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The messages at this site are the result of communications between Mark Kimmel and beings who are not the current indigenous humans of this planet. The communications have been verified as coming only from those who are of the highest Christ Consciousness. There are now over 125 messages on this site; they build on each other. For their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008 (archived below). They detail the transformation of this planet, our place in the universe, and a positive outlook for our future – if we are willing to act. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to create a new civilization on Earth. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth, and live it.

This is my 12th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2010 that involves communications from off-planet beings and other non-humans. It is with great pleasure that I welcome back Bren-Ton of Andromeda aboard the starship Athabantian.

Greetings: Today I wish to speak of the final thrust for Earth and her human inhabitants to arise from the current paradigm. We are asking the humans of this planet to cooperate so that your space brothers and sister may be of maximum assistance in this effort.

Those of us on the many spacecraft that circle your sphere see the final days of the current regime underway. We see the turmoil within the financial and government structures as they grasp to maintain their historic roles of dominance. We see the media as it attempts to convince all that “things are normal.” We observe religions telling their believers that merely having faith will save them. We observe the cruelty of the one human against another as those who have power strive to maintain it.

Now we ask those among you who see things as we do to show your colors, to declare that there is no more “normal.” We seek cooperation from those on the planet’s surface. We need your help to break the chains, to loosen the gates, and to dismantle the walls of tyranny that has enslaved you all.

It is not enough that you wish for us to come and save you. That we cannot do, for it would merely set the stage for another enslavement. Seeing us as saviors you need do nothing. We will not play that game.

Now is the time for you to do. But what can I do you ask? Let me give you some examples of what ordinary people can do to show that they wish to be free of domination:
• Meditate
• Write a poem
• Write a book
• Get out; interact with your fellow citizens
• Set an example of right living
• Help someone who has a disease
• Love your family members
• Love those whom you do not particularly like
• Care for Earth
• Stand up for something
• Demonstrate for something
• Speak out for something
• Spend your money in the right way
• Reach out to someone who is troubled
• Reach out to someone who is hungry
• Reach out to someone who is angry
• Give work to someone in need of a job
• Do radio interviews
• Start a new enterprise
• Recycle your waste
• Assist a neighbor
• Show your light to all
• Live at your highest
• Be as healthy as you can be
• Eat right
• Take in a stray dog or cat
• Talk to wild animals so that they know they need not fear you
• Gently lift a spider from your home
• Greet all with a smile
• Arrange your affairs so that you can focus on things of a higher frequency
• Turn off your TV
• Engage in worthwhile conversation
• Truly discover who your neighbors are
• Assist Earth to cover blighted areas
• Write your elected representatives with your ideas
• Take time to smell the flowers
• Take time to observe nature
• Take a hike in the forest
• Talk a walk on the beach
• Take the hand of a child who needs comforting
• Give to the beggar on the street corner
• Take time to talk with those around you
• Pay attention to the larger picture, not what the media is feeding you
• Help others see that change is upon everyone
• Love your children; listen to them
• Love your mate; listen to him or her
• Rearrange your life so that you can spend more time doing what is important
• Plant a flower
• Plant a tree
• Plant a garden
• Laugh
• Show joy at being part of the transformation of this planet
• Observe the antics of the darkness, but do not give them power
• Recognize goodness in others
• Point out that everyone has a spark of the divine within him or her
• Comfort those who are dying
• Send energy to those who are sick
• Let your light shine for all to see
• Do something, don’t just sit back, and wait.

You are a powerful soul. Show that you know who you are in many little ways. Now is the time to it, by doing so you will speed-up the process of transformation. By so doing you will raise your vibration. By doing so you will help create the 4th dimension on this planet. The time to choose is now; you cannot wait. Join with us who have traveled so for to be with you. You are the light of the planet; show it.

The relationship between different dimensions, or as you call them frequencies, is not well understood by people in the lower densities. That is not an unexpected situation. For those of us who exist at the higher frequencies it is quite easy to see those of you living in a lower density, although we may not understand all of the ramifications of existence in that density. It is particularly hard for those of us who have not occupied a human body on planet Earth to completely understand the challenges of living in your situation. We can observe, but observing is far removed for actually experiencing.

