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I have wonderful news to share with you this day. About a year ago messages were posted on this site that foretold the creation of an institute. This grand vision is now becoming a reality. (I suggest you review this earlier material, and other postings about “Caretakers” and leadership for the new Earth.)

The process of making it so began in 2009 when the Institute of Light, a nonprofit corporation, was founded under the laws of the State of Colorado. In May 2010 the Institute of Light received a 501(c)3 tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Service.

It is our plan to begin offering the first of our transformation circles in 2011. To facilitate this process volunteers have stepped forward, and we are now planning the courses and activities. The messages of the seminars are the following:
• The Big Picture: God, universe, Earth, humans, and the Oneness of all. Who are we? Where do we fit in the big picture?
• Transitioning: Transforming from our current paradigm to higher dimensions. How to step-up our frequencies. What are the considerations of living in these higher frequencies?
• Caretakers: The role of Caretakers of the new Earth. What does it mean to be a “Caretaker?” How to prepare to be one.
• Preparations: Preparing for the transition, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Specifics on what each person can do now.
• Leadership: Developing collaborative leadership. How this way of organizing differs from the hierarchical structures we currently use.

We are  seeking volunteers as teachers, counselors, mentors, and facilitators for the transformative material and activities of the institute.

Stay tuned to this site for specifics about the institute. You may contact me at to comment on this posting, to volunteer, or to discuss donations. Please place “institute” in the subject line.

In Truth, Love and Joy,

Rev. Mark Kimmel

P.S. I plan to continue my phone interviews for those interested in exploring specifics of their personal transition:
• Interpreting the world around us in light of Earth’s transition.
• Preparing yourself and your family.
• Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of transforming yourself.
• The bigger picture and where you fit into it.
• Personal problems relating to the changes we are all experiencing, and how to overcome the stresses thereof.
• What is my purpose in this life?
• My family does not relate to who I now am…

You may contact me at to arrange for an appointment. Please place “advice” in the subject line.

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