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The messages at this site are the result of communications between Mark Kimmel and beings who are not the indigenous humans of this planet. The communications have been verified as coming only from those who are of the highest Christ Consciousness. Messages on this site build on each other; for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008 (archived below). They detail the situation on this planet, our place in the universe, and a positive picture for our future – if we are willing to act. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to create a new civilization on Earth. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth, and live it.

This is my 5th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2010 that involves communications with off-planet beings. It is with great pleasure that I welcome back Adrial.

Greetings to all. About you are the many lies that form the walls and bars of your prison. Look at the pieces of paper you call money. They have value only because you the people will exchange them for real goods and services. In reality they have no intrinsic worth; it is only because you believe they have value that they do. The illusion that paper money has value has become even more extreme with electronic transfers, i.e. simple notations within computers of a value attributed to someone’s bank account.

The illusion of fiat money has created societies that enables a few at the top of the pyramid to accumulate vast wealth, not only in the form of digits within a computer, but also in the form of influence, corporate control, land, buildings, gold, and other real assets. Do you perceive fiat money as an illusion with which you live? It is not that your physical reality is created; rather it is that you allow your physical surroundings to be manipulated before your very eyes and willingly accept your imprisonment. Each time you use paper money you vote for your continued imprisonment. You would be well advised to convert that which is merely paper into things that are more substantial, things which will serve you better when then the pieces of paper you call money are no longer of value.

Let us look at another example. Many on this planet honor the moon with monthly rituals, songs to its beauty, and beliefs that tides are vital. Yet the truth is that the moon is an artificial satellite. That it is a hollow sphere that was placed in orbit about the planet as an observation platform, as a convenient way station for travelers. Yet the vast majority of people believe the moon to be a vital part of their lives. It is another illusion that forms the bars of your prison.

The lies by governments of your world, that the sighting of our starships can be dismissed is another cause for your imprisonment. By denying the close proximity of your brother and sisters from the stars, they make you small and insignificant. Whereas the truth is that you are magnificent beings, that you are destined to be cosmic citizens, akin to those who are nearby. By allowing yourselves to be convinced that you that you are tiny and insignificant you allow yourselves to be manipulated. You are the ones who allow your media to continue with its lies. You are the ones who purchase the newspapers and magazines to support the media with its cover-up of your true worth.

Yesterday, Mark, you saw the evidence that your beliefs about food are the results of manipulation. Scientifically valid research does not confirm certain widely held convictions such as high levels of cholesterol cause heart attacks. Those who sell drugs and medical advice put forth that illusion as a way to sell their drugs and medical services. Do you see the illusion? Do you see the way in which your beliefs are in reality your enslavement?

Much of what you consume is tainted by chemicals to enhance the wealth of those who supply it, not to increase its food value. Many products you purchase are produced by those who labor for the least wages, not necessarily by those who do honorable work for a just wage. You are governed by those who are more interested in their own power than in restoring power to the people. Your societies are structured for the benefit of those at the top, not for the benefit of those at the bottom. You are told you can be anything, yet once you achieved it you fall into the trap of seeing yourself as better than the less advantaged. You are taught that you can become wealthy and powerful, yet when you achieve this, you spend all your time preserving that which you have against those who do not. See the lies in your existence. See the illusion that has been created about you.

As with all of these efforts to diminish you true nature, the only source upon which you can rely is within. Look to the soul within the costume of your body. Go within to find the truth of who you really are. Practice quiet moments when you can feel your greatness. Close your eyes to close out the world, and know that you are incredible. Close your mind to the chatter that supports the lies about you. Take time to get in touch with that which is real. Prepares yourselves spiritually and physically for the moment when the lies of your current existence crumble.

The institutions created by those who want to imprison you are about to collapse from the sheer weight of their compounded lies. That which does not support you as a child of God, a child of the universe, will all disappear. The crumbling will take place in a very short period of time, and quite soon. All the lies are destined to evaporate. Your money, your medicine, your government, your media, and your religions – all will disappear to make room for the truth. Prepare for this grand event. Get in touch with who you really are. Build on this foundation. Help others to see. Form communities with the central message of “get real.” The illusion lies not in your 3rd dimension existence, but in your willingness to embrace your enslavement.

Those who say that this illusion will soon disappear are correct. What they project as the result is however flawed. The other side of the shattered illusion is not a glorious unfettered existence; rather it is a slow reconnection to that which is real. The humans of earth that survive the great dissolution will be faced with a clean slate, a level playing field, a new opportunity to reconstruct a new civilization. And how will you do that? Where will you begin? It will be a long and arduous road. Will you join your fellow humans of Earth and with us from the stars in this exciting endeavor? We come here to advise you; please see the truth in my words.

Thank you Adrial for these words of grounding.

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In Truth, Love and Joy,

Rev. Mark Kimmel


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