It is of little value to you at this moment to see everything as slowed energy, unless you wish to do so for philosophical reasons. From a practical aspect, see that which is of my material nature as something you can interact with on this physical plane. Hold all in appreciation for what I have given to you, for it is my bounty that I freely give to humanity, and which I allow humans to use for their benefit. Appreciate them as gifts, and do not desecrate my air, water, and land. Hold all in great appreciation and I will continue to serve you. Waste or misuse and I will withdraw it from you.

I am transforming to a new way of being. I invite all who would be caretakers of my new way of being to accompany me on this journey. In my new way of being, the land, water, and air will once again be pure and clean. In my new way of being, there will be peace among all my guests, and all my animals, fish, birds, and insects. I am very much looking forward to the time when that will be the case.

My transition to a lighter density is being accomplished with the help of many of your brothers and sisters from other star systems, as well as mighty celestials, agents of God. Together they will be freezing time for my human guests, as well as my animal, bird, fish, and insect residents. This will enable me to accelerate my return to my former state of pure waters, clean air, and pristine land. My plant life will be repaired, and once again my deserts will bring forth the trees and grasses that formerly existed in there.

All of this will be accomplished in an instant of time as far as my human guests are able to sense. During this frozen moment, as I am returned to my pristine self, each human guest will make his or her choice known. Not all of you will remain with me, only those who desire to become true caretakers of my land, water, and air. Those who do not wish to honor me in this way will be removed, or will remove themselves.

You may appreciate what a complex process this is when you consider the many guests who are currently on my surface, as well as my many residents. All must be cared for in the manner most auspicious for their wellbeing, even those who are leaving me, and make no mistake I would like to have as many as of my guests as possible accompany me.

You who dwell on my surface have, for many years, allowed fear to rule your lives; no more will that be the case. After my transformation to a pristine state, love and light will form the foundation for those who remain, and there will be peace at long last.


Thank you, Earth, it is a privilege to hear from you.

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In Truth, Love and Joy,


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