False Light

The messages on this site build on each other; for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008 (archived below). They detail the situation on this planet, our place in the universe, and a positive picture for our future – if we are willing to act. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to create a new civilization on Earth. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth, and begin to live it.

This is my 59th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. Today I welcome the return of Adrial who will provide answers to questions from readers of these messages.

Greetings. I offer the following to you as one who has observed your planet since its inception. Many of your enlightened brothers and sister of Earth have fallen into the trap of believing that some magical moment will happen wherein they will ascend to some higher dimension in an instant of time. Keeping in mind that Earth is returning to her former self does not square with this perception of a magical ascension.

Rather it is imperative that everyone understand that there are soul contracts to be fulfilled, karma to be played out, and the effects of free will choices to be learned. If these are introduced into the picture, then the magical moment makes no sense; rather a path of modifying what is already in place and/or creating anew, albeit at a higher frequency, will occur.

If this were a more reasonable scenario, one would look at the institutions controlling one’s life and see what needed to be changed to make them compatible with the new Earth. Take for instance the institution of government: Does it serve the people for whom it was created? In most cases, it does not. Most governments of planet Earth serve those in power, elected or appointed. They believe that it is theirs to build empires on the backs of the governed. Theirs is to milk their positions for status and wealth. We who see all in Oneness know that this is the not the right function of government. So your governments will collapse of their own weight as you transition to the new Earth. And with what will it be replaced? A new form of government, dedicated to serving the needs of all will replace the old.

And who will construct this new government? You who are returning with Earth to her former brilliance are charged with creating new institutions. And how will you learn to do this? You will be taught, by your brothers and sisters from other worlds who have mastered governing. They will come to be with you to teach you the art of governing in Oneness. Those of you who would be the students of this new government, who would have a hand in creating the new government, will learn what has worked on other planets. And you will determine a form of government suitable for the new Earth, the brilliant new Earth, the most magnificent planet in the galaxy. Earth with her diversity will require a government in accordance with that diversity. Perhaps it will be governments, not just a government. That is something to be hashed out in discussion between you the caretakers and those who will bring their knowledge and wisdom. Nothing will be imposed from afar; rather it will be a developed jointly.

And other institutions will similarly be created in this manner: as a joint exercise between those of your planet, the caretakers of the new Earth, and the wise from around the galaxy. This process has already begun, in a fashion, as with these transmissions and those of others. This process has already begun as Earth humans begin to ask, “What are the ways in which we can give birth to a civilization of light?”

So you see the concept of an instantaneous ascension cannot occur because it would abrogate the opportunity to experience the creation of a wondrous new civilization, and after all, what is life about except to experience and grow? No the opportunity is too ripe for growth among the caretakers to miss out by magically ascending to the higher frequencies. Ascension is a hard won reward for a job well done, not an instantaneous lift that will then require lifetimes to appreciate.

At the opposite extreme from those who believe in a magical ascent are those who believe that your world is in darkness without redemption. They are awake enough to see the problems of your sphere and feel overwhelmed by them. They correctly perceive the activities of the agents of the dark energy clinging to their power and wealth. They correctly assess that they have been mislead and manipulated, but they fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For indeed, despite their denial, there is now light at the end of your long enslavement. Due to the energy of your star brothers and sisters, your planet is slowly returning to her former brilliance, before the dark energy and its minions descended. But this can only be sensed from the point of view of love. If the vantage point is one of fear, then indeed all looks hopeless and it makes sense to continue the battle for survival. That is the trap of many who are awake enough to see what is going on, but not awake to the positive effects of the light, the hopeful changes taking place around them. For if one concentrates on all the misdeeds, all the forms of enslavement, and the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the agents of the dark one, then it does indeed appear to be hopeless.

As with many things in this universe, balance is called for. See where the light is emerging. See where the dark is crumbling. But be realistic that all is not light, nor is all dark. Shades of gray are a more reasonable way to view the situation of your planet. Gray in that the light is slowing overcoming the darkness, but it still has a ways to go. Gray in that the light of truth is shining on dark activities. The light is ferreting out hidden sources of power, the accumulation of vast wealth, and the enslavement of the many for the advantage of the few.

See the middle ground, the gray, for the dark is losing its hold. See the gray for therein is balance of perception; therein is the opportunity to contribute; and therein lies the way to the new civilization of earth. Are you prepared to become a caretaker of the new Earth? We are recruiting those who are willing to undertake the rigorous training to become caretakers. All are welcome. The process will be self-selecting as you move through the training to find your contribution to the new civilization. Identify yourself and we will assist you. Or choose sleep and you will incarnate again and again on another low density world. Sooner or later you will come to the light. Why not now? Why not as a caretaker of the new Earth. Each of you was born in this time and place to become a caretaker. The choice is yours.

There will be many events beyond the confines of your planet that will affect the humans of Earth. These are related to Earth’s return to its original frequency of vibration. Other planets of your star will be affected by the energy of these changes.

The correction to the physical tilt of the planet is underway. This gradual process is being undertaken to minimally disturb the tectonic plates and seas of the planet. The change in the magnetic pole of the planet will also happen gradually, again to minimally disturb the electromagnetic and other energies. Keen observers and scientists have already noted some of these changes. The latter are reluctant to make public statements due to the status of their positions.

Your planet is hollow, like most planets of this galaxy. There are beings who live within your sphere. They are of a higher frequency than your own. They have been minimally impacted by the influence of the dark energy, except to the extent that the entire planet has been impacted by the destruction of its ecosystem and depressed by fear generated by humans.

The giant ships that occupy the space near your planet are of biological structure. They were gr
own to their current size by the intention of their creators. However they are not biological in the since that they bear children.

The coming days of the transition will see families separated as members thereof pursue their individual free choices based on their understanding of events, their resonance with love or fear, and their attachment to the things of this paradigm. Each person is to choose for him- or herself. None may coerce another. Each of you has a mission with regard to these times. You came here with that agreement. Discover your path. Pursue it at any cost to your current comforts or attachments. You are all called to be caretakers of the new Earth. We do not wish for any to remain in this density, however it is always an individual choice. Each will next find him- or herself in a situation where the frequency will be most amenable to their choice.

There are difficult times ahead. This is not business as usual. Those who are attached to this current paradigm will be gently lifted from this planet to another of similar frequency. They will awaken to believe that they have always lived there. They will then pursue their individual paths, make their individual choices, and in time ascend to a higher frequency. This process on the new planet may take many lifetimes. These are not fearful events, only the result of free will choices of individuals.

Living your life attuned to the Oneness of all is the ultimate state of being. Living in Oneness will allow one’s frequency to attune to the larger picture, to the consciousness of all. This is the opposite of fear that sees each as separate, each to be used, conquered, or competed against. See the Oneness; exist in Oneness.

The transition times will last for several more years – they have already been ongoing for several years. They will be most difficult for those near the seacoast, as water levels will rise as Earth’s temperature continues to rise and melt the planet’s ice. There will be periods of difficulty as you transition from fossil fuels to the use of clean sources of electricity. There will be times when food is not readily available as it now is. The climate of the entire planet will moderate, but not for a season or two. Water is the most critical resource; pay attention to your source of it. Store sufficient food for a period of up to six months. Find warm shelter for the cold months.

Keep in mind through this transition that some will die, as is normal during difficult times. Death is not the end; it is the opportunity for a new beginning. Many will choose to reincarnate on either the ascended Earth or on the alternate planet to Earth that will house the majority of Earth’s sleeping population.

Thank you Adrial. You are most patient to respond to these questions.

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In Truth, Love and Joy,

Mark Kimmel


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