My Take

The following are my comments; they do not represent messages from our brothers and sisters of other star systems nor from celestials of this universe.

I continue to receive indications that we are in a holding pattern, a period of unsettled energies, and a time when Earth is changing. I am finding the current situation most disconcerting both physically and energetically; I am unable to focus and there are no messages from our brothers and sisters. I look back at my January 6th and my December 9th postings and wonder when something will happen. I am tracking the following not-so-subtle indicators:

• The earthquake in Haiti is but one of many earthquakes around the world that have exceeded 5.0 recently. ( ).
• The Smithsonian volcano service reports increasing frequency of eruptions, “The past 200 years show this generally increasing trend along with some major ‘peaks and valleys’ which suggest global pulsations.” (
• Extreme weather around the globe is another indicator of change. (

The following web site talks about physical indications that the Earth’s poles have shifted: I believe that earthquakes, volcanoes, and extreme weather will increase as the Earth is righted on her axis.

Against this background, the man-made institutions of money, government and religion give the appearance of chugging along – little has changed despite an increasing lack of trust from the majority of people; the consolidation of power and money in the hands of a very few continues. I believe that the monetary system will collapse, governments will disintegrate, and the lies of religions will be exposed. This is all in preparation for the new Earth. Nonetheless, the majority of people continue to sleep, unwilling to awaken to the changes around them, unwilling to make a decision to embrace a new way of living.

When this will all come to a climax, no one knows for sure. There are too many crosscurrents, to many moves and countermoves, too many agendas to accurately predict when. So my advice is to be prepared, continue to be loving observers of the final act of this great drama, and connect with others of like mind. The time of ascending to higher frequencies and ultimately connecting with our space brothers and sisters will be somewhat stressful, depending on your location and attitude. I suggest you go to the following web site and listen to the Hathor Pineal Gland Dimensional Attunement:

After 350 millions others pioneered Facebook, I have finally shown my own adventuresome spirit and created a Facebook page for myself (“Mark Kimmel”). My picture is the same as on my web site. You can also find a Facebook for “new Earth transition team.” I plan to post items that come to my attention that I believe will be of interest to those who are committed to a positive transition of Earth and her human inhabitants. I invite all of you to connect with me there. I am also open to suggestions from those of you with more experience as to how I might better communicate.

In Truth, Love and Joy,

Mark Kimmel