For those of you who currently reside in 3rd dimension, it is near impossible to understand what it is to function at a lighter density. Some people, by no means a majority, believe that they understand what it is like to function at a higher density; many believe that they are already functioning in that way.

I can say from my own personal experience as a being of the lighter densities that you do not, nor can you completely comprehend what it is to function at the lighter densities until you have done it. Thus the concept of standing with one foot in the lower densities and one foot in the higher is somewhat of a stretch of the imagination. True some of you are able to experience telepathy, are able to create things and situations on demand, are able to experience the now, but you are soon drawn back into the experiencing the prevailing density that surrounds you.

The current Earth density is such that it holds you in many ways: through attachments to the things of everyday living, through the web of deceit and power structures designed by the dark energies, and through simple lack of clarity that living in a slower density imposes on you. While you may attempt to live “at your highest,” you can only approach truly living at that higher density.

Thus you must undergo a transformation process. This transformation process is now happening to all on the planet. Your vibrations are being raised up by the extraordinary energies being supplied to you by Earth, by your space brothers and sisters, and by vast numbers of celestials. These energies will eventually elevate anyone who so wishes to a lighter density, however such elevation must be in conjunction with your free will decision. If these new energies frighten you so that you resist them, they will bounce off of you and you will remain comfortably in a 3rd dimensional existence. If however you open yourself to the new energies they will lift your soul, and your physical body to a higher level. So I say to you, if you would ascend to the lighter densities, open yourself to the energies, allow yourself to resonate with the light. Each of you has the capacity to move from the current paradigm to lighter densities; you need only open yourself to the experience.

Now we come to the question of the Caretakers. The Earth requests that a number of her current residents remain with her to create a new human civilization. These we are calling the “Caretakers of the new Earth.” Some of you who are reading this message know this to be true for you. Earth will soon be comfortably functioning in a lighter density. Those who can resonate in this lighter density can then create a new civilization based on 4th density functioning. In reality it is a return to the way in which Earth was before the she was plunged into the depths of darkness under the grip of the invading dark energy. Earth is returning to a pristine globe; her Caretakers will accompany her.

Those who are not to be Caretakers have one of two paths: 1. Remain in 3rd density and be transported to a place where you can continue that journey. 2. Ascend to the lighter densities beyond that of the new Earth, become one of us without physical density, and continue your universe journey in that way. Either choice is acceptable; in the long term we will all meet again, and will all reunite with the God of this universe in a magnificent celebration. In the meantime we may each take various paths to find our way, to experience what our soul desires, and, most importantly, to live and love in Oneness with all.

Look at your attachments. To what in 3rd dimensional living are you attached?
• Money
• Books
• Movies
• Television
• News
• Stock market
• Sex
• Drama
• Time
• Doctors
• Psychologists
• Alcohol
• Drugs – prescription and illegal
• Physical fitness
• Convenience
• Disposables
• Guns
• Hunting
• Fishing
• Sailing
• Boating
• Debt
• Caffeine
• Snowmobiling
• 4-wheeling
• Water skiing
• Snow skiing
• Camping
• Tanning
• A beautiful body
• A handsome physique
• Credit cards
• Food delicacies
• Wine
• Sugar
• Artificial sweeteners
• RVing
• Physical stimulation
• Gossiping
• Adult toys
• Gambling
• Card playing
• Novels
• Landscaping
• Collecting art, etc.
• Jewelry
• Clothes
• Music
• Astrology
• Religion
• Computers
• Internet
• Social networking
• Email
• Cell phones
• Motorcycles
• Fast cars
• Newspapers
• Travel
• A luxurious house

None of the above is bad unto itself; it is the attachment to them that is not in your highest interests. We understand that you must rely on things of the 3rd dimension for your basic lifestyle. No one who is living in the 3rd dimension can completely do away with everything, some things are necessary for living, and some are not.

