New Ballgame

Over these last few months it has been my great privilege to have received and posted communications from a number of beings. As these communications have repeatedly informed you, we are in a time of transformation, and so too will communications with our off-planet friends change.

As I have reported, all the communications from Mark’s Corner are now neatly wrapped into an electronic book, “Transformation.” I encourage you to download this book to your computer — only $3.95 — where you may read it at your leisure and print out pages of your choosing. To order this e-book click on the image to the right of this message.

Most likely this is my last posting to Mark’s Corner. As soon as, this coming week you will be able to once again read the words from Bren-Ton, Moraine, Justine, Adrial, and others at this same web site: However they will be found at a new location, “Athabantian,” that will appear just above “Mark Corner” in the left hand column. Be sure to look for it; your off-planet brothers and sisters are most anxious to convey some new information to you.

In Truth, Love and Joy,

Mark Kimmel

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The following book, “Transformation,” is available as an electronic book only.

Two years of Mark’s Corner organized by topic and author — all in the original words of Bren-Ton, Moraine, Justine, Adrial and others.

For only $3.95 you can download the book to your computer where you can either read it at your leisure or print it out.

Click on the image in the right hand column.