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This is my 48th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. Today, we welcome back Adrial, a celestial of this universe, who will address questions posed by you the readers of these messages.

It is my pleasure to join you, once again, to respond to a persistent question. The notion that you in the physical realm have regarding a particular designation such as “3rd dimension” is a matter of convenience. In reality, those of you who say that you are of the 3rd dimension exhibit various energies. Other people whom you encounter present different energies. They may even display different energies depending on the particular activity in which they are engaged, or the particular mind-set in which they find themselves. The energy of joy is different then the energy of sadness. The frequency exhibited by someone who is of the light is different than the energy exhibited by someone who is angry. So within that which you call the 3rd dimension there are many differences of energy, many densities.

Frequencies are on a spectrum from the densest where there is little if any light to the pure light of the Creator. It is a spectrum of many, many frequencies. There are no precise divisions between one group of frequencies and another grouping. Thus it would not be correct for me to say that I was at a frequency of five or ten. Yes, it is true that I am at a higher frequency than is your physical body, but your soul is at a much higher frequency than your body. In fact your soul is at a very high frequency, as an individuated part of your oversoul, one of the primary creations of this universe.

To say that Earth is going to a higher frequency or to a lighter density is correct. To say that Earth is ascending to the 4th dimension is not correct, for there is no 4th dimension as such. Nor is it correct to say that a particular individual will ascend to the 5th dimension, for there is no 5th dimension as such.

What you as an individual should aspire to is to reside at a density in which you can relate to those to whom you desire a relationship. It does not mean that you need relate to everyone. By focusing your energy at a specific level, you will attract others whose frequency vibrates with yours. Determine what frequency feels most comfortable to you. Try out different frequencies to learn where you wish to reside in this moment. Do not be fearful, this is not something in which you will be forever stuck.

You may choose to dip into a lower frequency by viewing a movie or reading a book that is based on fear. You may choose to raise your frequency by connecting to Earth. When you travel on an airplane or visit a congested city, you immerse yourself in a lower energy. When you partake of a hike in the wilderness, you surround yourself with a higher energy. When you are in the presence of a spiritual teacher, you find yourself in his or her higher frequency. Experiment so that you know when you are sensing each of these outside influences. Then choose how you wish to be in the moment.

Even though you are still in a physical body, you can begin to live much of your life at a lighter density. You can control when you wish to be in this density and when you wish to be in a more dense frequency. Those of us at a high frequency can slow our energy in order to manifest ourselves in your density. By raising your frequency you can meet us half way; that is when we can most easily manifest ourselves to you.

So you see things in the larger universe are not so precise as you in the physical densities may wish. Everything in the larger universe is fluid. At any moment, we know the frequency we choose; it is a conscious choice we make. Those of us who naturally resonate at a very high frequency can lower our rate of vibration to a lower frequency when we choose to do so. You who resonate at lower frequencies cannot so easily raise yours.

Because pure light or love is the highest frequency, by definition those who reside in fear have a lower frequency. The frequency of Earth and her resident is currently quite low compared to other physical planets. It was artificially lowered by the actions of the dark energy that invaded many years ago. Earth’s frequency is now rising with each passing year. Soon she will be at a frequency where those of the dark energy will no longer be wish to reside on her.

Those who choose to maintain their dark, slow frequency will be plucked from Earth as weeds from a garden. Similarly, as the frequency of Earth rises, those who cling to Earth’s current paradigm will feel uncomfortable. They too will be removed, however in their case they will be gently lifted from this planet to another, as you might transplant a seedling from one area of your garden to another. Those who are strong in Earth’s new frequency will remain in this new garden of Earth much as a desirable plant remains in your flowerbed to contribute its beauty.

The reality you are experiencing for this lifetime is a created reality. Those who say that you as an individual create your own reality do not have it quite correct. It is true that all is energy, and that this reality is energy slowed to a great degree. You interact with this slowed energy, as you are now doing with your keyboard. You interact with the other aspects of the your reality, but you do not create them, nor does your individuated soul create them.

You interact with the other people of this planet, and perhaps with those from other star systems, but you do not create them. Your job is difficult enough in this lifetime without worrying about creating your reality. The reality around you is created from energy through the cooperation of the oversouls and other agents of God. You are the beneficiary of that creation, not its designer, nor its implementer.

So everything is a ladder of frequencies ascending from where you are today to the light of the Creator. In time all will embrace His light, and the universe will be in Oneness of the light.

Thank you Adrial. I look forward to further responses to our questions.

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Mark Kimmel


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