Addiction is a different story; here the attachment is overwhelming the individual. Withdrawal symptoms accompany detachment. Anyone so afflicted should seek professional assistance and/or a support group such as alcoholics anonymous. Do it now before the rigors of the transition overwhelm you and all about you.

What I am addressing here are your attachments. To what are you clinging? What has become a part of your daily lives that is unnecessary, assuming that your objective is to ascend to the higher frequencies? Look around the room in which you are sitting, what is unnecessary?

Many of the things you take for granted as part of 3rd dimensional living are means of enslaving you, means of control, and means of attaching you so closely to the 3rd dimension that you are unable to see the larger picture. Look at where you are spending your time and money. Are you collecting stuff, or are you simply living with a desire to be at one with all.

Are you making the best use of your limited experience in this schoolhouse world? Are you learning what you came here to learn? Are you learning to make good decisions? Are you learning to love? What is your connection to God? Do you understand what living in Oneness is all about?

Earth is a marvelous teaching situation. Here you can learn what it is that you do not want. Here you can overcome addictions, attachments, and desires. Here you can strive for what is noble, uplifting, and in the best interests of all.

Are you making the best use of your time on this planet, of your experience in this lifetime? Look to the larger picture. Where do you fit into it? Are your attachments serving you, or are they holding you back from attaining all that you might experience, all that you might love? Are you leading a healthy lifestyle, independent of 3rd dimension structures?

Know that religion, media, corporations, government, the monetary system, and the medical system will be going away. If you are dependent, how will you live without them? Most will not be replaced; the new Earth will require fewer structures. For those that are to be replaced it will not happen quickly – it takes time to regenerate new structures, particularly if they are of a new type. How will you live without familiar structures, structures that give rise to your attachments?

Now that you have assessed where you stand relative to your current existence, let me return to the subject of moving to a higher vibration. It is going to be somewhat easier as Earth is moving all aspects of herself to a higher frequency. All of nature that surrounds you will be ascending to a higher vibration; this will aid you enormously on your quest to achieve a higher vibration, so go with the flow. Do not fight against those energies that are washing over you. We who are assisting Earth’s transition are supplying energies, all of which are assisting you to move forward to higher frequencies.

Those of you who wish to get ahead of this curve — to ride the first waves of the new frequencies — may begin your process of transition by several techniques. First among these is to adopt a quiet meditative approach to all about you. This will open you to receive the higher frequencies. Find ways to spend quiet time, whether in nature or in the solitude of your own home, but find the opportunity to do so! Spend part of each day in quiet contemplation of the new Earth, in quietly allowing your body to resonate with the new frequencies. Allow your body to open itself to the new in any way you can. A massage is a good way to open your self. Soaking in a hot springs or hot tub is another. Open your self to the new higher frequencies.

Some of your earthly brothers and sisters have been given techniques for accelerating your movement into the higher frequencies; seek them out. Those of us who walk among you in human bodies — there are many of us now you know — also have techniques to assist your transition to the higher realms. Seek us out and ask for our assistance.

Just because you do not have specific training to move to the higher frequencies does not mean that you will be unable to do so. Everyone who desires to accompany Earth to the higher way of being will come along. There will be difficulties along the way as your body and its surrounding environment all change. You will have trouble assimilating to new ways of being, but no one who truly desires to ascend with Earth will be left behind. So set your intention to achieve this wondrous new way of being and come to our level of functioning. It is quite beautiful and loving here. We will welcome you each and everyone.

Thank you Bren-Ton. I see this message as very timely in light of the many changes we are experiencing.

In Truth, Love and Joy,

Rev. Mark Kimmel

P.S. I plan to continue my phone interviews for those interested in exploring specifics of their personal transition:
• Interpreting the world around us in light of Earth’s transition.
• Preparing yourself and your family.
• Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of transforming yourself.
• The bigger picture and where you fit into it.
• Personal problems relating to the changes we are all experiencing, and how to overcome the stresses thereof.
• What is my purpose in this life?
• My family does not relate to who I now am…

You may contact me at mta@zqyx.org to arrange for an appointment. Please place “advice” in the subject line.

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