Remain Steadfast

The messages on this site build on each other; for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008 (archived below). These messages detail the situation on this planet, our place in the universe, and a glimpse of our future. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to create a new civilization on Earth. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth, and begin to live it.

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This is my 51st posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. Today, we welcome back Justine and Adrial.

I am Justine. I came from Supsten of the star Altair to be with you during this time. In the coming weeks, it will be important to remain steadfast in what you know to be true. You will be buffeted by events, and by opinions about events. Some opinions will be deliberate falsehoods to lead you into fear. Know that we who care about you are here to assist.

Our transformation on Supsten was filled with wondrous events like no other we had ever experienced. At the same time it was most disconcerting to have that which was familiar disappear. It was also difficult to have our lifestyles pulled from beneath us. Our transition was not as extensive as what we foresee for you here on Earth.

We foresee that you will experience the destruction of institutions like your monetary system, as that which will better serve the needs of all, rather than the few replaces it. We foresee that there will be earth shifts, plus extreme weather and rising ocean levels, as the planet is righted on her axis. All of these will occur over the next months, along with the appearance of starcraft from around the galaxy.

Throughout all of these changes you will be buffeted by the concerns of others who do not understand, as do you. Many will be fearful because they did not listen as we gave them glimpses into their future. Many will cling that which is familiar rather than risk change. You who know what is taking place must remain steadfast in the truth.

The agents of the dark energy are building for a last desperate maneuver. They desire to infect you and create war, for they wish to continue to control you. These things will blossom not as a beautiful flower, but rather as blight. The agents of the dark energy have carefully planned this as a last desperate attempt to control that which they already know they have lost. It was much this same way when we experienced the transition on Supsten, but your shift will be more severe as you have been more controlled by the dark then were we. We openly rebelled against control prior to any physical dislocations.

What you recently experienced in California, Mark, was a vivid reminder that the vast majority of people are glued to their current lifestyles. They are dependent on the import of foods into their cities. They are linked to their supplies of water and electricity. They are but cogs in a vast mechanism. What happens when that mechanism stops? Where will they find food, water, and energy? Yes, there are some who will survive. Yes, there are the few who will be plucked from the ruin of these cities and preserved, but the vast majority will continue to sleep. The vast majority will find themselves on another planet that they will call home.

So be steadfast as these events swirl about you. Find a place of tranquility where we can communicate with you. Remain steadfast in the knowledge that things will be attuned to the needs of all on the new Earth.

I am Adrial, a celestial of this universe. The transition that you are undergoing will take place neither in an instant, as many foresee; nor will it require many years, as predicted by others. You will experience a startlingly different paradigm as you return to the pristine planet of your distant ancestors. It will not be accomplished within the man-made structures of this planet.

Having said what it is not, let me paint a picture of what it will be. There will be a series of events, each of greater impact than the last, each building on prior events. The first of these will take place very soon and will serve as a wakeup call to all Earth humans. Then there will be a pause to allow everyone to choose. Then another event will occur and another pause. The intent here is to awaken and transform: Awaken the sleeping masses and transform those who would accompany Earth on her journey.

There will be a level of chaos as people adjust to new ways of being. Three types of events will interlace themselves: 1. The appearance of your brothers and sisters from other planets to assist you. 2. The crumbling of your existing institutions to make way for new leadership. 3. Earth shifts and extreme weather that are a part of Earth returning to her pristine state.

As Justine has said, find your center, your place of balance, and remain there throughout these times. By now, you will have prepared for your physical wellbeing. Now focus on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Find a connection to God. Hold fast to it. Your highest good, and that of all others in the universe, is what this change is about. It may not appear to be the case at times, but it is. Hold fast to the knowledge that you chose to be here at this moment. You volunteered to make a difference in some way, a way soon to be revealed, if it has not already made itself known.

Remain steadfast to serve as a beacon to others who are unsure. Be steadfast to insure that your loved ones have a rock to which they can anchor. Your steadfastness will insure a smooth transition. You are anchors for the new humanity. Stand tall in the knowledge that you see the end result and that it is indeed wondrous. Be steadfast to show your earthly brothers and sisters that those who come from other star systems are here to assist, not to dominate, nor to take advantage of them. Be steadfast in love for all, in the Oneness of all. Very soon the first event will take place. Be steadfast.

Thank you Justine and Adrial. Your joint message emphasizes the coordination of our space brothers and sisters and the celestials of the universe as they work together for the highest good of all.

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In Truth, Love and Joy,

Mark Kimmel


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